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Dermapen World Reviews and Testimonials

Practitioner Reviews

Dermapen World
Rated 5/5 based on  10 reviews

Here we have gathered some of the outstanding reviews we have gotten from Dermapen Treatment Providers around the world. How has the Dermapen benefitted your practice? Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you! 

  • "I have been doing clinical grade needling for 3 years now. One of the issues for clients is the discomfort of treatments. It is fantastic to now have the Dermapen which is a far more comfortable way of doing needling for collagen induction therapy. I can vouch for this from client feedback and my own experiences giving myself treatments. There is less bleeding with Dermapen than with micro rollers. I would recommend practitioners to add this to their portfolio of treatment options, especially as it is something only doctors and nurses can purchase and perform."- Rating 5/ 5

    Tracy Shepherd
  • "I believe the Dermapen to be an excellent addition to any dermatological or aesthetic medical practice. Micro-needling is an established treatment modality with known benefits. The unique Dermapen automatic micro-needling device adds new versatility with adjustable needling depth, treatment intensity, increased efficiency and the option to focus treatments on troubled areas. The device may also enhance the delivery of medical and cosemeceutical products to a more effective level in the skin. I see the Dermapen as a primary or adjunctive treatment for skin rejuvenation, scars, skin texture, fine wrinkles, and abnormal pigmentation. I also believe the Dermapen will potentially improve the outcome of many of my laser procedures. I have personally experienced the benefits of the Dermapen."- Rating 5/ 5

    Mark B. Taylor, MD - Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center
  • "The Dermapen is a wonderful addition to our practice for several reasons. The treatment is comparable to laser resurfacing with much less downtime & much less discomfort. It is a way to stimulate collagen to target fine lines and acne scars. The Dermapen treatment also increases product absorption into our patients' skin. I also like to combine the treatment with a chemical peel to give the peel that extra boost and extra absorption. I love working with the Dermapen because it’s very easy to use and the needle insertions are perfectly vertical to the skin's surface and can maneuver to all areas of interest. And most importantly, our patients are very happy with the results! I would recommend the Dermapen to anyone that is looking to incorporate micro-needling into their practice.

    I really like your Dermapen 3MD much better than the Dermapen 2 for several reasons. First, the power button is a much easier way turning the device on &off. I love the speed setting dial, it's so much more accurate and you can see what speed you are on so much better. Overall, the Dermapen 3MD is a very user friendly device! On the Dermapen 2, the speed setting dial was also the power dial. Another bonus about the Dermapen 3MD is the needles puncture 1300 holes per second, which is more than the Dermapen 2! On the Dermapen 3MD, the power cord is much longer. The Dermapen Dermaceuticals are really nice products. I love the way the hyla active feels on the skin. I also love the Antioxidant cocktail post treatment. Good to follow up with that to keep away free radicals after all those little needle punctures. I am so very happy with the Dermapen 3MD and what makes me even happier is that my patients love the way their skin looks and feels!"- Rating 5/ 5

    Jennifer Pietras - Laser Skin and Wellness
  • We have been using the Dermapen3 in our practice for a few months now. We have had awesome results and very positive feedback from patients. Patients have noticed smoother texture, smaller pore size, diminished fine lines and an overall glow to the skin after treatment.

    We are extremely happy that we purchased the Dermapen3 and we are thrilled to be able to offer this treatment in our practice. - Rating 5/ 5

    The Shaw Center - Scottsdale, AZ
  • "I have worked successfully with Dermapen for many years. Recently however, I tried a competitor’s battery operated needling pen. This device failed the clinic on many accounts even ceasing to work during treatments. After a replacement pen, numerous batteries and chargers all failing to resolve the situation I ordered a new Dermapen 3. There really is no comparison when it comes to the Dermapen 3, delivering more powerful, faster treatments with consistent excellent results. Reliability is something that you really don’t appreciate until it is taken away." - Rating 5/ 5

    Danielle Govoni, Director - Skin Cell Pty Ltd, QLD, Australia
  • "Our practice received the Dermapen 3 and we are extremely pleased. We did a head to head treatment on 2 patients - using both the Dermapen 2 and Dermapen 3. There was no comparison. The Dermapen 3 was much quieter, the power on and off button was convenient, the power cord was longer and the overall quality was superior on all measurable scales. The weight and feel of the Dermapen 3 also felt better and our aestheticians noted that the Dermapen 3 glides better because there was less rattling and vibration. Also - the case and packaging that it came in was very professional and sophisticated unlike the cardboard box the Dermapen 2 came with. Clearly you put a lot of thought into the upgrade." - Rating 5/ 5

    Dr. David Yew, Aesthetics Hawaii
  • ”The Dermapen treatment triggers collagen production through a micro-needling technique. It can be used to improve scarring (acne scarring & keloid scars), hyper-pigmentationand stretch marks. It can also be used to retexturize the skin. The Dermapen can also help with skin tightening!”- Rating 5/ 5

    Allie Blazzard Center for Anti-Aging and Aesthetics - St. George, Utah
  • “I am very impressed with the results I’ve seen on my patients after treating them with the Dermapen. The procedure is very easily tolerated by the patient, there is minimal down time and it’s cost effective for the patient. I’ve seen great improvement using the Dermapen to treat fine lines, wrinkles, superficial scarring as well as texture and pore size. As a provider, I like that I can customize each treatment depending on my patients needs and there is always a predictable outcome. I foresee the Dermapen being a very successful treatment option in our practice.” - Rating 5/ 5

    Angela Terry, Clinical Aesthetician | Cascadia MediSpa & the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Plastic Surgery
  • “I feel the Dermapen is a perfect aesthetic adjunctive to my practice and can complement my services for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin tone, skin texture as well as help to manage scars and improve stretch marks. The Dermapen is a favorite treatment by my patients and is a great option for all skin types. Dermapen is a micro needling device that creates tiny injuries to the skin beneath the surface. This skin needling method allows for the tissue to repair itself and this process improves the skins appearance. My patients appreciate the minimal down time and how the treatment makes them look and feel. I have tried rolling techniques in the past and have not been impressed with the method of delivery. I continue to add the Dermapen treatment to other popular services as a combination technique for more dramatic results. I am very happy with the results and I would suggest the Dermapen to any medical office offering aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.”- Rating 5/ 5

    Paul S. Nassif, M.D. Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Patient Testimonials

Dermapen World
Rated 5/5 based on  7 testimonials

Just some of the wonderful things patients have had to say about their experiences with the Dermapen! If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please contact us and we will be happy to share your story on our site as well.

  • "From Alana: I have had 5 dermapen treatments and I am shocked at the results it has produced. My acne scarring was very deep and pitted prior to the treatment and over the course of the treatments it has become so smooth and less visible. I have tried a few different lasers including Fraxel and derma roller but nothing has compared to the results I get in a single treatment of the dermapen. The dermapen has given me more plump, smooth skin and even removed fine lines I used to have on my forehead.  I love the dermapen!" - Rating 5/ 5

    Alana R.
  • "I had this treatment done last week and it was great!! Very minimal pain and discomfort. My skin felt incredible after, it looked and felt tighter and the tone was noticeably more even all over. I love how, depending on your skin concerns, you can put specific serums on and the Dermapen penetrates the product into different layers of the epidermis and dermis getting the ultimate efficacy of the product. Loved it!! Cant wait for my next treatment!"- Rating 5/ 5

    Amelia M. - Master Aesthetician / Admin Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • “The Dermapen is great! It didn’t hurt at all and I could go back to work without an embarrassing red face. My skin felt so soft and fresh the next day. I’m excited to now see my wrinkles start to fade away.” - Rating 5/ 5

    Casey S.
  • “The doctor explained that I wouldn’t see immediate results, but he seemed so confident that I would see them within six months or so. I had taken pictures before the treatment, after the treatment and now, six months later, I have taken another picture, to compare them all. The results were much better than I could have ever imagined. The deepest scars are barely shadows now thanks to the Dermapen and I am scheduled to go in and have my upper thighs done next week. That way I’ll be ready when summer comes next year. Thank you Dermapen!”- Rating 5/ 5

    JoAnn G.
  • “I was so happy with my first Dermapen treatment. Immediately my skin was significantly softer and two days later I felt like my skin was glowing. I went out without foundation because I didn’t feel like I needed it! I would definitely get a Dermapen treatment again and look forward to the results after multiple treatments!”- Rating 5/ 5

    Kathryn S.
  • “The redness went away in a few days and I was pleased with the results, as there appears to be improvement in the lines around my eyes.”- Rating 5/ 5

    Leslie S
  • “I have absolutely loved my experience with Dermapen so far. I have looked forward to every treatment. One of the things I have loved most about Dermapen is that I have been able see results right away. Having had quite a few other treatments before Dermapen to treat my Acne scars, I really felt that this treatment made a lot of sense and I loved the results. One of the other things I have appreciated about this treatment is the recovery time. I am able to go to work and live my everyday lifestyle without feeling or looking any different. Dermapen is a practical, painless and sensible treatment option. I would recommend it to anyone.”- Rating 5/ 5

    Mallory M.