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Celebration of Blade Tiessen as Premier Aesthetician

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Celebration of Blade Tiessen as Premier Aesthetician

Currently celebrating 26 years in the aesthetics industry, Blade Tiessen was the first male certified aesthetician in Ontario and currently the owner of the well established anti-aging clinic now enjoying 11 years of successful business in beautiful historic downtown Orillia.

Graduating cosmetology and aesthetics in 1987, Blade opened his first salon and spa in his small hometown community in 1988 but decided to sell it a year after to move to the city to expand his experience in the industry. Throughout the 90ʻs Blade worked in several premier spas throughout Toronto including the prestigious Yorkville area. 

Achieving Medical Aesthetic training in 1993, Blade began working with doctors performing procedures like micro-pigmentation, chemical peels and laser treatments.

Blade has also been involved in developing products since the mid 90ʻs formulating with several labs still today manufacturing beauty related products for several global companies. In 2001, Blade met his partner Ben and moved to the gateway of the Muskokas opening the first full time Medi-Spa in the Orillia area.

Since establishing the clinic Blade has passionately kept himself at the forefront of the Medical Aesthetics industry gathering technology and education globally to build his brand, he was the first to offer (among many procedures) micro-needling in Ontario originally using his micro-pigmentation equipment to dry needle scars and wrinkles in the late 90ʻs and progressing to rollers and then manual stamps by 2005. In 2006 Blade established the CIMA-Technique incorporating micro-needling with rollers and traditional acupuncture protocols.

Blade was also Dermapenʼs first Canadian practitioner importing his first pen back in 2010, he is now very excited to begin educating DermaPen 3 protocols to new and existing DermaPen 3 practitioners as well as representing the brand on the Canadian Medical Aesthetic market.

In July of 2013 Blade was named the Canadian educator for Dermatude Canada, a micro-needle company from the Netherlands specializing in Meta-Therapy. Blade has since traveled with the company to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver educating their exclusive Meta-Therapy protocols.

With his vast experience in various micro-needling equipment, techniques and protocols DermaPen Worldwide is excited to welcome Blade to the family!

Last year Blade and his associate of 8 years Dr. Nadir Aljazrawri or Dr. A.J (as commonly known) established OPlasma, a PRP harnessing company for the medical cosmetic and wellness markets along with a support skin care line called OPeptide. 

Expecting a global launch shortly, OPlasma and OPeptide will revolutionize the PRP industry with the first complete system featuring effortless harvesting, activators, additives as well as a home care regime featuring stem cells, growth factors and peptides to support the PRP treatment and further enhance patient results.

For the past decade Dr. A.J. has been a practicing injector of BotoxTM, tissue filers and PRP injections. He was the first to adopt the vampire face lift technique in Canada and continuously adds and adapts more techniques to the treatment with OPlasma. He has been nominated for the Best Cosmetic Specialist four years in a row by Allergan (The biggest Botox and filers pharmaceutical company).

To coincide with the launch of OPlasma Blade and Dr. A.J. will open OInstitute to educate their system to doctors and their support staff. The institute will also be the certified training center for DermaPen 3 in Canada.

The O in OPlasma, OPeptide and OInsitute was chosen as O is a blood type and we are a Platelet Rich Plasma company however, our head office is in Orillia, our research and development as well as all studies have been preformed in downtown Orillia.

The institute will offer discounted DermaPen 3 and/or OPlasma treatments to “models” and plans to further donate a portion of all funds obtained from models during training to a local animal shelter. Blade and his partner Ben are vegans and their clinic has passionately supported the local charity over the past 11 years. 

For DermaPen 3 inquiries for Canadian contact Blade at (705) 325-6265 for information on classes as well as to order DermaPen 3 machines and supplies.

How is a Dermapen Treatment Different Than the Derma Roller?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How is a Dermapen Treatment Different Than the Derma Roller?


You may have seen a dermal roller before. Maybe your friend has one on her makeup counter, your mom has used one in the past, or someone recommended one to you.  The idea of the dermal roller is to smooth your skin, stamp out unsightly spots, and get rid of your scars.

Great solution, right? Well….maybe not. The derma roller has the right intentions, but often doesn’t quite make the cut, and here’s why:

• It hurts! When you roll your face with needles, it’s painful and there’s a lot of blood. This is because the needles enter the skin at an angle, as opposed to vertically, creating tiny lateral tears.
• It’s difficult to operate. The rollers are big and cumbersome and cannot access some areas of concern, like around the eyes, nose and mouth. It is also difficult to keep the treatment uniform, as the only way to control depth is either to press lighter, or harder.
• The needles are prone to bending. When you use a roller, the needles are rolling over scar tissue, which can be tough. The rolling mechanism can cause the needles to bend or break, which can be dangerous and counter-productive.
• It can leave scars. Because the needles are often of a larger gauge and tug at the skin as the roller glides, you run the risk of scarring, particularly if your skin is prone to scarring. If this happens, you can find yourself in a worse situation than before!
• There is too much downtime! With the rollers, your skin is likely to stay red for hours or days after treatment. You may be tempted to put makeup over the top to hide the redness, which can interfere with the treatment.

When you have a Dermapen treatment, your experience will likely be less painful (if you feel any pain at all). Because the needles are not angled and enter the skin at a perfect 90 degree angle, there is no pain associated with the rolling/tugging action of the dermal roller. Dermapen will produce the results you’re looking for with much less discomfort. With Dermapen you will:

• See less damage to your epidermis. Because of the vertical motion of the needles, your skin is going through less damage which translates into less pain and bleeding.
• Be able to easily maneuver around facial contours. Dermapen is like a hand-held wand, so it’s easy for your practitioner to get to all the problem areas. It’s not bulky like the roller and has the ability to target the tiny areas of your face.
• No risk of needles bending. Because of vertical delivery, needles penetrate the scar tissue with ease, and do not bend or break. This makes people feel more comfortable during their treatment, and is a safer method for micro-needling.

So why not give it a try? Check out our Clinic Finder to find a Dermapen Treatment provider near you!

Please keep in mind that if you have any of the following skin conditions, needling treatments with either the dermal roller or Dermapen are not recommended:

  Chronic skin disorders

  Blood clotting problems

  Poor healing

  Skin malignancies




  Severe solar keratosis

  Raised moles or warts

  Herpes outbreaks or any other skin inflammation

  Areas of sunburn, open cuts or other sore and tender areas

Stay educated and safe! Always consult with your skin care provider before any treatment course.

Letter From The CEO

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letter From The CEO

On behalf of DermapenWorld and Equipmed, we are very pleased to launch this all-new website. It is our hope that our readers will benefit from learning about our innovative technologies, protocols, and more. We will continue to introduce new and original devices such as our greatly improved version of our Award Winning Dermapen, the third generation Dermapen 3. Dermapen is recognized as the industry leader in micro needling for skin rejuvenation and for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, wound scars, surgical scars, burn wounds, and alopecia. All of this and more, with our revolutionary breakthrough AOVN™ Technology for Fractional Rejuvenation.

We are a family owned business. Of course this provides its own challenges, but the benefits of having family members that you can rely on and depend upon is one of the main reasons we have been successful. We have managed to work effectively together. Along with that, there has been a constant effort to be leading the technology curve, rather than to be a follower. This philosophy has driven the company to be the foremost authority in this field today. This was the catalyst that led me to find the raw materials which formed the foundation of the Dermapen Family.

One of our most significant accomplishments was when Equipmed decided that it needed to control its own destiny and move from being a distributor of other companies' products to one that manufactures its own products. This permitted the company to truly benefit from the 38 years of industry experience we have thus far. We have used that experience and knowledge when developing products such as the Dermapen Family and our newest development, the Elux810 Diode Laser System.

My personal favorite is the Dermapen 3. Of course, you may expect that response, but the Dermapen 3 is truly an innovative design which has taken everything we learned from our previous models of the Dermapen to make the third generation Dermapen 3 the best micro needling device available in the world today

As a leader in Fractional Rejuvenation, we will increasingly look for ways to naturally improve the skin's elasticity, collagen, pore size, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. All the synthetic solutions that are currently available have a certain artificial look to them and the market is after the natural rejuvenation more and more.

We have our own DP Dermaceuticals line utilising 3 years of research and development. This line of products was especially formulated to work in conjunction with Dermapen micro needling treatments, to ensure even more impressive treatment outcomes. In all, we are always trying to improve our products and protocols in order to provide the practitioner and the patient with the best experience and results possible.

I would like to remind our readers that when looking at purchasing or investing in a micro needling device, you need to seriously look at the ROI the Dermapen 3 offers compared to other choices. For example, “Dermapen” is the most searched automated micro needling device on Google. It has more than 4 times the volume than all other needling brands put together. This means a lot more opportunities for you and Dermapen in your practice.

Let our DermapenWorld Team help your business advance your clinic's success, as your success is our success.

Visit our website for more information and announcements of many other innovations to be unveiled in the near future.


Stene Marshall,
CEO, Equipmed and DermapenWorld