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Brighten Up! Discover the Best Products & Routine for Hyperpigmentation

A light dusting of freckles might not worry you, but melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a different story. If you’re finding yourself slathering on cover-up in an effort to disguise stubborn dark patches of skin, AKA hyperpigmentation, this skincare routine is for you. 

Excess pigmentation is the result of the way your body produces melanin, the thing that gives your skin its colour. Several things can cause your body to ramp up melanin production, including hormones or sun exposure. And it can be challenging to get rid of. You need the best products for hyperpigmentation so you can fade your spots and reveal your naturally radiant skin.  

We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step daily skincare routine for pigmented skin AND the science behind why these products are so effective. 

First, Let’s Talk Actives 

Hyperpigmentation is a stubborn skin condition that can require a multi-action skincare regime. These active ingredients in your hyperpigmentation serums and creams tackle pigmentation in a few different ways.  

Tyrosinase Inhibitors Active Ingredients

Tyrosinase Inhibitors 

Tyrosinase Inhibitors break the body’s natural melanin production cycle. A concentrated area of melanin is pigmentation, so if your body creates less melanin, it follows you should have less pigmentation. 

Niacinamide Active Ingredients


Niacinamide doesn’t stop the production of melanin, but it does reduce the amount that’s transferred between cells in a process called “melanosome transfer”. Inhibiting this process has shown to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.  

Alpha-hydroxy Acids Active Ingredient

Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) 

The faster your skin sheds cells, and creates new ones, the quicker you’ll be rid of dark spots. We’re not talking about vigorous scrubbing—step away from the loofah. Instead opt for products that act as a gentle chemical exfoliant. Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs), in particular Lactic Acid and Vitamin A, break down dead skin cells and promote a more youthful complexion without compromising the skin. 

SPF Active Ingredients


Even the best hyperpigmentation skincare products won’t help if you don’t also shield yourself from ultraviolet rays. Be sure to use a quality sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. 

Hyperpigmentation Skincare Routine 

Best Products For Pigmentation

Now you’ve got the background on why certain ingredients are so effective, let’s get you set up for an even complexion. Follow this simple 5-step skincare routine to brighten and lighten spots, including stubborn acne hyperpigmentation. 

Daily Skincare Routine Step 1: Cleanse 

pigmentation skincare step 1 cleanse

Morning & Evening day and night routine

Dulling residue and dead skin cells can clog your skin, leaving it looking drab. Cleansing is a crucial step in any skincare routine. You want a cleanser that whisks away impurities without damaging or drying your skin. 

A product that provides effective 2-in-1 cleansing and exfoliation is a valuable timesaver. Exfoliants go deeper than your regular cleanse to scrub out those pores and reveal a brighter complexion.  

Best Cleanser For HyperpigmentationMICRO  DERM EXFOLIANT  

Best Cleanser For Hyperpigmentation

For smooth, purified skin, you can’t go past MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT™. One of the star ingredients is bamboo extract. Rich in silica, it’s a non-abrasive product that supports collagen production while exfoliating your skin. 

A natural healer, silica is gentle and soothing on sensitive skin and is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical attacks. Your skin is left feeling purified and irresistibly smooth. 

MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT also contains Lactic Acid, which occurs naturally in muscle tissue and red blood cells. It’s a frictionless exfoliant, meaning it breaks down and dissolves the structure of dead skin cells rather than sanding back your skin.  

Say bye-bye to old, discoloured skin cells and hello to plumper, younger-looking skin. 


  1. Using slightly moistened hands, apply an almond-sized amount of MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT to your face and exfoliate in light circular motions. Avoid the eye area. 
  2. Remove with damp cotton wipes or gauze.  

Daily Skincare Routine Step 2: Serum 

pigmentation skincare step 2 serum

Morning & Evening day and night routine

Serums are typically made of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into your skin. If you’re troubled by your skin’s speckled appearance, a serum that contains Vitamin C and Niacinamide can provide a concentrated dose of brightening.  

Best Serum for Hyperpigmentation: ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL  

Best Serum For Hyperpigmentation

As the name suggests, this potent hyperpigmentation serum is rich in antioxidants. ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL™ was first developed to fight free radical attacks after rejuvenation procedures but has since proven to be a successful brightening serum for daily use. 

Harness the pigment-reducing power of Vitamin C and Niacinamide by incorporating it into your daily routine. 

HylaFuse Delivers Deeper Results 

The restorative benefits of ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL are effectively absorbed thanks to a revolutionary delivery system called HylaFuse. This Hyaluronic Acid (HA) formulation is unique to Dp Dermaceuticals range and contains three sizes of molecules. The smallest molecule can reach deeper skin levelstaking the other powerful active ingredients with it. It continues to hydrate and correct for an astonishing eight hours after application.  


  1. After cleansing your skin with MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT, apply 1–2 pumps of ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL. 
  2. Massage lightly into the skin until absorbed. 

Daily Skincare Routine Step 3: Correct 

pigmentation skincare step 3 correct

Morning & Evening day and night routine

Using a corrector for your specific skin concern is the best way to achieve the desired results. Correctors contain a potent blend of ingredients that target specific skin concerns. That might be fine lines and wrinkles, acne or in this case pigmentation. 

You can use these products after serum and before moisturising as part of your daily routine or as a spot treatment on particularly stubborn patches of pigmentation.  

Best Corrector For Hyperpigmentation: BRITE LITE 

Best Corrector For Hyperpigmentation

BRITE LITE™ is a dual-action wonder product for age spots, melasma, acne and uneven skin tone. It both prevents excess pigment from forming and also fades existing spots and discolourations for a more flawless, uniform skin tone. 

The potent formula sedates pigment formation for long-lasting results. It’s a real win against stubborn pigmentation, which tends to reappear after inflammation or time in the sun. The gently moisturising solution also contains HylaFuse technology to reach the deepest skin layers.  

We recommend BRITE LITE for use with Dermapen Treatments™ as it prevents hyperpigmentation from forming as a reaction to inflammation. It brightens and clarifies uneven skin tone, for impossibly smooth, balanced skin.  

When microneedling at home with the Dermapen HOME™ device, combine equal parts BRITE LITE with HYLA ACTIVE™ for a customised Meso-Glide™ serum. 

Nature’s Skin Brighteners 

The secret behind BRITE LITE’s brightening powers are the potent tyrosinase inhibitors that don’t irritate sensitive skin, such as Licorice Root. 

Licorice Root 

This traditional herbal remedy has been used for years to treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Licorice root contains:  

  • Glabradin, a potent anti-inflammatory perfect for acne and acne-related pigmentation and sensitive skin. 
  • Liquiritin, an active ingredient which helps to get rid of excess melanin and pigment from the skin. 
  • Licochalcone, a molecule that controls oil production to soothe and calm acne-prone skin. 

How to apply BRITE LITE 

BRITE LITE is suitable for use as a targeted spot treatment for uneven skin tone anywhere on the face or body. You can also apply BRITE LITE over the top of ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL twice a day to further inhibit pigment. Daily application may be resumed 3–4 days post-procedure. 

  1. Apply 2–3 pumps of BRITE LITE to pigmented skin. 
  2. Massage lightly into the skin until it’s absorbed. 

Expert Tip: Count 10 seconds between applying each skincare layer. Your products will absorb better!  

Daily Skincare Routine Step 4: Moisturise 

pigmentation skincare step 4 moisturise

Morning & Evening day and night routine

The final step in your routine is softening and smoothing skin with a good moisturiser that supplements your skin’s natural barrier function. Your moisturiser should lock in all the benefits of other products while minimising further harm from environmental factors. 

Best Moisturiser For HyperpigmentationSKIN VENEER 

Best Moisturiser For Pigmentation

The skin’s natural barrier inspired this emollient blend of proteins, peptides, botanicals and cholesterol. As a veneer, it keeps the potent active ingredients of BRITE LITE and ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL locked in your skin while offering an extra boost of hydration for dry to very dry skin. 

This very same barrier blocks harmful environmental conditions from reaching your delicate epidermis, preventing damage. SKIN VENEER™ visibly firms and plumps skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious moisturiser leaves your skin feeling nourished and rehydrated. 

Flower Power 

Naturally occurring botanicals work wonders on your skin. SKIN VENEER contains Bulgarian Rose, rich in oligosaccharides, a gentle and natural alternative to retinol. It offers similar anti-ageing benefits, without irritating your skin. The watermelon fruit extract component contains citrulline, a critical part of the skin’s water-based moisturising complex. While the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Sprout support the general functioning of the mitochondria (the power generators of a cell). 

How to apply SKIN VENEER 

  1. Apply SKIN VENEER sparingly to face, neck and décolleté as the last skincare step before you apply your cover product. 
  2. Allow to absorb and dry before applying Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER™ SPF 30 camouflage make-up. 

Daily Skincare Routine Step 5: Protect 

pigmentation skincare step 5 protect

Morning Only day time routine morning

You’ve probably heard that prevention is better than cure. One of the main causes of pigmented skin conditions like sunspots, freckles and melasma are UV rays from sunlight. Remember that UV rays can be present even in cloudy or overcast weather, so you need to protect your skin at all times. 

Ideally, you want a product that both protects you from the sun and also covers and blends any patches of pigmentation. 

Best Cover Product For HyperpigmentationCOVER RECOVER SPF 30 

Best Cover Product For Hyperpigmentation

There is a lot to love with COVER RECOVER. It’s a powerful anti-ageing formula for all skin types, packed with vitamins, peptides, probiotics and hyaluronic acid.  

It offers a flawless finish, even on pigmentation, veiling skin without clogging pores. The self-adjusting iron oxide pigments in the 11 available shades blend invisibly to suit all skin tones and colours. As well as pigmentation, COVER RECOVER can disguise imperfections, wounds, acne and even tattoos. 

The silica gives your face a demi-matte finish, imitating the texture of your skin. What’s more, you can build up your coverage depending on your skin’s condition or time of day. You’ll always look your natural best.  

Block Damaging UV Rays 

Combining sun protection with your covering product is a handy time-saving hack. If you’re prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation, you probably already know the importance of shielding your skin from ultraviolet rays all day long.  

Along with a range of high performing ingredients, COVER RECOVER contains tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E) that enhances the efficacy of active sunscreen ingredients and reduces the formation of free radicals from exposure to UV rays. 

SPF 50 or 30? 

Many people are under the false belief that applying a higher SPF, such as 50, once a day is much safer. But SPF 50+ offers only marginally better protection than SPF 30. SPF 50+ filters out 98% of UVB radiation, and SPF 30 blocks 96.7% of UVB.

COVER RECOVER™ is SPF 30 to strike a balance between blocking out harmful rays and remaining gentle on your skin. More chemical ingredients would be needed to achieve a higher SPF, which could potentially: 

  • disrupt hormones,  
  • cause an allergic reaction, or  
  • expose you to more free radical damage. 

No matter which level of SPF you choose, correct application is essential to protect your skin. Be sure to reapply COVER RECOVER every couple of hours as sunscreen may sweat or wash off. Always wait 15–20 minutes after applying sunscreen to go outside.  

Head to our latest article on safe SPF to find out more. 


  1. Apply a small amount to each section of the face and blend gently across the entire face using the COVER RECOVER BLENDER 
  2. Wait 20 minutes before going out in the sun.  
  3. Reapply at least every couple of hours as sunscreen may sweat or wash off.  

Bonus Skincare Tip For HyperpigmentationFace Masks 

Once a Week 

Masks deliver a concentrated dose of active ingredients into your skin for faster results. As you relax for 10-30 minutes, you’ll feel the benefits soaking in. 

Best Mask For Hyperpigmentation: BRITE LITE 3D SCULPTURED MASK 

Best Face Mask For Hyperpigmentation

We recommend masks as part of our Dermapen Treatment Protocols immediately after microneedling. The active ingredients flow through the microchannels created by the needles to absorb into the deeper layers of your skin.  

Masks are also a fantastic way to nourish your skin, maintain results, and keep pigmentation at bay with weekly use.  

A Hug for Your Face 

The cleverly designed BRITE LITE 3D SCULPTURED MASK follows the contours of your face, so every inch is soaked in pigment-fighting serum. The soft fibres are enriched with the high-performing BRITE LITE ingredients for a brighter, more consistent complexion.  


  1. Apply on clean or newly microneedled skin.  
  2. Leave on for 10–30 minutes to allow active ingredients to penetrate the skin. 
  3. Massage over the top of the mask with a COVER RECOVER BLENDER for extra relaxation and greater absorption of actives. 
  4. Remove and discard. Each one is for single use only. 

Rewrite Your Skin’s History 

Starter Kit Pigmented Skin

Hyperpigmentation might have defined your skin’s past, or perhaps a change in your environment or hormones means it’s made a recent appearance. But no matter how long you’ve had pigmentation, you can start rewriting your skin’s history today.  

The BRIGHTENING STARTER KIT contains a collection of hero products suitable for discoloured, unevenly toned or pigmented skin. Formulated with ingredients proven to brighten skin, you can lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation and restore an even glow. 

Get started on your journey to a brighter, more even complexion. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.