Dermapen for Sale — Here Are Reasons Why You Should Buy One For Your Clinic

As a professional skincare expert, your priority is to provide innovative, effective, and affordable skincare services to your clients. Choosing Dermapen as your preferred microneedling device will help in expanding the treatment solutions you provide, resulting in an increase in profits and will also enhance the image of your clinic.

What makes “Dermapen” The Original Trusted, Australian Microneedling Device the Preferred Choice Among Skincare Professionals?

Studies reveal that microneedling with the use of Dermapen produces better and faster results than other traditional skin therapies such as chemical peels. With the release of the award-winning Dermapen 4 (April 2018), clinics can offer their clients the ultimate skin-care experience with this top of the range device.

Another reason why clients are demanding microneedling as their preferred skin treatment is because of the fast healing and recovery of the skin after the procedure. Your clients will have minimal to zero downtime after treatment. This allows them to go about their daily lives normally, no matter how frequent or extensive their microneedling sessions are.

When compared to other skin rejuvenation methods, microneedling is known to be less invasive. The skin remains intact all throughout the procedure. The micro-injuries created are quickly filled up by collagen and elastin. Clients will see an appreciable improvement in their skin within a few days of their initial session.

Lastly, microneedling using Dermapen treats a host of skin conditions such as mild to severe acne scarring. Most commonly, microneedling is recommended for women who want to combat the premature signs of ageing skin. After just a few sessions of microneedling, you will notice that fine lines and wrinkles become less obvious on your patients’ skin.

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