How is a Dermapen Treatment Different Than the Derma Roller?

You may have seen a dermal roller before. Maybe your friend has one on her makeup counter, your mom has used one in the past, or someone recommended one
to you.  The idea of the dermal roller is to smooth your skin, stamp out unsightly spots, and get rid of your scars.

Great solution, right? Well….maybe not. The derma roller has the right intentions, but often doesn’t quite make the cut, and here’s why:

  • It hurts! When you roll your face with needles, it’s painful and there’s a lot of blood. This is because the needles enter the skin at an angle, as opposed to vertically, creating tiny lateral tears.
  • It’s difficult to operate. The rollers are big and cumbersome and cannot access some areas of concern, like around the eyes, nose and mouth. It is also difficult to keep the treatment uniform, as the only way to control depth is either to press lighter or harder.
  • The needles are prone to bending. When you use a roller, the needles are rolling over scar tissue, which can be tough. The rolling mechanism can cause the needles to bend or break, which can be dangerous and counter-productive.
  • It can leave scars. Because the needles are often of a larger gauge and tug at the skin as the roller glides, you run the risk of scarring, particularly if your skin is prone to scarring. If this happens, you can find yourself in a worse situation than before!
  • There is too much downtime! With the rollers, your skin is likely to stay red for hours or days after treatment. You may be tempted to put makeup over the top to hide the redness, which can interfere with the treatment.

When you have a Dermapen treatment, your experience will likely be less painful (if you feel any pain at all). Because the needles are not angled and enter the skin at a perfect 90 degree angle, there is no pain associated with the rolling/tugging action of the dermal roller. Dermapen will produce the results you’re looking for with much less discomfort. With Dermapen you will:

  • See less damage to your epidermis. Because of the vertical motion of the needles, your skin is going through less damage which translates into less pain and bleeding.
  • Be able to easily maneuver around facial contours. Dermapen is like a hand-held wand, so it’s easy for your practitioner to get to all the problem areas. It’s not bulky like the roller and has the ability to target the tiny areas of your face.
  • No risk of needles bending. Because of the vertical delivery, needles penetrate the scar tissue with ease and do not bend or break. This makes people feel more comfortable during their treatment and is a safer method for micro-needling.

Dermapen Treatments can treat:

So why not give it a try?

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