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5 Alarming Microneedling Skincare Risks

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the products you use on your client’s skin before and after a microneedling procedure, but the potential risks shouldn’t be underestimated.

Just one bad experience, especially if it goes viral on social media, could have a disastrous impact on your practice.

All too often we hear about industry ‘disaster stories’ where a patient’s face or body has been injected with a product that was not designed for that purpose.

With this in mind, here are the 5 biggest risks many practitioners make with the products they use for microneedling:

Risk #1: Not GMP Certified

To be certified as a GMP facility, the laboratory constantly undergoes rigorous audits, testings and continues to demonstrate a strong regulatory commitment to compliance with the INTERNATIONAL GMP STANDARDS required for worldwide distribution. Without this, it’s hard to know for sure what hazards you could be exposing your client’s skin to.

Risk #2: Not exclusively created for microneedling

Everyday cosmetics often contain molecules which are too big, and do not allow for free movement of actives within the skin. This can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and the formation of unwanted fibrous tissue.

Risk #3: Unsuitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types and heritages

Skin types differ, so to avoid bleaching your client’s skin or experiencing a sensitive reaction, you must ensure the products you use to cater for all types from Fitzpatrick 1 (more sensitive) to Fitzpatrick V or V1 (with a higher risk of pigmentation concerns).

Risk #4: The purity of the product is not ensured by aseptic or sterile packaging

If your skincare representative cannot tell you the preservation system they use to ensure ingredient stability and activity, don’t take the risk.

Risk #5: Unable to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin

To achieve the highest degree of correction and recovery, products need to be easily absorbed by the skin. This is so it can effectively transport other biologically active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Copper Peptides, Zinc and B5.

Choosing the right products and serums to use when microneedling is a complex and critical factor in providing the best experience and outcomes for your patients. Discover how Dp Dermaceuticals mitigate microneedling risks for safe and effective rejuvenation.