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23 Skincare Resolutions for 2023


Are you sick of making the same old resolutions every year? Only to have them fall off your radar when school goes back or the chocolate craving kicks in. 

Reflecting on the year that was and thinking about what the future may hold, it’s a good time for a fresh start—and even fresher face.  That’s why we’ve put together our 23 best skin care resolutions for a complexion that glows brighter than the promise of a new year. 

1 – Wash Your Face Each Morning 

when to wash face

It’s so easy to wake to the demands of the day. Before you know it, you’re drinking a cold latte at your desk, wondering how you got there. 

This is your permission to carve out a little you-time in the morning. Before you pick up your phone, head straight to the bathroom and give your face a freshen up.  

We love TRI-PHASE CLEANSER’s revolutionary transformation technology that locks moisture into your normal to dry skin. If you’ve got acne or oily skin, using CLR LOTION helps balance your skin. 

2 – Triple Cleanse Your Face 

Already got your cleansing routine down? Make 2023 the year you upgrade your routine to include double-cleansing. The advantage is that while the first cleanser gets rid of surface impurities, like makeup and dirt, the secondary cleansing targets specific skin concerns. Make sure your skin is even fresher using the vibrating Dp Dermaceuticals OSCISONIC HEAD with your cleansers’ bottles. 

For normal, combination, or dry skin 

normal dry face cleanse



Extra: Attach OSCISONIC HEAD to your cleanser bottles 


For oily or acne-prone skin

oily acne face cleanse 



Extra: Attach OSCISONIC HEAD to your cleanser bottles  


3 – Start Using a Serum 

right serum for you

Ah serums, these wonder products are essential to achieving your skin goals. Packed with active ingredients, apply serums directly after cleansing your skin. 

Because they’re thinner inconsistency and often contain smaller molecules, they quickly absorb deeper into your skin. Serums target specific skin concerns, like lightening pigmentation or reversing the signs of ageing. 

Whichever serum you opt for, make sure to apply them before any thicker creams that could prevent them from absorbing. Find the right serum for your skin.  

4 – Be Diligent with Sunscreen 

always use sunscreen

Applying sunscreen throughout the day helps protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause skin burn and skin cancer. 

But the sun is also the biggest extrinsic cause of ageing. So even if you make the other 22 skincare resolutions on this list but don’t protect your skin from UV rays, you’re undermining all your hard work. Sunscreen is even more essential if you use Retinoids as part of your anti-ageing routine. COVER RECOVER makes this rather serious skincare resolution a whole lot easier to keep. This broad-spectrum SPF 30/PA+++ provides flawless coverage and is packed with anti-ageing ingredients.  

Try our handy kits to find your perfect shade. 

5 – Remove Your Makeup (Even After a Big Night Out) 

cleanse remove makeup

Party season is here. And the fun has begun. It’s tempting to flake into bed without removing your makeup, but you won’t be doing your skin any favours. Environmental pollutants and dirt can get trapped in your skin which could lead to breakouts. But did you know it also traps free radicals too? These nasties break down collagen and cause prematurely aged skin. 

Use a gentle cleanser like TRI-PHASE CLEANSER that feels luxurious to put on at the end of a long night but is tough on stubborn makeup. 

6 – Add a touch of luxury to your cleansing ritual 

If cleansing is something you don’t really look forward to—especially after a night out, we have just the thing to change your outlook. Our ECO LUX CLEANSING SET comes with all the tools to make face cleansing a lush experience.  

The set contains a natural Konjac sponge and 12 super soft cleansing pads made from organic bamboo cotton. It’s incredibly kind on your face and even kinder to the environment. The eco-friendly pads are reusable and can be hand washed or machine washed in the washbag provided so can be used again and again. And they’re biodegradable for when it’s time to say goodbye.  

Step up your cleansing ritual a pampering, eco-friendly approach.

7 – Make Hyaluronic Acid & Retinoids Non-negotiable 

hyaluronic acid Ingredient

You might have heard these actives mentioned before. They’re set to be your new besties in 2023. So let’s get to know them better. 

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance within your skin that retains moisture. Applying Hyaluronic Acid topically to your skin can help boost your body’s natural supply for more hydrated and plumper skin. But this only works if the molecules are small enough to be absorbed. HylaFuse, our patented HA complex in many Dp Dermaceuticals products, comprises 3 differently sized molecules to reach optimal skin layers. 

Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives celebrated for their anti-ageing powers. The trick with retinoids is that they can irritate skin. So always build up your usage starting with once every 3 days. RETINAL ACTIVE contains Retinaldehyde which is one of the more potent AND gentle forms. 

8 – Pamper Your Skin Regularly with Masks & Facials 

regular masks facials

This is an easy skincare resolution to stick to. Treat yourself to regular professional Dp Dermaceuticals facials throughout the year. And pop on a Dp Dermaceuticals 3D Sculptured Mask once a week or any time your skin feels tired or sluggish. It’ll pep you and your skin right up. 

9 – Start Afresh with a Peel 

facial anti ageing treatment

One of the hero products used in a Dp Dermaceuticals facial is ÜBER PRO. As the name suggests, this peel encompasses all 3 primary skin concerns in one go—pigmentation, ageing and acne. Peels work by increasing cellular turnover. And with ÜBER PRO, you get an immediate glow with no downtime. In fact, why wait until the new year? Book in for a Dp Dermaceuticals facial pre-party to look your dewy best this festive season.  

10 – Exfoliate Every Few Days 

sensitive skin exfoliant

You can also buff away dulling dead skin cells by incorporating an exfoliant into your routine every few days. The best exfoliants reveal a clarified complexion but be warned that exfoliants that use course particles could be abrasive to sensitive skin. 

Look for exfoliants that contain smooth alternatives like bamboo powder. This natural source of silica is also a powerful antioxidant. Or you can look for a friction-free exfoliating product like Lactic Acid. MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT contains both these ingredients, resulting in a polished complexion. 

11 – Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinet 

organise skin care products

How many old toothbrushes and half-used hand creams are lurking in your cabinet? What better way to get organised in 2023 than starting with something small and rewarding like a bathroom drawer. Realistically your routine probably only consists of 5-7 skincare products, so line them up proudly and ditch the rest. 

12 – Touch Your Face Less


Ok, so this one might take a little more willpower and practice than the rest. But when you touch your face, you’re essentially introducing a playground of dirt, oil and bacteria to your face. Yuck! 

This is one of the best skin care resolutions if you’re prone to oily skin and breakouts. Not only does touching your face add more oil to your face, but squeezing pimples can lead to scarring too. 

You don’t need to tie your hands to your belt. Try swapping out your hands for some accessories designed to help you with your morning routine. Sweep your hair off your face with a HEADBAND, and massage your products in with an SSS ROLLER. COVER RECOVER BLENDER make applying makeup a cinch. 

13 – Get To Know Your Skin Better 

understand your skin

Is your skin oily, combination or dry? What are your main concerns? Skin is a complex organ, and everyone will have a slightly different set of concerns and attitudes towards them. You wouldn’t water a cactus every day, and you wouldn’t expect a fern to thrive in the desert. Each living thing needs different kinds of nourishment to thrive. This year, make it your goal to understand your skin so you can give it what it needs to look and feel its best. 

14 – Get Your Skin Analysed by a Professional 

The best way to understand your skin? Book a consultation with an Authorised Treatment Provider. They can explain your skin to you and finally provide answers and solutions for concerns you thought were permanent. You may not have to live with wrinklesscars, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if you don’t want to. 

15 – Build a consistent skincare habit 

After your skin consultation, you may find that your skin has different needs from what you’ve been doing. Perhaps all those dehydrating products you thought were serving your oily skin were ramping up more oil production, for example.  

A skincare routine should be carefully crafted so that each product enhances the other. Some products work against each other. All the products in the Dp Dermaceuticals range enhance each other and Dermapen Treatments results. We’ve got a routine to suit every skin type and concern. Find your match now and commit to a new you in 2023. 

16 – Explore Microneedling 

microneedling treatment ageing

There has never been a better time to try microneedling. In a few short years, the industry has made huge advancements, pioneered by DermapenWorld™ technology. The Dermapen 4™ used in professional clinics worldwide is so quick and virtually pain-free that numbing cream is no longer required. 

And because the needles move in an up and down motion, downtime is minimised. 

Our Synergy of solutions includes at-home maintenance and specially developed skincare for faster, more breath-taking results. Book a consultation now and discover what’s possible. 

17 – Learn About Microneedling Aftercare 

beauty tips for face at home

If you’re already a microneedling fan, why not take this opportunity to commit to more impressive results with correct aftercare. Our products are designed to get you even better results without downtime. 

Talk to your Authorised Treatment Provider for recommendations on what products to apply immediately following a microneedling session. 

18 – Maintain Your Results 

It’s so easy to slip into bad habits between clinic visits. But if you’re spending money and effort on looking good, you want to get the best results. The best way to do this is to work in a partnership with your Authorised Treatment Provider.  

The minimum is a twice-daily application of your Dp Dermaceuticals routine. But for those “wow, I need to know your secrets” results, you can top-up with the Dermapen HOME between sessions. This device works just like the professional Dermapen 4 but works at safe depths for home use.  

19 – Don’t Neglect Your Neck 

led therapy neck

Your neck, décolleté and hands are all parts of your body that are exposed to the elements. That means they age faster if you don’t give them the same care as your face. 

Next year, extend the same level of care to these areas and watch the transformation. Stock up now on HYLA ACTIVE or LED masks for these areas. 

20 – Play with Light 

light therapy for sleep

Speaking of LED… Have you discovered the latest in non-invasive rejuvenation yet? Warning, these masks have the potential to make you feel as good as you’ll look. Because not only do they boost collagen and elastin production, but also your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the happy hormone responsible for a balanced mood. With life’s ups and downs, it’s fair to say we could all do with a little more serotonin. Check out Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ 

21 – Love thy Actives 

best active ingredients

If you really want to see visible changes in your skin, it’s time to learn about active ingredients. We’ve already talked about AHAs, HA and Retinoids. Here’s a quick rundown of a few more hero ingredients to kickstart your research Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Peptides, Ceramides, Vitamin E, Tyronaise inhibitors. If research isn’t your thing, that’s cool. Dp Dermaceuticals infuse the right balance of purest form and clinically developed ingredients to the correct areas of the skin. So you can enjoy your routine and know your skin is getting what it needs.  

22 – Pay Attention to Your Eyes 

eyes skin care

This is going to be an important one to pay attention to come 1 January. The skin around our eyes is thin and can often show if we’re tired. The R.E.R. EYE MASK is the perfect way to restore tired puffy eyes. And then keep that area smooth and clear with regular application of R.E.R. EYE SERUM. 

When eyes are irritated, calm them instantly with a pair of cooled COVER RECOVER BLENDERS. 

23 – Love Your Skin 

While there might always be something you want to change, remember you’ve only got one skin. So, make sure to love it as the beautifully unique part of you it is. 

Book a consultation with a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider to set your best skincare resolutions yet. 

If you’re an Authorised Treatment Provider looking for more information on any of the products listed here, please contact your Authorised Distributor. Not sure who to speak to? Contact us for more details. Or check here how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider.