Infusion Of Active Substances With Micro-Needling

Creating Procedural Safety By Dr. Andrew R. Christie

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Whilst the moral of these stories may appear to be “watch what you inject into the skin”, the reality is much more complex with far greater consequences to be considered.

When Things Go Wrong

All too frequently we come across industry ‘disaster stories’ where a patient’s face or body has been injected with some product which quite simply was not designed for that purpose. Consider Rajee Narinesingh, whose face was injected with cement and tyre sealant. What resulted from a black market ‘plumping party’ she had attended in 2005 were heavy, rock-hard, dried cement nodules permanently embedded in her cheeks.


Monique Allen had over 12 litres of liquid plastic and silicone injected into her body in around 75 backstreet operations. Allen claimed, “the doctor would numb you then attach a funnel to whichever part of your body you wanted, then screw a vial of silicone on and pump it in”. Over the years, the silicone has migrated around her body, rendering her permanently disabled, with patches of disfiguring skin necrosis and ongoing infections.


Such scenarios, however, are not just limited to the lower socio-economic or blackmarkets, consider Daniel Tomas Fuente, an unlicensed medical practitioner in the USA (though a doctor in his native Argentina) who was operating an injectables clinic out of the bathroom of Lionel Richie’s then wife. His injection of unapproved “anti-wrinkle” cocktails into his celebrity clientele, resulted in a bevy of complications, including nodules affecting facial movement and what one patient described as permanent “holes” in their face around the site of injection. Dr Daniel’s patient’s included Diane Richie, Priscilla Presley and Shawn King (the wife of Larry King).


The relationship between injections and micro-needling substances into the skin is far closer than many of us may think....



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About the Author: 

Paris based, Dr. Andrew R. Christie is an industry specialist with over 20 years’ experience. Andrew graduated from Macquarie University (Sydney) and obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University Of Southampton (U.K.). Having lectured as a skin and micro-needling expert in over 47 countries, Andrew has been invited as a key speaker at the AMWC (Monte Carlo), CCR / FACE / ACE (London), NCD (Bucharest), AMEC (Paris), SEME (Malaga), MBC (Zagreb), Cosmetic News (Opartja), ILM (Helsinki), AMCSA (Pretoria), AMME (Arachon), FACDC (Johannesburg), MES (Lausanne), ACEDSSA (Cape Town), AesTech (Auckland), Cosmetex (Gold Coast), ASAPs (Hobart), BEA and the Paramedical Conference (Sydney). Andrew has also been a guest lecturer at the Royal Society Of Medicine (London), University Of Tehran (Tehran), VIC University (Melbourne) and the Royal Hayat Hospital (Kuwait City). Andrew has appeared on television, including Aesthetic TV (USA), Fashion TV (Australia), Cosmetic News (Croatia) and in dozens of interviews across the world as a master-needler and authority on medical aesthetics. As the Global Medical Trainer for Dermapenworld, Andrew is the author of Advanced Innovations With Dermapen. Andrew has also authored three other books on skin needling and written hundreds of articles for industry publications and journals. Andrew is a regular judge for the ABIAs in Australia and was awarded the prestigious Educator Of The Year. Andrew has trained over 50,000 practitioners globally.