Looking for the Best At-home Microneedling Pen? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s always a level of uncertainty when considering a new beauty trend. Best athome microneedling pen is no different. While the research, results and testimonials all sound amazing, you might still be wondering:  

Will it work? 

Is it worth the money? 

Is it safe, or will it destroy my skin? 

Which is the best at-home microneedling pen? 

These are all super important questions. And with more and more devices flooding the market, it’s getting harder to know which is the best at-home microneedling pen. 

As the pioneer of the world’s first automated microneedling pen, DermapenWorld™ has been ahead of the curve in getting incredible microneedling results for years. Now, the next generation of Dermapen HOME™ has arrived — offering more comfort, speed and safety than ever.   

But why does that matter? And can’t a cheaper pen do the same job? 

Keep scrolling if you’ve been wondering about all these questions and more. Ahead, are the five things you need to know about the world’s best at-home microneedling pens to get you the skin results you deserve. 

#1 Precision & Results

First, remember that you’re considering at-home microneedling to get gorgeous, youthful results. Microneedling triggers the body’s natural healing response, sending in new collagen and elastin for smooth, glowing skin. It improves the appearance of many skin concerns, including acne, signs of ageing, pigmentation, rosacea and enlarged pores. 

Key to getting incredible results is creating the most precise and flawless injuries at the correct levels so that the skin heals nicely without damaging the integrity of the skin or extended downtime.  

Blunt, burred, and poor-quality needles can do more damage than good. They also may not even be able to penetrate to the required or advertised depth. So, if you want outstanding results, you need to invest in the highest quality microneedling pen. 

There’s nothing routine about the new Dermapen HOME™ device from DermapenWorld™, with an increased number of 33-gauge gamma-sterilised stainless-steel needles. That’s technical speak for being extremely high quality.  

The 16-needle cartridge offers outstanding precision, and the motor is strong enough to hit the required level time and again. It can also reach hard-to-access areas, such as around the nose, where blemishes may be particularly troublesome. 

It’s simply the best at-home microneedling pen for getting incredible results with DermapenWorld™ on a wide range of skin concerns. 

#2 Speed & Comfort

best at-home microneedling pen

This leads us to the next point you must consider when deciding on the best at-home microneedling device: speed!  

Why does speed matter? 

Well, consider this: you need to create millions of puncture channels for microneedling to be most effective. The faster you can do that, the shorter your procedures and the more comfortable they’ll be, too. 

When you think back to what microneedling used to be with either a stamp or roller (which some people still use, ouch!), there’s nothing routine about Dermapen HOME™ — it can achieve millions of puncture channels in a minute. In fact, it can create a massive 1920 puncture channel a second, putting it in the similar category as the professional device in terms of speed. 

You’ll be on your way to gorgeously smooth, glowing skin in just a few minutes. And the best part? The Dermapen HOME™ is safe enough to use every week. 

#3 Safety

home microneedling safety

Maybe safety doesn’t sound like the sexiest feature when looking for the best at-home microneedling pen, but it’s the most important. If your device doesn’t have advanced safety features, you risk getting the opposite results you desire.  

You could even end up with contamination, infection, or granulomas. Definitely not sexy! Instead, ensure that each needle is single-use and comes in sterile wrapping.  

One of the risks with at-home microneedling is cross-contamination, which can occur via several different touchpoints. From the device, the needles, your hands, and your skin, for example. 

CLINIPREP™ is the ultimate anti-microbial solution that, unlike some disinfectants, won’t interfere with skin recovery, which can prevent you from getting great results.  

The new Dermapen HOME™ device now comes with built-in Anti-Contamination Management™ (ACM) Technology, including a fluid guard that prevents any fluid backflow into the device.  

All cartridges are single-use and represent incredible value per procedure. Risking your skin by re-rolling or needling week-old skin and fluid remnants from previous procedures into your skin is not worth the few dollars you might save re-using old cartridges or rollers. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about microneedling is that deeper is better, with people understandably opting for the device that claims the longest needles. We’d love to see this end, as it’s hazardous to needle deeper into the skin without the correct sterile environment or expertise. Going deeper isn’t effective for many concerns, such as pigmentation. 

Dermapen HOME™ comes with fully adjustable levels to reach the right parts of your skin to get the best results while maintaining safety. 

#4 Ease of Use

One of the significant differences between a professional device and an at-home microneedling device is that you can use your at-home device more often because of the advanced safety features, including the adjustable levels. While you’re in the initial stages of at-home microneedling, doing it every week or so will get you the best results. 

This means that the best at-home microneedling pen is super easy to use. You want to avoid faffing around with tangled cords under the sink or twisting switches for each of the six different sections of your face. 

Anything that’s a hassle makes you less likely to keep your procedures going. And if you give up, you won’t get results. 

That’s why the tech geniuses behind the Dermapen HOME™ prioritised making it the ultimate in terms of ease of use and comfort. There’s nothing routine about the procedures, which are simple and enjoyable. It’s as easy as clicking in a fresh cartridge and adjusting the speed and levels using the digital display as you go. 

#5 Support

home microneedling skincare

Just as important as what microneedling device you select are the products that go with it. 

When microneedling your skin, you must use a safe, sterile and effective serum. As the needles travel up and down into your skin, a small but potent amount of serum travels into each of the created channels. The molecular structure of the serum needs to allow for free movement within the skin, and each of the actives needs to target the concern you’re working to improve. 

There’s nothing routine about Dp Dermaceuticals™; the ONLY skincare range explicitly designed for microneedling. You can rest assured they’re safe and effective for infusion into the skin, and there’s a solution for every skin type and concern. 

Introducing the NEW! Dermapen HOME™

best at-home microneedling pen skincare

Dermapen HOME™ has always offered state-of-the-art microneedling technology from the comfort of your home. Now, with additional features and upgrades, it’s more effective, safe, and comfortable than ever. 

Here’s a quick update on what this incredible technology offers: 

  • 16-needle cartridges for greater precision and faster procedures.  
  • Anti-Contamination Management™ (ACM) technology prevents the backflow of fluid into the pen for greater safety.  
  • Digital one-touch display makes adjusting levels and speed mid-procedure a breeze. 
  • Wireless device for the ultimate procedural convenience. 
  • Dramatic increase in speed and comfort, with up to 1920 punctures per second. 

You can have confidence that DermapenWorld™—the #1 Microneedling Company in the World—is the best solution. You’ve got nothing to lose and glowing skin to gain.  

Why wait? You can boost collagen and elastin in your skin quickly, easily and naturally for visible, long-lasting results.  

Order your Dermapen HOME™ to rewrite your skin journey or contact your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider for a skin consultation today. 

If you’re a professional wishing to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider and offer Dermapen HOME in your clinic, click here.