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Public Service Announcement to Dermapen Practitioners

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Public Service Announcement to Dermapen Practitioners

Dear Practitioners,

We are saddened to have to put a post like this out into social media, but some recent events have given us little option.


It has come to our attention that there are several companies that have been actively pursuing Dermapen users. These companies have been offering Dermapen 2 tips (equipped with “Surspace” technology), as well as asking for personal and clinic details, under the pretense of having samples of NEW Dermapen 3 cartridges. Please be aware that the products which these companies are offering, such as “Surspace” tips, are NOT endorsed by DermapenWorld and that these actions are covert attempts to gain information about current Dermapen users.

Please be advised -- sub-par quality accessories, such as “Surspace” tips, do have the potential to harm your Dermapen device, and more importantly your clients. Unfortunately, any damage caused by using sub-par accessories, such as the ones being offered by aforementioned companies, may render your Dermapen 3 warranty void. Official Dermapen accessories and consumables are available through our authorized distributors only. If you are unsure of who your local distributor may be, please write to for clarification.

We have also been made aware of certain websites which are attempting to collect Dermapen 3 user information by asking Dermapen 3 users to register their device. is one of these websites, and is not endorsed by DermapenWorld, the world-wide supplier of Dermapen products. is the only website where you will be asked for your clinic/device details for registration purposes. Any other internet venue is likely a scam, so make sure to protect yourself by knowing the facts.

In light of these aforementioned scams, we are asking for anyone to let us know if they have been contacted by the individuals below:

Michael Morgan
Stuart Hennifer
Chad Milton
Kendi Charls/Milton
Jeremy Jones
Peter Scofield
David Scofield
Michael Anderer

In addition, if anyone has any information on Michael Anderer's involvement with our now-dissolved ex-distributor Dermapen LLC of Utah, despite his two contempt of court charges, please contact the SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission) directly - (202) 551-5400.

If you have any questions, please write to

How To Treat Unwanted Pigmentation

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How To Treat Unwanted Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the technical word for brown spots and patches that appear on face and body skin. This can include freckles, age spots, hormonal pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Melanin is the name given to the natural pigment produced by the skin. Lighter skin tones naturally produce less melanin, whereas darker skins produce more. Melanin production increases during sun exposure or trauma to protect the skin from further damage and breakdown. It can be described as a natural sunscreen to shield the skin from ultra violet rays.

Melanin however is not always produced evenly and this can result in patches of uneven and dark pigment. Such patches generally appear on the face, neck, arms and backs of the hands. Areas of the body that are not sun exposed (such as the buttocks) rarely show signs of uneven pigment. One unique form of pigmentation known as melasma is triggered by hormones and appears bilaterally on the cheeks, forehead and even the upper lip. This is most common on females and is triggered by hormone changes such as the contraceptive pill and pregnancy.

The first step in any pigment reducing regime is the daily application of a sunscreen. A minimum SPF 15 is recommended and should be applied even in winter and on rainy days. Other ingredients to look out for include vitamin C, kojic, liquorice and vitamin B3. These potent pigment fighters actually sedate overactive pigment cells to prevent excess production. For best results, use twice daily before and after Dermapen™ clinical treatments.

DP Dermaceuticals Brite Lite and Antioxidant Cocktail are brimming with pigment re-balancers to regulate and unify uneven skin tone. Superficial Dermapen™ treatments may be performed as often as every 2-4 weeks to manage and correct uneven tone without overstimulating or harming the skin. Unlike laser or IPL, Dermapen™ treatments may be performed on all skin colours and on all types of unwanted pigmentation. A treatment programme of 3-4 sessions are recommended.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Monday, September 21, 2015

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Whenever we hear about skin ageing, the words ‘hyaluronic’ and ‘acid’ seem to pop up continually. Whilst the term ‘acid’ may strike fear in many consumers, hyaluronic acid serves a vital role in skin function, repair and youthful luminosity.

Hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluron) is a type of sugar found naturally in all layers of the skin. It is even found in joint fluid, enabling smooth movement of the knees, elbows and hips. Hyaluronic acid works to lubricate and hydrate the skin, whilst shock absorbing any pressure or trauma. In combination with collagen, hyaluronic acid serves as a structural agent to support the deeper layers of the skin. As it holds its own weight 1000 times in water, it also assists with skin renewal, intercellular communication and the promotion of healthy new tissue.

Whilst injectable fillers have been the only way to transport hyaluron to the deeper layers of the skin, HylaFuse™ technology as featured in DP Dermaceuticals, takes topical application to new depths and levels.

HylaFuse™ hyaluronic acid uses a triple molecular weight that absorbs even down to the deeper dermis, within 30 minutes of topical application – no injections required. Unlike other topical forms of hyaluronic acid, HylaFuse™ is clinically proven to be absorbed 150% more effectively.

By using DP Dermaceuticals every day, the HylaFuse™ Complex acts like a sponge to bind water into the skin. This creates a 76% increase in hydration immediately after application to refresh and revive fatigued complexions. Redness is visibly reduced and fine lines plumped. Even open pores and scars appear softer and smoother with better texture and tone.

Regular Dermapen™ treatments not only stimulate collagen, but activate the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Sagging is visibly lifted, thinness re-densified and wrinkles are gently smoothed. To increase results, reduce coffee and alcohol intake and drink up to 4 litres of water daily to further saturate the skin with long lasting hydration.

Can Dermapen Deliver on the Promise of Fuller Lips?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Can Dermapen Deliver on the Promise of Fuller Lips?

A study by Gabriella Fabbrocini et al., published in 2012 (“Collagen induction therapy for the treatment of upper lip wrinkles,”Journal of Dermatological Treatment, Volume 23, Issue 2) concluded that micro-needling was an “effective and safe technique to improve upper lip wrinkles,” also referred to as “smoker’s lines”. Subjects of the study were all women between 50 and 65 years of age, and after just two weeks “the wrinkles' severity grade in most patients was greatly reduced.” As a matter of fact, many practitioners are currently turning to Dermapen treatments to address this concern.

But what about the lips themselves? Can Dermapen give lips a plump, full look?

Many are saying YES! Practitioners and patients claim that a depth of .25mm is enough to create an appearance of fuller lips that can last up to a couple of weeks.* While the effects of the lip plumping treatment may not last as long as filler, many find it to be a quick, non-committal, and virtually painless way to give the lips just a little bit more “oomph!” - perfect for a big night out or a wedding weekend.

Some precautionary measures should always be taken – the doctor should always be aware of any medical conditions a patient may have, such as anemia, immune deficiencies, or proneness to cold sores. If the client is prone to cold sore outbreaks, a regimen of an antiviral drug, such as Valaciclovir should be followed to prevent a breakout.


*These statements express opinions, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.



What Is My Skin Type

Friday, September 18, 2015

What Is My Skin Type

Unlike skin condition which may refer to problems such as acne, dehydration or pigmentation, skin type refers to the amount of oil produced by the skin. Skin type may be categorised into normal, combination, oily or dry.

Most children before they hit puberty have what is classified as normal skin – they are neither oily nor dry. When puberty occurs however, increases in adrenal hormones (such as testosterone) determine the size of the skin’s oil gland and how much oil is produced. People with an oily skin have a larger sebaceous (or oil) gland. This means more oil can be produced and distributed. People with a smaller sebaceous gland have drier skin as less oil is secreted and dispersed.

Sebaceous glands are most abundant on the nose, forehead and chin; these areas are commonly called the T-zone. A face with an oily t-zone but is otherwise dry is called a combination skin type. The sebaceous glands produce an oil also known as sebum. As men produce more testosterone than females, they can be up to five times oilier than women. As the sebaceous gland sits within a follicle, oil is distributed over the face and body by travelling up the tiny hairs that sit in each follicle. As there are no follicles on the lips, palms and soles, there is no sebum released onto these areas.

Determining your skin type can be easy. If your face is greasy and make-up slides off within 2 hours of washing, then this is the sign of an oily skin. Oily skins can often be afflicted with pimples, acne and excess shine. If only your t-zone starts to shine by lunch time, then your skin type most likely is combination. Combination skins can often experience blackheads on the nose and inner cheek areas. A dry skin can often feel tight and parched for moisture. Signs of a dry skin include flaking, dullness and almost invisible pores. Unlike children, adults very rarely have normal skin.

Dermapen™ treatments help to tighten the appearance of enlarged pores and reduce post-acne scars. For dry conditions, the daily application of DP Dermaceuticals Hyla Active and Vitamin Rich Repair can reinforce the skin’s natural protective layer, relieving tightness, dullness and discomfort. Used fortnightly at home, MyDermapen can relieve the symptoms of acne, milia and congestion.

Sugar – The Silent Collagen Killer

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sugar – The Silent Collagen Killer

Whilst we all know that the sun is the number one cause of external skin ageing, it is a little known fact that sugar is the number one cause of internal skin ageing. This process that contributes to a loss of skin density and volume is called glycation. It is also a process that contributes to the formation of deeper wrinkles, especially on the face, neck and chest.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and gives our skin volume, thickness, density and firmness. Glycation is the process where sugar molecules (from our diet) bind onto collagen fibres, breaking down their strength and structure in the process. Characteristic ‘criss-cross’ lines appear, creating skin thinness, sagging and a quilted effect of wrinkles.

Whilst the daily application and reapplication of a sunscreen is paramount, the trigger of glycation is instigated by the consumption of high GI (or glycaemic index) foods. These include the obvious culprits such as sugar, soft drinks, confectionary and even fruit juice. Other high GI foods that may come as a surprise includes alcohol, honey and high-carbohydrate foods such as white pasta and bread. Believe it or not, a glass of orange juice can be just as sugary as lemonade or cola.

From a dietary perspective to combat glycation – balance is key. Why not consider swapping the sugar in your tea for a natural artificial sweetener such as stevia? Why not try the ‘diet’ version of your favourite soft drink. Other easy lifestyle changes include wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice and exercising regularly, for at least 20 minutes, 4-5 days a week.

To treat the existing signs of glycation, why not consider a course of Dermapen™ treatments? Dermapen™ naturally works to stimulate and re-fortify collagen production. Sagging contours and deeper lines caused by glycation can be visibly reduced. A firmer and smoother complexion may be achieved in a little as 3 treatments at 6-8 week intervals.

Defy The Ageing Process

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Defy The Ageing Process

With skin cancer on the rise worldwide, it is little surprise to learn that the sun is the number one cause of premature skin ageing. Wrinkles, age spots, sagging and thinning of the skin can all be connected to damaging ultra violet rays. 90% of the damage that affects the skin occurs from incidental sun exposure such as walking down the street, working in the garden, driving in the car and even sitting by a window. As ultra violet rays can even reflect off cement, water, sand and glass, not even clothes, sunglasses and a hat can provide 100% protection.

Whilst the sun emits three types of rays, the two that primarily affect skin ageing include UVB and UVA. UVB rays are more superficially absorbed and create sunburn, blistering and peeling. UVA rays are absorbed much deeper and are responsible for skin cancer, the destruction of collagen, damaged DNA and a loss of skin density.

SPF (also known as Sun Protection Factor) is a scale that measures the effectiveness of a sunscreen only against UVB rays. As an SPF rating does not indicate its efficacy against UVA rays, it is always important to look out for a product that states ‘broad spectrum’. This term denotes protection against all types of ultra violet rays.

No sunscreen product can deliver 100% protection against all rays. An SPF 15 = 95% protection, an SPF 30 = 97% and an SPF 50 = 98%. Whilst an SPF 100s are available in some countries, they only offer 98.2% protection.

SPF ratings originally worked on simplistic mathematics. If the skin were to burn in 10 minutes, then the application of an SPF 15 would provide 150 minutes protection before the skin would start to burn – simply multiply 10 minutes by the SPF rating. Unfortunately UV index has too many variables based on:

  • The season (Summer has a higher index than winter)
  • The day (sunny days have a higher index than rainy)
  • The time (the highest index is between 11am-2pm)
  • The location (higher elevations and locations closer to the equator attract a higher index)

    It is therefore recommended that EVERY person, EVERY day should be wearing a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen or ultra violet protective product every day – even in Winter. Apply to the face and exposed limbs 1-2 times daily, even more if in direct sunlight or when swimming. Don’t forget to apply to the tops of the ears, neck and the backs of the hands.

    For areas already showing signs of sun-damage and ageing, regular Dermapen™ treatments will stimulate the production of collagen to visibly volumise and smooth the skin for all year radiance and a youthful glow. Remember that sunburn and a sun tan are the first signs of skin destruction.

    Organic Skin Rejuvenation

    Wednesday, September 09, 2015

    Organic Skin Rejuvenation

    Dermapen is a specialised type of skin needling that delivers the most dramatic results with none to minimal downtime. 1296 fractional channels per second are gently made into the skin - this triggers an organic regenerative response that renews, refreshes and repairs the skin’s healing mechanisms. Scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea and even stretch marks can all effortlessly be treated.

    Whilst the thought of needles may sound a little bit scary to most people, the ingenuity of a Dermapen™ treatment is the tiny, tiny needles that operate from the pen device. The needles oscillate at a super-fast speed (108 revolutions per second) and feel similar to a vibrating toothbrush. This oscillation diffuses nerve receptors to create the ultimate in comfort whist maximising skin rejuvenation. With origins that date back over 2000 years with various forms of acupuncture, modern skin needling has become especially popular over the last 30 years. Unlike operator dependant tattoo guns, needling stamps or rollers, automated pen devices are the latest type of needling technology. Needle depth and oscillation speed can be changed throughout the treatment, to offer procedural versatility. This enables the treatment of multiple skin concerns within the one session. Whilst the most common concerns include ageing, wrinkles and post-acne scars, more challenging indications such as acne, alopecia, rosacea, stretch marks and even vitiligo can be treated easily and quickly.

    The skin appears a little red following a Dermapen™ treatment, this looks and feels like a mild to moderate sunburn. There is never any grazing, bruising or scabs. Unlike resurfacing laser treatments which can only be performed on certain skin colours, Dermapen™ may be performed on all skin colours and all ages. Special healing make-up may even be applied immediately after treatment, so patients can go straight back to work or normal activities. Usually 3-6 treatments are required at 4-8 week intervals for best results.

    With no injections, implants or muscle relaxants, Dermapen™ is the fastest, safest and most natural way to achieve potent skin correction and long lasting harmony.

    Need More Customers For Your Skin Clinic? Try These Tips

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Need More Customers For Your Skin Clinic? Try These Tips

    With media blitz focusing on Hollywood celebrities’ perfect looks and appearance, the ordinary people are pushing for ways and means to achieve youthful appearance, radiant skin and stress-free looks. More men and women, young and old are into celebrity-inspired skin care rituals and practices, as they seriously wait for the advertised results.

    Many skin clinic businesses benefit from such media blitz about youthful skin and appearance. When celebrities endorse certain products or procedures, people search forlocal skin clinic that offers the same procedure or service. And if you are in this business, you should know that there are other easy ways to get more clients or customers for your skin clinic business. Check the list below:

    • Keep a professional image of your skin clinic. People who heard of your clinic through friends of friends will definitely check how the clinic looks. It should give an impression of impeccable elegance and professionalism. Your clinic will reflect the kind of professional service you will give to your clients.
    • Have a Professional and Optimized Website. This is the key to your campaign. Since more and more are turning to the internet with their everyday search for information, having an optimized website to land on the top pages of the search engine results page would be the best way for the searchers and potential customers to see your site. Invest in the expertise of an experienced SEO company or team to manage the online marketing activities of your website. The results will surely pay off.
    • Create a business page for your business in your social media account. This will keep you active and visible to a wider audience and customer base. Engage them in conversations, giving them valuable information about skin care, answering questions, having promotions, etc. By doing this you are actually building your authority in the industry and you are creating wider customer base.
    • Make a commitment to community events and activities. People easily remember those who do good deeds for the community. Offer free facial or consultation with skin problems. Join medical missions organized by the local community. Give something back to the people. This will mark your value to the community.Wider Customer Base -- Offline Business Marketing
    • Request your existing clients for testimonials. If other people read real client’s feedback on your services, they will need no more encouragement or convincing. They will take action and will visit your clinic for initial consultation.
    • Offer referral scheme. Your word of mouth advertising will supplement the online marketing activities. Clients who are satisfied with your services will not mind posting an endorsement in their own social media circle, increasing the potential customers who might try your services.
    • Grab all opportunities to distribute your brochures and business cards. Theseoffline marketing campaigns are still found to be effective in bringing positive results for your business. Always be ready to network whenever you are attending any kind of events. Be sure to bring in all your marketing paraphernalia and develop rapport to people you will meet.
    • Attend industry-related trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. These venues are the best places to distribute your brochures and business cards. Those visiting these events are likely to be potential clients for your clinic.
    • Display your clinic’s accreditation, certification and permits, etc. both offline and online. With the proliferation of scam skin clinic practitioners, people tend to be cautious. Put a link on your website to verify your accreditations. When people can verify these things, they get confident with your integrity and reputation.

    Creating good public relations and having a creative team of marketing professionals is your best resort in growing your business. Apart from customer satisfaction, knowing how to trigger your target customer’s emotions into acquiring your service or grabbing your skin care products will definitely bring your business into greater heights. Just don’t disappoint your clients with false marketing and your business will go a long way. We all know that business marketing is all about exaggeration to trigger emotions but never cling into something you cannot provide to develop good business relationship, authority and most importantly, trust.

    How to Maximise the Profits At Your Medical Aesthetic Clinic

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    How to Maximise the Profits At Your Medical Aesthetic Clinic

    What can you do now to ensure a successful year?As we move into the second quarter of 2015, it’s time to get serious about your profits. If you are committed to maximizing your growth this year, you must have ZERO TOLERANCE for mediocre staff, sloppy processes and lazy practices that underwhelm your patients. Aesthetic patients today won’t tolerate being treated like second class citizens. They will give their disposable income to the practice that makes them feel special.

    Remember there is always someone behind you who is looking at taking your place in the market.

    Creating a successful aesthetic practice in times of economic uncertainty is a daunting challenge. Emphasising the patient’s experience, effectively using social media and the web, and an ego-devoid introspective analysis of the flaws of your practice are essential for any successful aesthetic practitioner to grow and be prosperous despite any shortfalls in the economy.

    The core principles in medicine and business can, at times, be contradictory. However, the essential fundamentals of medicine are consistent with the best strategies in business. For example: doing the right thing, selflessness, and empathy – bode well in business also. However business is a competitive world and the success of any company is mainly measured in financial statements. We all know that cosmetic medicine is not a general medical business; aesthetic practitioners are selling an expensive luxury, not a health necessity. However, it is important to remember that aesthetic medicine is still, first and foremost, medicine, and beyond any other profession or business, practitioners have an enormous responsibility to always do what is in the best interest of their patient rather than themselves. No other profession is granted such responsibility or high standards. Success should be measured in the patients’ well-being and not just the bottom line.

    Aesthetic practitioners have a responsibility to treat the patient first using the most responsible and most appropriate treatments while keeping in mind the luxuries of retail to keep consumer driven patients happy and to remain profitable. So how can practitioners practice this fine balance in a down economy and still thrive?

    Most importantly, the ‘product’ has to be good. Regardless of the economy, only a business providing a good product will succeed in the long term. If the product is less than promised, the consumer may be fooled for a limited period of time by creative and expensive advertising, but eventually, the individual will catch on to the inferiority and the business will fail. In aesthetic medicine, the practitioner and staff are the product!

    That means any service offered by the practice or persons who represent the practitioner must be aligned with the highest standards of quality. Their competency will be perceived as a reflection of the practitioner. Additionally, the practitioner will have to be well versed in the medicinal products offered and continue to perfect his or her technical skills.

    If the product (practitioner) is no good, word spreads fast. This is true in any economy, but with the limited opportunities and increased competition, a practice cannot tolerate even a minority of disappointed patients. For an established doctor seeing a decline in business, now is the time to act fast and implement measures to ensure the practice thrives in the current downturn. Those seeing a reduction in business need to re-evaluate their current policies with an ego-devoid introspection and attention to the following formula so they continue to grow and prosper, as your competitors wonder what happened.

    The following success formula will address all of the above and, if implemented, will keep your phones ringing, your patients buying and referrals coming to you. The point is to first check your mind-set. Are you buying into media pessimism? If you are, you are not going to be open to opportunities and possibilities so fix that first.

    What are your thoughts on making your clinic more profitable? Leave us a comment!