Find Out Why Microneedling is a Must – Try Skin Treatment for Ageing Skin

The first signs of ageing manifest on our skin. The skin starts to look dry and dull, and before you know it fine lines start appearing around the edges of our eyes and unsightly wrinkles line the forehead. It’s never too late to give your skin the pampering that it needs. Skin rejuvenation was once expensive and painful.

Thankfully, the introduction of skin needling has changed the anti-aging beauty industry forever. Keep reading to learn more about Dermapen microneedling and how it successfully slows down skin ageing.

Dermapen Microneedling and Its Efforts to Fight Skin Problems

Dermapen is a skin pen that facilitates microneedling treatment. It contains 16 microscopic needles that punctures the superficial layers of the skin. The injuries on the skin then triggers the body’s natural healing capacity to produce two of the skin’s main building blocks, namely collagen and elastin.

There is a long list of skin pens used in dermatology clinics and aesthetic centres, but Dermapen is the industry leader due to its ability to deliver painless and fast results among its patients.

  • The use of Dermapen means patients undergo the procedure pain free. A total of 16 fine needles puncture the skin in high precision and accuracy, thus minimising discomfort during treatments.
  • The latest version, Dermapen 4 features a dedicated scar treatment algorithm and protocols which allows for higher effectiveness and fast results when treating different types of skin scarring.

The best thing about scheduling a Dermapen Treatment with an Authorised Treatment Provider is that patients are also given the chance to further enhance the beautiful appearance of their skin at home. Dp Dermaceuticals are used during and after treatment to further improve the appearance and overall health of the skin.

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