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How to Improve Skin Quality Before the Festive Season 

It’s official. Jingle Bells is playing in the supermarket, and the festive season is approaching. But before you start writing a gift list or thinking about where on Earth your decorations are (you could swear you put them in the attic), take a moment to consider your skin.  Let’s learn how to improve skin quality.

Think about it. No amount of twinkling lights can make a sad, spindly tree look good. The same goes for your skin. If you want to make a splash on the party scene, you’ll need to consider how to perfectly prep your skin.  

The ultimate beauty tip for skin is to make sure it’s naturally glowing before you add any “decoration”, like highlighter or bronzer. But if you’re not sure how to improve skin quality, don’t stress. We’ve created a step-by-step guide with all our glowing skin secrets. 

First tip: get started now so you can ring in the new year looking your very best. 

Ready to learn how to improve skin quality and radiance in just a couple of months? Let the countdown begin! 

8 Week Skin Prep Plan for a Big Event 

It’s easy to read through this article and just think about your face. But everything that’s included is also relevant for your hands and neck. You want your whole body looking good in your party outfits. 

Ok, let’s get you glowing. 

Week 1 | 8 Weeks to Go (Now) 

doctor patient consultation skincare 

Book a consultation 

Microneedling with Dermapen is a fast and effective way to boost collagen and elastin production and improve the appearance of your skin. But before any needling, you need to consult with a professional. Find a provider near you. 

Did you know that not everyone can use a Dermapen? Be wary of imitation devices. Only our Authorised Treatment Providers (affectionately known as ATPs) have access to a Dermapen 4™ device and Protocols that get you the ultimate results. During your initial consultation, they analyse your skin and decide on the best course of action. You’ll find out how many procedures they recommend and at what interval. 

They’ll also set you up with an appropriate skincare routine. Dp Dermaceuticals™ is our signature range that’s been specially developed to support your microneedling results. Use these products as part of your festive season beauty prep 

Depending on the skin concern you’re targeting, your ATP can offer you a starter pack. These are available for anti-ageing, pigmentation, and acne. 

Week 2 | 7 Weeks to Go  

clinic treatment face

Get clinical Dermapen Treatment done  

Eeeek! Your first microneedling experience is an exciting moment. While you might be apprehensive about needling their skin, the revolutionary Dermapen 4™ device is more comfortable than ever before. So much so, we don’t recommend numbing cream. This is because the Dermapen 4 has several revolutionary features.  

Unlike rollers that make an arcing cut in the skin, the Dermapen needles move in an up and down motion thanks to the Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle™ (AOVN) technology. It also moves at an astounding speed, creating up to 1,920 micro-channels a second. This is up to 104% faster than other microneedling pens. 

Dermapen microneedling works by stimulating the wound healing response in your skin. The body responds by producing more collagen and elastin, which rejuvenates your appearance and improves a wide range of other concerns. Even active acne and scars can be improved. 

The micro-fine needles also create microchannels that absorb the active ingredients in the Dp Dermaceuticals. Not only is each product packed with potent ingredients, but they’re also clinically formulated so that the correct doses reach the appropriate layers. They are sterile, pure, and stable formulations that have a positive effect on your skin. 

Afterwards comes one of our favourite parts of the procedure – a cooling and comforting 3D Sculptured Mask. Available in both HYLA ACTIVE™ or BRITE LITE™, these masks are like a cool, calm hug for your face. 

The final step is COVER RECOVER™, which you will continue to use throughout the 8 weeks. This wonder SPF product calms and shields your face while it’s inflamed and – as a bonus – camouflages any redness. The medicating actives support the healing process. 

Week 3 | 6 Weeks to Go 

led mask therapy

Use LED masks to prep skin for an event 

All DermapenWorld products are a part of our Synergy of Solutions. That means that everything we offer gets you better results when used together. Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ is no exception. It’s an excellent addition to any skin prep for an event.  

Your skin benefits in several ways: 

– First up, the healing red wavelengths calm inflammation after a microneedling procedure.  

– The masks also contain infrared light, which is harder to find in at-home LED products. Infrared light has an incredible anti-ageing effect because it penetrates deeper than red light. 

LED has a similar and complementary effect to microneedling. It stimulates collagen and elastin. While your skin might have a noticeable glow after a single 10-minute season, the results improve with consistent use. Studies have proven that Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. visibly improves the signs of ageing. After 3 treatments per week for 4 weeks: 

  • 95% agree skin was brighter and plumper 
  • 98% agree skin felt firmer 
  • 96% agree fine lines were less visible 

If all the planning and prepping for the party season is stressing you out, you can’t go wrong with LED. As well as having a rejuvenating effect on your skin, LED also promotes the production of serotonin. This is known as a “happy hormone” responsible for stabilising our mood and promoting deeper sleep. 

Week 4 | 5 Weeks to Go  

microneedling for home

Use Dermapen HOME to keep the glow from your clinical procedure 

Maybe by now, you’re adding a few last-minute present ideas to the shopping list (or freaking out about not having begun yet – it’s ok, us too!) 

But put that aside for a moment because it’s time to give your professional results a top-up. We recommend a combination of clinical AND at-home microneedling for the best, quickest results. It’s one of our top glowing skin secrets. 

Your skin professional is trained to go deeper and make a sound assessment about what your skin needs. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for at-home microneedling – an increasingly popular option. 

But first, be warned that microneedling at home should never exceed depths of 0.5mm. Any deeper than that, and you could cause more damage than good. Imagine showing up to your event with scars, excessive inflammation, or infection. No thanks. 

With the Dermapen HOME device, you can safely and confidently microneedle at home. Like the Dermapen 4™, our at-home microneedling device includes AOVN technology for optimal results and minimal downtime. 

Boost those anti-ageing results and allow for greater absorption of the actives in the Dp Dermaceuticals. Remember to finish up with a quenching 3D Sculptured Mask and COVER RECOVER. 

Week 5 | 4 Weeks to Go  

facial before an event

Get a professional facial before any events with a Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER Peel  

There’s nothing like enjoying the BEST facial before an event. So now’s the time to head back to your Authorised Treatment Provider for an ÜBER Peel. The all-in-one ÜBER PRO increases cellular turnover to reveal younger skin underneath. It’s safe to use on any skin colour and can help improve a wide range of skin concerns, like ageing, pigmentation, acne and even scars. Your complexion softens and appears more even.  

For atrophic scars, stretch marks or deep wrinkles, your Authorised Treatment Provider may choose to also use Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER MD. This peel targets specific imperfections and can be applied over the top of the ÜBER PRO peel. 

Now you’re truly on the way to being event-ready. But there are still a few small tricks up our sleeves to get your skin looking even more gorgeous. 

Week 6 | 3 Weeks to Go  


beauty tips for face at home

Time for a Dermapen HOME top-up  

You might not believe us now, but you’ll probably be itching to microneedling your skin again. It’s hard to stop once you see the results! The good news is that because the Dermapen HOME reaches superficial depths, you can use it every 7-10 days between clinical appointments. You’ll start to see a glow.  

Of course, it’s vital that throughout this entire routine, you have kept up a twice-daily use of your Dp Dermaceuticals. This is a bit like watering your favourite potted palm. You wouldn’t water your indoor plants once every couple of months and expect them to thrive – they need daily care. So does your skin. 

Pro Beauty Prep Tip: Ask your Authorised Treatment Provider for their recommendation of Dp Dermaceuticals serums to use as a Meso-Glide. These speciality serums allow the device to glide over your skin while needling in actives.  

You should also make sure you’re operating in a sterile environment. Dermapen HOME comes with single-use cartridges to minimise the risk of infection. Dp Dermaceuticals CLINIPREP™ is an antimicrobial solution that’s pH neutral. Use it to prep skin before microneedling at home. 

Week 7 | 2 Weeks to Go  

microneedling with dermapen

Last Dermapen Treatment before the party season starts 

The menu is set, the guests have all RSVP’d, and your event promises to be the highlight of the year. You might be running around finding the perfect shoes to go with your sparkly dress or brushing up on a few make-up tutorials, but make sure you’ve booked a spot with your Authorised Treatment Provider a couple of weeks before the big day.  

This treatment will be the same as your initial one. But because it’s a special time of the year, why not treat yourself to a few extras? Ask your Authorised Treatment Provider if they offer a Dp Dermaceuticals CBD ELIXIR™ facial massage before your microneedling. It’s a great way to relax your skin and mind. Or perhaps you could get an extra boost of LED in at the clinic with a quenching Dp Dermaceuticals LUMAFUSE™ HYDROGEL SHEET MASK. 

Pro beauty prep tip: check in with your Authorised Treatment Provider that this is the right interval for the skin concern you’re targeting. If they recommend a longer break between procedures, don’t hassle them to squeeze you in. They’re looking after your best interests. Instead, find out what the interval is and work your way back. Your first appointment may need to be a bit earlier or later, depending on what they recommend. 

Week 8 | 1 week to go  


at home hydration products

Hydration, hydration, hydration! 

And now for the easy bit. You’ve done absolutely everything possible to improve your skin’s quality. Get set for lots of compliments come the big day.  

The most important thing to remember now is to keep your skin hydrated. As part of the proliferation phase after microneedling, your skin can appear and feel dry. This is easily solved. Quench your skin with regular application of HYLA ACTIVE™ serum, and you’ll barely notice it. This refreshing serum is packed with potent hyaluronic acid in our patented HylaFuse™ Complex. The 3 molecular weights ensure it reaches deep into your skin, where it continues to deliver water and actives for up to 8 hours.  

Pro beauty prep tip: HYLA ACTIVE also comes in the form of a 3D sculptured mask for the face, neck and décolleté and hands. Set aside 10 minutes the evening before an event for this easy beauty tip for your face at home. Whew, it’s time to relax and enjoy the feeling of intense hydration. 

You Deserve It!

glowing skin secrets you deserve 

It’s fair to say; the last few years have been particularly challenging. The New Year is a time to reflect on what’s passed and what’s to come.  

Before you race into 2022 (can you believe it?!), we hope you are inspired to make a positive change for your skin. It’s possible to rewrite your skin’s journey, and we’re here to support you. 

You don’t have to wait until next year to do something positive for yourself. Book your initial consultation to see what’s possible for you this coming festive season. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.