How Often to Microneedle for the Best Results

Are you curious about how often you should get Dermapen microneedling for the best results? With a lot of conflicting information on the Internet (not to mention unsafe recommendations for at-home procedures) we’re lifting the lid on how often you should really do Dermapen microneedling. 

Spoiler alert: it will vary for everyone, but we’ve got some general guidelines to help you know what to expect before your initial consultation. 

To understand why we recommend the protocols we do, it’s helpful to know how Dermapen microneedling works within your skin to achieve that youthful glow and erase blemishes like pigmentation and acne. 

How Dermapen Microneedling Works 

how microneedling works

Dermapen microneedling is a minimally invasive, highly effective, and long-lasting solution for a wide range of cosmetic skin concerns. 

The needles in the Dermapen cartridge are ultra-fine and create flawless micro-injuries in the skin’s surface. The body responds by engaging a healing process, producing more collagen and elastin in that area. As collagen and elastin work together to provide texture and shape to your skin, the result is firmer and smoother complexion. 

Dermapen microneedling doesn’t offer overnight results that vanish just as quickly, unlike some facials. Freshly microneedled skin requires a little time to heal—but don’t worry, the rejuvenation is already starting to take place and could continue to get better and better for up to 24 months. You can support its progress with specially blended and safe actives in Dp Dermaceuticals that boost your results. 

Learn more about how Dermapen microneedling works. 

How Often You Should Do Dermapen Microneedling Depends on Your Concerns 

Combining in-clinic procedures and at-home protocols help visibly improve: 

When you have your initial consultation with your Authorised Treatment Provider, they will assess the different concerns you wish to target (you can target multiple concerns at once— winning!). They’ll then advise you on how many procedures and at what intervals to make your follow up appointments. As a rough guide, you can expect between 3-8 professional procedures as part of your initial Dermapen Treatment at an interval of 2-8 weeks. 

Learn more about what to expect for each concern, including how often to microneedle. 

How Often You Should Do Dermapen Microneedling at Home 

We always recommend seeing a professional, as they have exclusive access to our proven Protocols and microneedling pens that can reach deeper levels in a safe and sterile environment. However, at-home Dermapen microneedling also plays a complementary role in rejuvenating your skin. When combined, you’ll get the best results. 

Professional Procedures

microneedling advice professional 

The Dermapen 4 device is the cornerstone of our successful Dermapen Treatments. You can expect to visit the clinic every 2-8 weeks following your Authorised Treatment Provider’s guidance. The time between each procedure is usually determined by how deep the needles need to go for your concern. The deeper you go, the more healing time you may require to achieve the results you want.  

While you’re there, they’ll advise you on how often can perform at-home Dermapen microneedling using the Dermapen HOME. They’ll also supply you with protocol products to use during, before, and after your at-home procedures. 

At-Home Dermapen Microneedling 

how often should you do microneedling at home

Our die-hard Dermapen microneedling fans out there can rejoice! You can now treat yourself to a Dermapen microneedling pamper session from the comfort of your home as often as every week. We encourage this frequency because Dermapen microneedling at home should only ever reach depths of up to 0.5mm. This engages the inflammatory (rather than wound healing) response in your skin, still highly effective for treating a range of skin concerns. Any deeper and you risk the integrity and safety of your skin and health.  

Using Dp Dermaceuticals serums as a Meso-Glide, you’ll also get the benefit of needling topical actives into your skin, known as mesotherapy. You can repeat every 7-10 days on the advice of a professional. 

Don’t Take Any Risks with Your Skin 

It’s essential to get personalised advice on how often to microneedle from your Authorised Treatment Provider to achieve enviable results—the kind your friends can’t resist commenting on. 

At DermapenWorld, we have spent millions of dollars and years of research developing a suite of Dermapen microneedling products, devices, and skincare that work together to get you glowing as fast as safely possible. This synergy of solutions is now fully accessible to our Authorised Treatment Providers and you! 

Find out how our products work together so you can enjoy flawless skin and the extra dose of confidence that goes with it. 

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