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Use Sun Protection: Defy the Ageing Process

It’ll probably come as little surprise that the sun is the number one cause of premature skin ageing. Wrinkles, age spots, sagging and thinning of the skin can all be connected to damaging ultraviolet rays.

And it’s not just a word of warning to the sunbathers among us. 90% of the damage that affects the skin occurs from incidental sun exposure such as walking down the street, working in the garden, driving in the car and even sitting by a window.

As ultraviolet rays can even reflect off cement, water, sand and glass, not even clothes, sunglasses and a hat can provide 100% protection.

UVB and UVA Rays Cause the Most Damage

Whilst the sun emits three types of rays, the two that primarily cause skin ageing include UVB and UVA. UVB rays are more superficially absorbed and create sunburn, blistering and peeling. UVA rays are absorbed much deeper and are responsible for skin cancer, the destruction of collagen, damaged DNA and a loss of skin density.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About SPF

SPF (also known as Sun Protection Factor) is a scale that measures the effectiveness of sunscreen only against UVB rays. As an SPF rating does not indicate its efficacy against UVA rays, it is always important to look out for a product that states ‘broad spectrum’. This term denotes protection against all types of ultraviolet rays.

No sunscreen product can deliver 100% protection against all rays. An SPF 15 = 95% protection, an SPF 30 = 97% and an SPF 50 = 98%. Whilst SPF 100s are available in some countries, they only offer 98.2% protection.

SPF ratings originally worked on simplistic mathematics. If the skin were to burn in 10 minutes, then the application of an SPF 15 would provide 150 minutes protection before the skin would start to burn – simply multiply 10 minutes by the SPF rating. Unfortunately, UV index has too many variables based on:

  • The season (summer has a higher index than winter)
  • The day (sunny days have a higher index than rainy)
  • The time (the highest index is between 11 am-2 pm)
  • The location (higher elevations and locations closer to the equator attract a higher index)

Always Wear Sun Protection

It is therefore recommended that EVERY person, EVERY day should be wearing a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen or ultraviolet protective product – even in winter. Apply to the face and exposed limbs 1-2 times daily, even more if in direct sunlight or when swimming. Don’t forget to apply to the tops of the ears, neck and backs of the hands. Try Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER SPF30.

Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles

For areas already showing signs of sun damage and ageing, Dermapen Treatments™ stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to visibly plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow.

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