"Dermapen is one of the best devices currently used in aesthetic medicine. Simplicity and a mechanism of action with a strong foundation in the natural repair processes are two elements that distinguish it among other expensive, inflated devices on the market. I like Dermapen for simplicity, security, but above all for its effectiveness. In the office I use it in the treatment of many aesthetic and dermatologic indications. I do Dermapen procedures all year round for the treatment of scars of all types, as well as treatments to improve general skin condition. I use it alone, and also in combination with topical preparations for skin regeneration. Dermapen is ideal for all skin types, and the effects of this treatment increase blood flow to all layers of the skin, stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin, increasing flexibility and elasticity, and normalizing color. Ultimately, when a client has a Dermapen treatment, everything about the appearance of their skin improves. It's amazing to me how such a small, inconspicuous device can do so much".  


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