Your Q&A About Dermapen Microneedling: Get the Fast Facts

What Is Microneedling? 

A Dermapen is what’s generically known as a “microneedling pen”. It’s used in a microneedling procedure to stimulate collagen and elastin by creating thousands of micro-injuries. Your skin is infused with speciality Dp Dermaceuticals formulas for younger-looking skin and improved appearance of a wide range of skin concerns. 

How Does It Work? 

Unlike injectables, microneedling is an entirely natural process. The micro-injuries kickstart your body’s repair and renewal function. 

Your aesthetician runs the professional-grade Dermapen 4™ device over your skin in a series of rapid movements. The whisper-fine yet powerfully strong needles oscillate as it moves, penetrating the top layers of your skin vertically. A specialty serum called a Meso-Glide is used to help the Dermapen glide without dragging your skin. At the same time, the actives are needled into the deeper layers of skin.  

The needles of a professional Dermapen are adjustable and can reach depths of up to 3mm. Following the therapy, your body responds by creating new collagen and elastin fibres. Your skin is visibly plumper, reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. And that’s just the start. 

What Skin Concerns Does Microneedling Improve? 

You may be concerned by multiple aspects of your skin, whether that’s a combination of fine lines and pigmentation caused by sun or age. Or perhaps you have active acne as well as pigmentation and scarring from previous breakouts.  The good news is that microneedling can target all your skin concerns at once, including: 

What’s Happens During a Dermapen Treatment? 

Dermapen Treatment refers to the entire duration of your microneedling sessions and involves aftercare and homecare to get the ultimate results. 

During each procedure, the skin is cleaned using CLINIPREP™, a revolutionary antimicrobial solution that’s gentle on your skin. For the best results, your Authorised Treatment Provider will handpick the right Dp Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide solution to match your skin type and concern. This may be collagen-stimulating Hyaluronic Acid-rich HYLA ACTIVE™, MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+™ or skin lightening BRITE LITE™ or MG-BL™ for pigmentation. 

Learn more about the non-negotiable MG-Collection. 

The Dermapen 4’s multi-speed and adjustable-depth needle settings pierce the skin’s layer at 90 degrees and increase the absorption of Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products. After the procedure, soothing Dp Dermaceuticals Masks and COVER RECOVER™ are used to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin. When our official DermapenWorld Protocols are followed precisely, there should be little to no downtime. As a “lunchtime procedure”, you can carry on with your day. 

What Can I Expect After a Microneedling Procedure? 

You may experience mild redness and inflammation, like a mild sunburn. Effects may last for 12-48 hours and there may be pinpoint bleeding. Using Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER™ calms and covers any redness so you can face the world with confidence (no one needs ever know). 

You may notice your skin is slightly dryer or acne and pigmentation is worse in the 5-10 days following. This is called the proliferation phase. It’s normal and a sign that your procedure is working.  

Within several days to several weeks, you will notice a smoother, brighter, and more radiant appearance, with the full effects of the treatment continuing to delight and surprise several months and even a year later. 

Is Downtime Needed After Microneedling? 

Any inflammation you experience shouldn’t last longer than 48 hours and, in many cases, will fade within hours. To reduce visible redness, we recommend daily use of Dp Dermaceuticals after the procedure. Two of the non-negotiable products you may be recommended include HYLA ACTIVE, rich in hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and COVER RECOVER to protect the skin and mask any redness.   

What Effect Does Microneedling Have? 

Microneedling has a positive effect on the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production for a more youthful appearance. It also: 

  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, including age and sun spots, melasma and acne scarring 
  • Improves the skin’s overall texture for a smooth complexion 
  • Thickens the skin, so it appears less saggy or crepey 
  • Assists with activating and sustaining healthy hair growth 
  • Helps prevent active acne breakouts 

Is Dermapen Microneedling Painful? 

Thanks to the revolutionary technology and incredible speed of the Dermapen 4 device, you can now enjoy virtually pain-free procedures. And even large areas, like stretch marks on your tummy or thighs, are done in almost no time. With Dermapen, it’s more comfortable than ever to get microneedling. 

Are There Any Risks with Microneedling? 

At DermapenWorld, we take infection control very seriously. We created a range of Anti-Contamination Management™ (ACM) Initiatives to protect our Authorised Treatment Providers and their patients. The ACM Initiatives provide triple-level protection for safe microneedling procedures.  

See how ACM Initiatives protect you from microneedling risks. 

How Many Treatments Do I Need and How Often? 

Microneedling can be performed almost anywhere on the body (neck, décolleté, arms, legs, etc) and targets a wide range of skin concerns. A Dermapen Treatment is a customised solution to your specific skin type and concern. The number of required treatments depends on factors like the extent of the damage and how your skin responds. 

See what’s involved for each skin concern. 

Is Microneedling Suitable for All Skin Types and Colours? 

Yes, that’s one of the things devotees love about microneedling. While some other traditional rejuvenation procedures carry the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, microneedling is safe and effective for all skin types and colours. 

How Much Does the Treatment Cost? 

Contact your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider to learn about their Dermapen microneedling packages and pricing. Microneedling is often performed with other therapies such as ÜBER PEELS and Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. to get you the best results.  

Find the clinic closest to you to get more information on pricing. 

Can I Offer Dermapen Treatments in My Clinic? 

If you are a professional and would like to grow your clinic with Dermapen Treatments, learn more about becoming an Authorised Treatment Provider.  

I Have Another Question? 

Head to our FAQs page to find more answers to common microneedling questions.