4 Post Dermapen Skin Needling Treatment Must-Haves

If you have long been suffering from skincare woes such as dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, or dull skin, Dermapen skin needling treatment is about to save your day and your face for many years to come. This breakthrough skincare tool had undeniably amazed the beauty community. What is keeping you from trying it out yourself?

Dermapen Microneedling

Collagen induction therapy more popularly known as microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that aims to erase all imperfections on your skin. Dermapen is a revolutionary tool that facilitates skin rejuvenation by creating micro injuries on the superficial layer of the skin with 16 fine needles. The body’s natural healing processes then induce the production of two skin foundations- collagen and elastin.

Of all microneedling tools in the market, Dermapen is a notch above the rest. Its creators successfully came up with a device that addresses efficacy, comfort, and rate of recovery. The latest iteration of Dermapen 4 has included a few features one can never find in other skin pens. Here are some of them.

  • The new and improved Dermapen 4 features a dedicated scar treatment algorithm and protocols which means all types of scar tissues are efficiently treated with just a few Dermapen 4 microneedling sessions.
  • Dermapen 4 supports a pain-free microneedling session for its patients. Men and women who undergo microneedling at Authorised Treatment Providers are guaranteed a virtually painless procedure from start to finish.
  • Dermapen 4 promises more accuracy, power, precision, and safety resulting in a pain-free procedure as well as zero downtime for patients. The focus on improving the technical features of Dermapen is centered on exceeding the expectations of patients.

After treatment essentials

The products that you use after treatment are just as important as Dermapen skin needling itself. Dp Dermaceuticals is a product line from DermapenWorld that enhances the effects of microneedling by infusing vital nutrients into the skin. Here are some post-microneedling essentials that you must use in between Dermapen Treatments:

  • Dp Dermaceuticals RETINAL ACTIVE contains a rich infusion of Vitamin A that facilitates skin repair and rejuvenates the skin. In addition, Dp Dermaceutials RETINAL ACTIVE is rich in antioxidants which stops signs of ageing skin.
  • Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER is a definite must-have after skin needling. It is an SPF30 camouflage foundation that protects, cools, hydrates, and heals the skin post treatment.
  • Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE infused with moisture-giving hyaluronic acid for intense comfort and hydration whilst the skin is undergoing repair.

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