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Meet DermapenWorld at AMWC 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meet DermapenWorld at AMWC 2016


AMWC 2016: The 14th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medical World Conference is being held at Grimaldi Forum in the principality of Monaco from March 31st to April 2nd, 2016.

Join the DermapenWorld™ team in beautiful Monaco, won't you?

DermapenWorld will again be at Booth #A1 during AMWC 2016, showcasing our latest offerings to the Medical and Aesthetic Professional Industry. Along with Dermapen 3™, we are proud to present the newest members of our growing Dermapen™ Family. You'll have the opportunity to see our latest innovations, namely the Dermapen TattOff™, Dermapen Infuse™, DPLux810™ and Dermapen Cryo™. You will have the opportunity to learn about the science behind our own expanding skincare line of DP Dermaceuticals™.

Be sure to enquire about our educational opportunities. From Workshops to Advanced Courses to Masterclasses, DermapenWorld’s Training Programs are designed to inspire and educate skincare practitioners on all levels, and are taught all around the globe. Along with skin functions, wound healing, cell renewal, combination therapies and much more, we also incorporate theory and practicals, hands-on training and worldwide case studies. Our aim is to provide a competitive advantage to Dermapen Practitioners based on knowledge gained in our courses to create the basis for a successful business.

Dermapen continually sets and re-sets the benchmark in skin rejuvenation. Proven to be a safe, easy and fast way to improve skin and a highly effective way for Dermapen Practitioners to find and create new and sustainable business.

Can't make it to Monaco? DermapenWorld invites you to visit our website for more information about the ground-breaking technologies behind these products, and to see how our expanding line can benefit your practice, and your patients.

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ABOUT AMWC: Over the last 14 years AMWC has played a key role in underpinning the scientific understanding of global anti-aging management. This mission is still very important today and the congress program addresses how to achieve effective aging prevention by comprehensively examining approaches in aesthetics (dermatology and surgery) for external appearance while applying anti-aging medicine for internal wellbeing.

To meet these goals, AMWC 2016 will showcase cutting edge presentations by some of the most sought after experts in the fields of Aesthetic Dermatology, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery and multidisciplinary Preventive & Anti-Aging Medicine.

The main theme of AMWC 2016 will be the role and importance of PREVENTION in aesthetic/anti-aging practice. Prevention is an active process, which makes the theme of the congress challenging and very relevant. Throughout the conference, the AMWC experts will discuss the following questions: The evolving role of prevention in health care and wellbeing of your patients - The impact of prevention on slowing the aging process and putting off aesthetic and surgical interventions – Striking the right balance between prevention and treatment

Every year, this highly awaited event attracts about 10 000 participants coming from more than 120 countries. Over 300 leading international companies, showcasing throughout the 4-floor exhibition area, will be there to help you discover their latest products, technologies and services.

More Information about AMWC:


Dermapen™ and Skin Needling: The Answer to Skin Perfection?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dermapen™ and Skin Needling: The Answer to Skin Perfection?


Dermapen™ and Skin Needling: The Answer to Skin Perfection?

Skin needling can treat any skin type – and an array of skin issues. Inskin Cosmedics CEO and founder, Marie Enna-Cocciolone, talks Dermapen3, and everything we need to know about this latest technology in skin needling.

Inskin Cosmedics has been offering skin needling for almost eight years, and with the announcement that the company has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for DermapenWorld, Inskin Cosmedics CEO and founder Marie Enna-Cocciolone is well placed to talk about the technology. We talk about the latest version of this leading skin pen – and why it could be just the technology for your salon business.

Dermapen3 is the latest release in skin needling technology.

Dermapen3 is the latest release in skin needling technology.

Why did Inskin Cosmetics decide to take on Dermapen?

“Our Skin-Inject and DNC rollers have been super effective and successful,” says Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO and founder of Inskin Cosmedics. “Technology notoriously changes quickly and people look for easier, faster and just as effective advances – skin needling is no exception. We had been searching for a pen for almost three years and Dermapen was our benchmark; never had we imagined we would have the honour of working with the original and global leader itself. We love the fact that Dermapen3 is where we are starting from. We have missed the trials and errors of the first pen, we have benefited from the refining of the Dermapen2 model and we get to start off with the absolute best.”

What is exciting about this newest version?

“As an automated skin needling device, Dermapen is easy to use and the results are simply outstanding,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “The oscillating stamp-like pen harmoniously vibrates and glides over the skin providing the most efficient control, safety and comfort possible, whilst delivering treatment in the shortest time frame with no downtime for your patients. Dermapen with its unique needle tip and strong motor is capable of creating approximately 1300 micro channels per second into the skin. “The concept is made even better with ‘DP Dermaceuticals’ a specially formulated skin care range with just the right level of actives to support skin rejuvenation and wound healing.”

What issues can skin needling correct?

Used by practitioners in over 50 countries Dermapen effectively treats multiple skin conditions including… ageing, wrinkles, various types of scars, acne, dilated pores, stretch-marks, hyper and hypo pigmentation, rosacea, telangiectasia, milia, keratosis pilaris and alopecia,” says ays Enna-Cocciolone. “It also stimulates angiogenesis [the formation of new blood vessels.]

How painful is skin needling?

“The needle depth is adjustable according to the skin condition you are treating with fully adjustable oscillation speed,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “Because of this speed and comfort, patients can enjoy their Dermapen treatment sans topical anaesthetic.”

DP Dermaceuticals’ a specially formulated skin care range with just the right level of actives to support skin rejuvenation and wound healing.”

DP Dermaceuticals’ is a specially formulated skin care range with just the right level of actives to support “skin rejuvenation and wound healing”.

What technology has gone into Dermapen3?

Dermapen3 is the gold standard of C.I.T/ Fractional Rejuvenation, which uses an automated needling system,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “Over the years the device has been taken through its paces to provide what we know today as a benchmark device.”

This device automated, what does that mean for salons?

The vertical needle entry has no needle bend risk and is automated to allow for a quick and effective way of treating small or curved skin areas. The treatment is non thermolytic [doesn’t break down molecules] and non-ablative, which eliminates the risk of heat and other injuries,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “The electrically charged automation, powered with a high duty cycle motor with AOVN (Automated Oscillating Vertical Needle) Technology, reduces epidermal damage, discomfort and procedural downtime.”

Is it an easy piece of technology for salons to incorporate into their treatment menu?

Incredibly easy, but that’s not to say it doesn’t require a dedicated training day to ensure a full theory and practical understanding,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “Both the technology and device are easy to learn and apply, the conditions they treat extensive and non-invasive making Dermapen an effective corrective treatment choice for almost every skin condition. Given that more and more of our partners are enjoying treatments without the need for an anaesthetic cream and considering the speed of the treatment the ROI is also far better than most modalities.”

Do you offer education to your clients?

Not only do we offer it, we insist on it,” says Enna-Cocciolone. “We won’t sell any of our devices/modalities/brands without training. Our aim is to ensure our partner’s investment is effective, their treatment plans and solutions upgraded and that their customers keep coming back. The Dermapen treatment, whilst easy, has a very serious side and one we ensure it is taught thoroughly.”

To get in touch about Dermapen3, contact DermapenWorld.

The Benefits of Becoming a Dermapen World's ProZone Member

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Benefits of Becoming a Dermapen World's ProZone Member

Dear Dermapen™ Treatment Provider,

Have you taken advantage of becoming a DermapenWorld™ ProZone member?

Our brand new website ( has received great feedback from practitioners and patients alike, but we noticed that some practitioners are still missing out on the many benefits the website has to offer. DermapenWorld ProZone is only open to Dermapen Treatment Providers, like yourself, and has many features designed to help grow the Dermapen potential of your clinic. If you are not yet a member, why not become one?

Inside ProZone you will be able to:

  • Automatically upgrade the warranty of your Dermapen 3™ device from 1 to 5 years, just by registering
  • Download a variety of marketing materials
  • Watch our brand new training videos, exclusively available through DermapenWorld ProZone
  • Have your clinic listed on our worldwide Clinic Finder, which will send potential clients directly to you!

…In addition to that, you will be able to learn more about other exciting features coming your way, such as our optional Online Certification Course, which you can complete in the comfort of your own home or office. More information on this is coming soon!

In order to benefit from the features listed above, all you need to do is register! Registration is very quick and easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. To register, follow the steps below:

1.) Please go to, follow links to ProZone, and click Register Now! (or use this direct link).
2.) When prompted, enter the serial number of your Dermapen. The serial number is either engraved directly on your device, or printed on a small sticker on the cord. IMPORTANT: when entering the serial number, make sure you use no spaces and all uppercase letters.
3.) Once you click Register, you will be taken to a Clinic Information page. This page needs to be filled out in order to complete registration and put your clinic on the Clinic Finder.
4.) After you fill out the clinic details, click Submit and you are done! You will need to sign in again, but will have full access ProZone after that.

Register and take advantage of the many features we have incorporated into our new website to support our loyal customers. Become a valued member of DermapenWorld ProZone today and don’t get left behind!

Thank you for your ongoing support and best of luck in the new year. We look forward to continuing to work together with you!

Sending our warmest regards, 

The DermapenWorld Family