Dermapen is the Best Microneedling Device? Here are Reasons Why

We all know that clear and healthy skin is a sign of wellbeing. Wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars should not have any place on our faces and should be treated as soon as possible. As a skincare expert, it is our duty to ensure that all the services we render produce the best results possible for our clientele. Microneedling is an excellent addition to your menu of services as it promises to deliver fast, safe, and affordable skin rejuvenation like no other.

Dermapen for skin needling

We highly doubt that this is the first time you’ve encountered the term microneedling. Some of your friends may have even urged you to get one at your clinic. But why haven’t you purchased one yet? We understand that such hesitation comes possibly from a lack of knowledge about this skin needling device.

If you’ve been hesitant about offering microneedling as a service to clients and haven’t yet purchased Dermapen, here are some reasons why adding this treatment option can be beneficial for growing your business:

  • Dermapen is a professional-grade device that aims to deliver fast and effective results for skin rejuvenation patients. It’s the only skin rejuvenation treatment you need to guarantee flawless and younger skin for your clients.
  • The Dermapen microneedling device has been so successful that its company, Dermapenworld recently released the fourth and latest generation, the Dermapen 4. It boasts multiple patented features that makes for more effective and faster skin rejuvenation results for patients.
  • Dermapenworld, the creator of Dermapen is known for amazing customer service, for skincare experts that need an in-depth knowledge and training for skin needling. There are also programs created by Dermapenworld to help estheticians in growing their business by undergoing training in the use of Dermapen as a skin rejuvenation technique.

What can patients expect from skin needling?

As skin experts, you are obligated to give your patients answers to any question they have about skin treatments and procedures. In the case of Dermapen for micro needling, you can guarantee clients visible improvements in terms of skin complexion, texture, and elasticity even after their first microneedling session.

Skin needling is a minimally invasive but extremely powerful skin healer. It becomes rather easy to convince your clients to try it out rather than choosing chemical peels or laser therapy.

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