Here Are 3 Top Reasons Why You Should Try Dermapen for Microneedling

If you’re working in the beauty business, you probably have heard a lot of buzz surrounding Dermapen. This microneedling device has received accolades not only from clients but also from professional skin experts who use it in their clinics. With the effective and fast skin rejuvenation results that it delivers, it’s no wonder that more clinics are investing in Dermapen units in recent years.

If you’re wondering why should you take the plunge and give this microneedling device a go, here are top 3 reasons you should consider:

1. It addresses a multitude of skincare problems

Microneedling is an advanced skin treatment that addresses the following skin issues:

Dermapen is the ideal complement to other time-tested skin rejuvenating treatments such as laser, microdermabrasion, diamond peeling, chemical peeling, and IPL therapy just to name a few. Dermapen for microneedling is also powerful in that it can be used as a standalone skin rejuvenation treatment.

2. Fully customised skin rejuvenating treatment

An excellent feature of the latest Dermapen model is that the needle depth can be easily adjusted based on the needs of patients. For instance, 0.25mm surgical-grade needles are ideal for mild scarring whilst long microscopic needles are used to reduce the appearance of deep-seated skin conditions such as surgical scars and keloids.

Furthermore, the exquisite and unique design of the Dermapen allows practitioners to maneuver the device in order to penetrate hard-to-reach areas around the nose, eyes, and mouth.

3. Zero downtime

One of the major strengths of collagen induction therapy using Dermapen is that clients can resume their daily living a few hours after treatment. Unlike traditional skin treatments that limit the activities of patients post-treatment, using Dermapen guarantees that patients don’t have to worry about swelling, redness, or complications even if they choose to wear makeup or go outdoors a day or two after their Dermapen sessions.

With the ability to address a wide range of skin issues, a customised treatment plan, and virtually no downtime for recovery, Dermapen is fast becoming a favourite among estheticians and clients alike.

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