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Inclusivity and Diversity in Beauty Industry is Good Business

It’s shocking when you look back a few decades ago to the uniform (and bland) standard of beauty. Luckily that’s not the world we live in anymore. Diversity in beauty is making a splash! 

But diversity and inclusivity are more than industry buzzwords.  

Not only does EVERYONE deserve the best skin possible, but catering to previously excluded markets opens your business to more profit. 

Consumers of all genders, skin tones and types, and ages now rightfully expect personalised products and services. Here’s how DermapenWorld™ helps you meet that demand. 

Diversity in Beauty is Non-negotiable

Diversity And Inclusion In the Beauty Industry

Lack of diversity in the beauty industry is no longer an option for businesses wanting to keep up with the times. 

Beyond the fact it opens your business to more customers and, therefore, more profit, many people are now searching for inclusive beauty brands online. It’s not just previously underrepresented consumer segments you’ll be attracting, but the next generation of savvy customers. 

Diverse Beauty Opportunities 

Sounds good, but where do you find and connect with these markets? 

Four ways you can welcome a broader audience to your business is by offering products and services that are: 

  1. Gender neutral 
  2. Suitable for men’s personal care 
  3. Effective for all skin colours, types, and concerns 
  4. Appealing to all age groups 

Want to know how to do it with the support of DermapenWorld? Let’s break each of these down in a little more detail. 

Gender Neutral Skincare 

People of all genders can appreciate the joy of flawless skin. Someone’s gender isn’t a barrier for Dermapen Treatments™. What’s more, all our Dp Dermaceuticals™ products come in gender-neutral packaging—they don’t play into outdated feminine or masculine stereotypes. 

Men’s Personal Care 

Mens Skincare

That said, more and more men are starting to up their regimes, with the men’s personal care industry worth an estimated $166B. 

Plenty of men struggle with skin concerns like acne, vitiligo, pigmentation and even hair loss—something Dermapen Treatments are very effective for!  

Different Skin Tones, Types & Concerns

It’s one thing for brands to use inclusivity in their marketing, it’s another to provide inclusive solutions. But this is key to being authentic.  

Over 4 million Dermapen Treatments have been performed worldwide.  

One of the main reasons why they’re so popular is that they are completely safe and effective for all skin tones. There’s no additional risk of pigmentation or scarring—which are more likely in darker skin tones with heat-based therapies like laser. And they’re effective at targeting existing hyperpigmentation no matter where on the Fitzpatrick scale a patient’s skin sits. 

And with an incredible amount of skin concerns that can be targeted simultaneously, the appeal is worldwide. Dermapen Treatments boost elastin and collagen production and needle in restorative actives to visibly improve: 

Skincare for All Ages

Inclusive Skincare

Everyone from 18–65 can benefit from Dermapen Treatments, and people of all ages can benefit from a regular Dp Dermaceuticals routine. So, no matter what age your patients are, you can offer them a solution for incredible results. 

Support patients of all ages reduce acne, fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea and more. 

Dp Dermaceuticals: Microneedling Skincare for Everyone 

advanced facial steps cleanse treatment

Our innovative range works synergistically with microneedling to match almost any skin concern or type.  

We’ve sought out the best combinations of actives that target particular skin concerns and are safe for infusion with microneedling. 

The range may not be as big as some, yet that’s because it’s highly adaptable. You’ll be able to customise an at-home routine for almost every skin type or concern without having to stock and store a million different products. 

Peel Benefits Without the Risks

how long does microneedling take

Stocking and storing multiple products has historically been a problem for practices offering peels—as the short shelf life meant lots of product waste and low profitability. Our ÜBER Peel range includes just 2 incredible peels. This means you’re not wasting lots of expensive products. Instead, you can target a wide range of concerns with just these two. 

PLUS, they’re suitable for darker skin tones that may be prone to hyperpigmentation risks. They are safe for all skin types and tones and can be used immediately after microneedling. 

Inclusive Foundation

Our small but mighty range of COVER RECOVER provides seamless cover for all skin tones too. COVER RECOVER comes in 11 shades, ranging from ivory to ebony. It also comes in Clear for anyone who doesn’t want the “foundation look”. 

Be Part of the Positive Change 

Inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry are taking off. And you can be part of that change.  

Opening your practice up to people of different genders, ages, skin types and tones, and skin concerns isn’t just a great opportunity for those people to benefit from your services, products and expertise. It’s also lucrative for savvy business owners like you looking to expand their client base.  

And we’re here to support you every step of the way!  If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.