Dermapen For Acne – The Breakthrough Skin Rejuvenating Technique For Clearer Skin

Since Dermapen was rolled out by its creator Stene Marshall, its popularity among skin experts and aesthetic professionals has been on the rise. Dermapen and its latest iteration, Dermapen 4 is considered a top quality device. The high-tech update on Dermapen has made skin clinics from all around the globe excited about the life-changing results that it promises to deliver. What can we expect from Dermapen for acne?

Microneedling Pen for Acne Scars and So Much More

One of the more popular applications of microneedling using Dermapen is acne scar treatment. Gone are the days when women used strong chemicals and exfoliators to erase acne from the skin. Although traditional acne removal procedures are effective, they can cause serious damage to the condition of the skin.

Skin needling for acne is considered both safe and effective. The technique essentially involves the use of a specialised tool such as Dermapen 4 in creating fractional punctures on the skin to induce collagen production.

Acne can affect all skin types and all ages, and may be caused by a combination of genetics, hormone changes, and health and environmental factors.

Acne bacteria lives naturally on healthy skin but becomes worse when pores become blocked. The damage caused by this bacteria, inflammation, can make the skin more susceptible to other bacteria.

Skin needling is a regenerating treatment that works by stimulating the production and distribution of fresh collagen stimulation. This is achieved by using multiple needles in various sizes to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, triggering the body’s natural wound healing response. The result is an overall improvement in the appearance of skin, with acne reduced, and scarring minimised.

Thanks to Dermapen 4, acne as well as acne scarring can now be stopped altogether.

How does Dermapen work?

Dermapen is a skin rejuvenation tool for collagen induction therapy. It improves the skin’s texture and appearance by creating microscopic punctures on the skin. Collagen and elastin fill the injuries on the topmost layer of the skin which then supports healing and rejuvenation.

Of all the micro needle therapy equipment available in the market today, Dermapen is considered one of the best due to its easy operation, no downtime, and fast results.

Dermapen 4, for instance, is not your typical micro needle equipment. It is equipped with quality motors that facilitate the accurate and controlled infliction of micro injuries on the skin. The accurate, fast, and efficient delivery of micro injuries by Dermapen 4 results in less skin trauma, bleeding, and downtime. With just a few sessions of skin needling with Dermapen 4, your skin will look lighter and have less visible scarring. You can now flaunt your blemish free skin, thanks to the breakthrough features of Dermapen.

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