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Why skin care is important for self-care & mental health

A skin care routine isn’t just great for your epidermis. It can also act as self-care for greater mental health & wellbeing.  Keep reading to learn some self care strategies

 As our mission is to deliver the best skincare solutions possible, we’re a little obsessed with the benefits of having a skin care routine. So, let’s run through how having a consistent skin care routine can: 

  • Boost your mood  
  • Help your mental health & wellbeing  
  • Improve your skin, and  

Allow you to confidently put your best face forward.   

Why Skin Care as Self Care Matters – Self Care Strategies

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. It’s a timely reminder of the importance of looking after your mental health & wellbeing 

The stats don’t paint a pretty picture. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019 one in eight people in the worldor 970 million people, were living with a mental disorder. Anxiety and depressive disorders were the most common.  

In 2020 the global pandemic contributed to the sharp rise of these disorders. Unfortunately, almost half (45%) of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. 

But there are things you can do to help. 

The Importance of a Daily Routine 

Research has shown that people with less consistent routines in their day are more likely to suffer mental health disorders, moodiness and be less happy. It makes a compelling case for why routine is so important 

Taking time for self-care can help shield you from mental health issues and keep anxiety or depression at bay.  

Practice Self-Care With Skin Care 

why routine is important

When you’re in a dark place, even the smallest task can seem like it belongs in the too-hard basket and is hard to follow self care strategies. Adding some more structure into your day could help you reclaim some normality. Consistent, daily skin care routines are one way to add in stability and help keep you grounded despite outside events.  

Build up a consistent skin care routine twice a day. In the morning, they’ll help prepare you for the day ahead. In the evening, they can help you unwind and leave the day’s stressors behind you. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, follow the DermapenWorld five-step plan of skincare. But if this is too much right now, just find what works best for you. Start out with a two-step regime of cleansing and moisturising. It might only take a couple of minutes, but it’s so worth it.  

De-stress Your Skin 

Keep in mind that how you feel on the inside can show up on your skin. Does your skin flare up at moments of peak stress? Staying one step ahead with a consistent skin care program can help keep your skin concerns under control. Learn more about daily skincare routines by concern. 

Make Time for Skin Care Self-Care  

Schedule in time to give your skin the TLC it deserves. It doesn’t need to be complicated.  

As an example, it can simply be giving your face a deep cleanse with a good quality exfoliant. A brilliant way to get rid of all the impurities clogging up your face is with the OSCISONIC CLEANSER HEAD. To make life easy, it conveniently attaches to any Dp Dermaceuticals 150ml cleanser. As the vibrating head gets to work, it’ll remove dirt and build-up, while promoting healthy skin cell rejuvenation. This cleansing experience works on a deeper level—leaving your skin feeling refreshed, clean and luminous while supporting your emotional wellbeing. 

By making time to prioritise yourself with a touch of skin care self-care, it gives you something special to look towards which can help lift your spirits. So, what skin care are you planning to do today, tomorrow and moving forward? 

Switch It Up 

why self care is important

To break out of your day-to-day skin care mould consider a fresh approach to your usual routine. There are many ways to switch it up. Sharing a skin care experience with others is the ultimate way to turn up the smile dial. Why not invite a friend or two for an afternoon of DIY pampering? Once again, the planning could help shift your focus from negative energy and give you something to look towards.  

To create a calming atmosphere, play relaxing music or immerse yourself in nature with a soundscape. A study by the University of Sussex found listening to nature sounds brings on a state of relaxation so it’s an effective way to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. With streaming services and apps at your fingertips, it takes a click to bring the tranquillity of the outdoors, indoors.  

Enjoy Masks with Friends 

It’s time to let your walls down by masking up. If your face is looking dry and dull, the potent hydrating & healing properties of HYLA ACTIVE 3D SCULPTURED MASK could be exactly what your skin needs.  

If you’re looking for a fix for puffy eyes or dark undereye circles, R.E.R. EYE MASK is a fantastic ‘pick-me-up’. It’ll help put the sparkle back in your eyes.  

While the masks work their magic, you and your friends have options. Try exploring affirmations or make the most of some quiet timeget comfy, close your eyes and soak up the peaceful serenity. Perhaps you can add a splash of colour to your day by painting each other’s nails. 

However you choose to embrace your skin care pamper time, hopefully you walk away feeling more content… which leads to our next benefit.  

Activate happy hormones  

Whether you follow the basics of an everyday skin care routine or go that extra mile in looking after your skin, any level of self-care is a trigger for feeling good. That’s because these actions send signals to your brain to release happy hormones.  

Serotonin is a natural mood stabiliser responsible for our wellbeing and happiness. Doing things that feel good or performing acts of kindness increases serotonin. A boost to serotonin levels can help improve mental health, in particular depression and anxiety.  

Likewise, dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that allows you to feel good. When you experience feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, motivation, or have a proud moment of accomplishment, that’s the surge of dopamine at play.  

Maintaining a regular skin care routine is an effective way to practice self-care and a powerful means of enjoying bursts of happiness to help keep away the blues. Switch up your regime from time-to-time for a bonus surge of happiness. 

Skin Care Can Improve Confidence  

By being invested in your skin, you have the power to make a difference. You can brighten your face to switch on a radiant glow or help erase fine lines with anti-ageing specialty skincare products. By putting in the effort to improve and maintain your skin, the visible results are rewarding. Ultimately skin care boosts confidence! And when you feel good in your skin, it makes you smile on the inside and out.  

Addressing Problem Skin for Wellbeing 

self care for problematic skin

Problem skin can be a big issue for mental health. For instance, those with chronic acne or skin breakouts are more likely to withdraw from social activities. That might mean giving up on sport, partieseven face-to-face studies.  

This retreat from society could be detrimental for your mental health & wellbeing. It may take time and perseverance to bring skin conditions under control but it is possible. Once you see real results from your efforts, it can make a big difference to your mental health 

Dp Dermaceuticals ACNE SKIN SET contains our top 3 acne products which are shown to reduce excess oils that clog pores, balance & purify skin as well as rejuvenate & restore the skin’s natural glow. If acne is a problem for you, it’s just the thing to address it head on.  

Show Your Skin Love Everyday 

Looking after yourself with skin care can help bring out the best in your skin and boost your mental health & wellbeing 

Consistent routines make a difference to mental health. You can try new or different approaches to your usual skin care regime and planning will give you something fresh to look forward to. And when you look after your skin, it’s rewardingyou’ll feel better knowing your effort is getting results.  

Looking your best can help improve your self-confidence and that’s exactly what you need to switch on the happy hormones. Embrace self-care, learn more about Dp Dermaceuticals skincare range today.  

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.