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Dermapen Micro-Needling Accessories

When it comes to Dermapen™ Treatments, we always aim at creating an experience which is both a safe and a comfortable one. Here you will find a couple of extras that help realize that goal. Accessories seen here will soon be available for purchase in the Dermapen™  ProZone. For the time being, please contact your local DermapenWorld representative to purchase.

DP Sleeves™

The only thing more important than superior treatment results and patient comfort is treatment safety and hygiene. Our fitted protective DP Sleeves™ help us address this issue. These snug fitting disposable latex covers protect your Dermapen™ needling device from coming into contact with blood and other fluids during a Dermapen™ treatment, while still allowing you to easily adjust depth and speed settings. Even though the DP Sleeves™ were designed specifically for and fitted to the Dermapen 3™, they will fit older models of the Dermapen™. The DP Sleeves™ are single packed and come in boxes of 30, to conveniently complement our 30-count packages of Dermapen™ Tips.

Dermapen Sleeve - Dermapenworld

DP Dermaceuticals CoolStick™

The DP CoolStick™ is a conveniently small gadget designed with the goal of increasing patient comfort during and after a Dermapen™ procedure. The CoolStick™ is easy to disinfect/sterilize, so it is reusable. It is kept in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use, and has several applications in the Dermapen™ treatment protocol. The CoolStick™ can be used to further anesthetize especially sensitive treatment areas, by desensitizing the nerve endings through means of cryotherapy. It can also be used to soothe and calm the skin after the treatment, by gliding it directly over the skin, or over the HylaActive™ 3-D Sculptured Mask. The CoolStick™ has multiple applications beyond a clinical Dermapen™ Treatment as well. It can be used to desensitize sites prior to hyaluronan based filler and botulinum toxin type A injections. In combination with the HylaActive™ mask, it can also help comfort the patient after dermabrasion, chemical peeling, IPL, laser, and RF treatments.

Dermapen Coolstick - Dermapenworld