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DermapenWorld Award Winning Company

MedTech solutions are at the forefront of showcasing and revealing to the broader market MedTech solutions and new innovations impacting the
industry. 2019 concluded with the finalist of 10 top companies. DermapenWorld is proud to be announced as the winner of the “COMPANY OF THE YEAR”.

Dermapen 4 Award Winning Technology Reinventing Microneedling

The new Dermapen 4 is the award-winning breakthrough growing from strength to strength, find out what everyone is raving about.

Meet Stene Marshall, the man who invented the original Dermapen and the person revolutionising the micro needling industry once again with the 2018 launch of the Dermapen 4.

In this exclusive interview for Beauty Biz magazine, Stene explains how he created the breakthrough technology that most considered impossible, as well as discussing the importance of this new device to the industry.

Q: Stene, DermapenWorld is already recognised as the industry leader in microneedling for skin rejuvenation. Why the Dermapen 4?

A: We achieved the status of industry leader because there has always been a constant effort to lead the technology curve, rather than be a follower. That is what drove me to find the raw materials which formed the foundation of the Dermapen Family, and has since guided the company to remain the foremost authority in the microneedling field today. I enjoy being a pioneer and we will never waiver on our commitment to remain on the cutting edge.

Q: Just how difficult was it to reinvent your original Dermapen?

A: We had already learnt plenty from previous models, however creating the Dermapen 4 required an increased level of persistence and dedication, there were endless hours of research and development and protocol testing. I was determined to take things to the next level.

Q: What other advantages and features are unique to the Dermapen 4?

A: You have to see it in action to really grasp it, but more speed, power, precision, safety, technical features and less pain for the patient. The new 16 pin Dermapen 4 needle cartridge and AOVN Direct Digital Drive motor generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen3, and 104% more micro channels than the average counterfeit device, creating superior results. What’s more, the built-in patent pending Anti-Contamination Management system and Built in Fluid Guard mechanisms make it the safest device ever. And ergonomically it is in a class of its own. With the flexibility of Dual Power operation and a large and easy to read digital display, you can adjust your settings instantly with just one hand. Exclusive Scar Treatment setting allows superior scar revision protocols and treatment results. We are absolutely certain the Dermapen 4 is the best micro-needling device you can own… we back it up with a 7-year warranty. Anyone can claim quality, but it takes years of research, development and support to back it up.

Q: How will owning a Dermapen 4 assist practitioners in attracting more clients?
A: There’s an advertising saying along the lines of “the product is mightier than the pen” which basically means quality products sell themselves. And while that is certainly the case with the Dermapen 4, our treatment providers will have access to an exclusive program called the Dermapen Fractional Millon Makeover™, which offers them an overwhelming advantage in the marketplace. What’s more, with the new marketing capabilities of our website, they will also leverage off the hundreds of thousands of web searches for Dermapen every month, to drive more patients into their practice.

Q: As the Original, how does Dermapen 4 plan to stay Industry Leader?

A: Dermapen 4 will never become obsolete. It’s Bluetooth enabled with automatic updates, so as new technologies are unearthed the software will be updated for you. The integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows for simple connection via Android or Smartphone (iPhone) App that connects you directly to support initiatives including the DermapenWorld Prozone and training centre, FREE Clinic Finder service and FREE registration for your 7-year warranty. What’s more, it continuously updates the Dermapen 4’s calibration tables (guaranteeing the depth of penetration every time) and firmware advancements. History will prove, the Dermapen 4 will be the GOLD standard by which all others will be judged.

Q: Does the Dermapen4 have regulatory approval in various countires?

A: The Dermapen 4 has regulatory approvals in place in many countries around the world. Hence it carries the CE symbol so that it can be legally sold in all European countries as well has TGA Registration for the Australian market.

Q: 1st year for Dermapen 4 has made a huge impact on the industry, what are your thoughts on the awards and it’s acceptance to the market?
A: It’s been overwhelming. We were a bit apprehensive to start with, as Dermapen 3 had reached a “cult like” status with its loyal and dedicated treatment providers and patients alike. But at every congress, we are literally run off our feet – with standing room only due to the crowds that flock to visit us. The reaction from our loyal Authorised Treatment Providers who have been quick to upgrade has been so positive. Dermapen 4 is Proudly Australian Designed, Owned and Manufactured! And has been a culmination of years of research and development. To be recognized by such prestigious awards around the globe in only our first year of Dermapen 4’s Launch is an honour and another great achievement for myself and our team at DermapenWorld.”

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