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Secrets to Faster Results – Discover what’s a Dp Dermaceuticals Facial

When most people think about “Dermapen”, they think “microneedling facial“. But our Dp Dermaceuticals™ range is used in professional clinics all over the world in stand-alone facials.  

Microneedling in a professional setting may only occur every 4–8 weeks. Incorporating a Dp Dermaceuticals facial in-between helps you achieve the desired outcomes quicker. 

So, what is in a facial from Dp Dermaceuticals? Explore the types of facial products used and how they all work together to achieve a luminous glow. 

DermapenWorld Advanced Facial Steps 

advanced facial steps cleanse treatment 

Start with a facial cleanser 

The first step in any facial should always be to cleanse the skin to remove make-up or impurities. 

One of the main concerns you might be battling is excess oil, acne, blackheads or gaping pores. CLR FOAM CLEANSER™ is a powerful anti-acne cleanser that cleans pores deeply without drying out your skin. Natural amino acids, salts, manuka honey, herbal and fruit extracts serve a dual purpose, helping regulate oil production and kill P-acnes bacteria.  

TRI-PHASE CLEANSER™ is an incredible product that goes onto the skin with a balm-like consistency and delightful citrus fragrance. It’s used as a luxurious massage balm during a Dp Dermaceuticals facial. At the final stage of the massage, water is added. It quickly transforms into a refreshing milk that easily washes away.  

Gentle exfoliation 

Now it’s time for an even deeper cleanse with an exfoliator. One of the main deep cleanse facial benefits is removing dulling dead skin cells that can interfere with other rejuvenation procedures. 

MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT™ is an obvious choice. It contains bamboo powder, which is rich in silica. This natural exfoliant is a powerful but gentle cleanser that offers antioxidant protection against free radicals. 

Other types of facials it’s useful for include: 

  • Light-based procedures such as IPL, LASER, LED, as the gentle removal of dead skin cells allows the beneficial light to penetrate the skin 
  • Microdermabrasion, for further removal of dead skin cells or improved infusion of topical serum 

Microbial cleansing 

To ensure that skin is absolutely clean, CLINIPREP™ is spritzed over the face following exfoliation. This antimicrobial solution provides optimal skin hygiene. Unlike some traditional skin cleaning products, it doesn’t irritate or sting the skin. CLINIPREP is deadly to pathogens but doesn’t interfere with skin cell regrowth. It works with the other steps in your facial, not against it.

Relax with a Massage 

calming facial massage

Now for the reason your aesthetician’s chair is more appealing than a Sunday lie-in — a facial massage. There are a few different yet equally luxurious options. One of our all-time favourites is Dp Dermaceuticals CBD ELIXIR™, which contains beneficial broad-spectrum non-psychoactive CBD to calm the skin. 

If you’re after a facial for a specific concern, such as ageing, acne, or pigmentation, we have a select range of potent serums to choose from. 

Pro tip: The Dermapen 4 device has an optional SSS Roller Tip for effective massage in even hard to reach places like around the nose.  

Chemical peel facials 

facial chemical peel

Even though you need to wait between microneedling appointments, that doesn’t mean you can’t move things along faster. Chemical peels are a popular product used during facials for stimulating cellular turnover. 

Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER PRO™ is an award-winning peel that can be used as part of a microneedling facial or as a powerful stand-alone facial. It recently won the “professional product of the year” award at the SHR Skincare Professional Awards– a prestigious awards ceremony in Sweden.  

This is how the judges described the winning formula: 

“Easy-to-use and comfortable anti-aging treatment with an advanced formula for skin that requires something out of the ordinary. A very effective chemical peel with proven ingredients that penetrates deeply and at the same time has a pleasant effect on the skin. 

ÜBER PRO gives noticeable results after the first treatment, without any negative side effects!” 

Luxurious facial masks 

face mask skincare routineluxurious facial masks

The luxury continues with a mask. Dp Dermaceuticals offers you a choice of 2 different formulas in our 3D Sculptured Facemasks – HYLA ACTIVE™ or BRITE LITE™. The HYLA ACTIVE™ serum is an intense hydrator, perfect for an anti-ageing facial.  

BRITE LITE™ contains potent brighteners. It’s the perfect choice for acne facials or facials for pigmentation. 

The SSS Roller can be used over the masks to drive those nourishing serums deep into your skin. Plus, it just feels incredible. 

LED facial benefits 

l.e.d. facial benefitsfacial mask benefits 2

Of course, not all masks have to contain serums to be beneficial. LED light masks are also a popular and proven type of facial. It effectively improves a wide range of skin concerns, from ageing, fine lines and wrinkles to pigmentation and pores. Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ contains red and infrared light for intensive anti-ageing. 

While Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. is designed primarily for home use (you can use it multiple times a week), your clinician may also have a professional machine. These tend to be big and hard masks that aren’t easily portable like Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. 

For these clinics, we offer LUMAFUSE™ HYDROGEL FACE SHEET MASKS to slip on underneath the LED masks. The jelly-like substance helps the light reach deeper into the skin for greater effect, and the light also drives the actives from the mask deeper into the skin. It’s a perfect match.   

Final advanced facial step

facial vitamins skincare You’re nearly at the end of your facial at this point, and probably feeling very relaxed. It’s time for the finishing touches. Dp Dermaceuticals VITAMIN RICH REPAIR™ adds a layer of moisture. Enriched with essential daily vitamins (A, B, C, E), peptides and antioxidants, it increases your skin’s resiliency.  

Maintain Your Results 

Before you walk out the door, your provider will apply COVER RECOVER™. This all in one, anti-ageing, cover, and SPF product was developed to cool and calm skin after microneedling facials. But it also works well after Cryo, Dermabrasion, and Laser. It calms stinging sensations and redness, enhances results, and lessens downtime. 

Use it every day to protect your skin from environmental elements, especially the sun.  

Ready to Book Your Facial? 

If you’re ready to take control of your skin and enjoy a little bit of pampering at the same time, a Dp Dermaceuticals Facial is for you. Not all trips to the aesthetician need to involve microneedling to get great results. Only our Authorised Treatment Providers have access to our world-class products. Find a clinic near you to book a consultation. 

If you’re an Authorised Treatment Provider looking for more information on any of the products listed here, please contact your Authorised Distributor. Not sure who to speak to? Contact us for more details. Or check here how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider.