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Dermapen TattOff™

Dermapen TattOff™ - Dermapenworld

DermapenWorld™ offers the Dermapen TattOff™, an All-Colour Tattoo Removal System.

Dermapen TattOff™ - Dermapenworld

Developed for use with the Dermapen™ 3 handpiece, Dermapen TattOff™ delivers precision tattoo removal and targeted skin rejuvenation. The system offers a non-laser and non-thermolytic technology which removes all tattoo inks, located anywhere on the body.

A specialised lactic acid compound is gently infused to the depth of unwanted ink deposits. Subsequent micro-trauma cascades a regenerative response forming a scab that physically draws up the tattoo pigment. Once the scab falls off, so does the unwanted colour.

Patient care and safety are improved via a patented grid technique. This patented process reduces the risk of toxicity, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scars associated with other removal methods.

Suitable for the permanent removal of cosmetic, professionally applied and amateur tattoos.


Removes All Ink Colours

Say Goodbye to All Ink Colours. Dermapen TattOff is ‘colour-blind’ and will REMOVE ALL COLOURS, including the most exotic hues and pigment blends - unlike lasers that can only treat a limited range of colours, leaving others virtually untouched.

More Effective

The Dermapen TattOff removal process is colour-blind. The treatment hand piece, in combination with the Dermapen TattOff Activator™ proprietary solution, removes all pigment colours.

Less Pain than Laser

Dermapen TattOff requires fewer treatments and are less painful than laser treatments. It’s also less expensive (due to the reduced number of treatments), and it won’t damage your natural skin pigment.

Quicker Results, Less Downtime

Dermapen TattOff is faster than other methods, as the process requires pigmented skin to be treated only one time.


Unlike laser removal that breaks down pigment ingredients and deposits them in critical organs of the body, Dermapen TattOff uses the body’s natural healing process to expel the pigment.