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How to Choose a Sunscreen: The Incredibly Easy Way to Preserve & Protect Your Skin

You’ve probably tried many different brands of sunscreen, and yet, they don’t quite hit the mark. 

Even the ones that say “non-greasy” are greasy. So, you opt for a mineral sunscreen instead, and it’s chalky. It takes forever to rub in. You feel like if you sidle up to a dining chair, you’ll stain it.  

You know why sunscreen is important, but maybe you’re wondering, “is SPF 30 enough?” or “how long does SPF 30 last?” – important factors to consider when you’re trying to protect yourself and your family. 

If you’ve spent a fortune looking for a sunscreen that’s reef-safe, non-greasy, non-chalky, and protects from the sun, then you can stop hunting because we have you covered (literally). 

Keep reading to find out how to choose a sunscreen without it becoming a sticky, smelly chore. 

SPF Meaning 

SPF 30 Enough

Before we dive into sunscreen solutions, let’s cover the basics. You wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn, skin cancer and ageing.  

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. As the name suggests, the SPF lets you know how long it will take for the skin to burn when exposed to the sun. This is relative to your unprotected skin. Let’s look at an example … 

How long does SPF 30 last? If your skin burns after 10 to 20 minutes of sun exposure, applying SPF 30 will protect you for 30 times longer – around 5 to 10 hours. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 for everyday activities and 30 or higher for outdoor activities or when the sun is strongest. 

“Regular daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by about 40 percent, and lower your melanoma risk by 50 percent.” 

The Skin Cancer Foundation

Look Younger for Longer 

While you probably don’t need an added incentive, blocking the harmful rays of the sun also keeps your skin looking younger for longer. 

Many of the changes in your skin associated with ageing are actually due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Protecting your skin from UV rays from a young age can help ward off the appearance of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, broken capillaries or red blotches. 

Furthermore, some common anti-ageing ingredients in skincare, as well as some medications, increase photosensitivity. That means your skin’s defences against UV rays are lowered. If you don’t want wrinkles, and you certainly don’t want skin cancer, the correct application of a product with safe SPF levels is an absolute must in your daily skincare routine. 

Common Myths About Safe SPF 

Sunscreen Sunburn

Myth: I can just apply SPF 50+ once a day

Fact: Many people are under the false belief that a higher SPF, such as 50, is a safer choice. SPF isn’t linear in its level of protection, with SPF 50+ only offering a marginally better level of protection than SPF 30.  

  • SPF 50+ filters out 98% of UVB radiation 
  • SPF 30 filters out 96.7% of UVB radiation 

No matter what level of SPF you choose, correct application is essential. Any sunscreen product needs to be applied 15-20 minutes prior to going out in the sun and re-applied every couple of hours, particularly after sweating from heat exposure or exercise, or water activities. 

UV Rays Ageing Wrinkles

Myth: You only need to worry about UVB rays

Fact: While UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn, UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a greater role in skin ageing and wrinkle formation. They are also proven to contribute to sunburn and cancer. 

Developed in Japan, the Protection Grade of UVA (PA) system is meant to inform users of the level of protection from UVA rays.  

  • PA+ provides some protection 
  • PA++ provides moderate protection 
  • PA+++ offers the best protection of the three 

Safe SPF Application Tips 

Safe SPF Application

Now to the question at hand: how to apply sunscreen for maximum protection. 

You need to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Applying it before you get dressed means that if you take off a top or your singlet strap slips, you’ll still be protected. As a bonus, this helps ward off any unsightly tan lines. 

Then remember that you need to re-apply your sunscreen every couple of hours. You should also re-apply after swimming or drying off with a towel. Don’t miss those easy-to-forget places like behind your ears, the backs of your knees and the tops of your feet. 

Sunscreen can offer great protection for everyone, with many different options now available for sensitive skin (keep reading to find out the incredible product that’s suitable for all skin types and concerns, even sensitive). But do consult your doctor before using on an infant under 6 months old. 

Stay Sun Safe 

The bottom line: SPF 30 sunscreen is great, but there are other things you can do to help keep your skin safe from the sun. 

Between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, the UV rays tend to be highest, so stay out of the sun and avoid prolonged exposure generally. Give your skin the best level of protection with suitable clothing, including: 

  • long-sleeved shirt  
  • wide-brimmed hats 
  • UV-rated sun umbrellas 
  • sunglasses  

Use More Than You Think 

Sunscreen Amount Safe SPF

Failing to apply enough sunscreen could be doing your skin damage. It’s estimated that most people apply less than half of the required amount. 

You’ll need to apply about an ounce to your entire body to get full protection. Not sure what an ounce is? It’s about the same as a shot glass.  

Finding the Best Sunscreen 

Finding Best Sunscreen

Because sunscreen is something you apply every day, there are other factors to consider (beyond UV protection) to find the best sunscreen for you. 

Finding “the one” stops it from being a chore you’re likely to skip and helps make applying sunscreen a no-brainer part of your daily routine. 

Are these factors on your sunscreen wish list? 

  • Doesn’t irritate your skin or cause breakouts 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Non-chemical 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Covers redness and blemishes 
  • Soothes and Protects 
  • Doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing white clown make-up when heading out 

COVER RECOVER™ by Dp Dermaceuticals™ offers premium SPF30/PA+++ protection as well as this long list of benefits. 

Organic Sunscreen That’s Gentle & Pure 

Sunscreen is a term we commonly use to refer to the products that provide sun protection, but it can also refer to the ingredients that provide that protection. There are 3 types of sunscreens:  

  • Chemical  
  • Mineral 
  • Combination 

Chemical sunscreens sink into your skin and absorb UV rays. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are what is known as mineral sunscreens and are what we choose to use in COVER RECOVER™. They aren’t absorbed into your skin but rather sit on top to provide barrier protection against UV rays.  

Previously, mineral sunscreen left your face looking greasy or chalky white. You might even remember painting green, pink, or yellow stripes of “zinc” across your nose as a kid.  

As a result of many years of research COVER RECOVER™ veils the skin rather than coating it. It glides on easily and leaves a natural matte finish, so you don’t look shiny or ghostly. 

It provides breathable flawless coverage and high UVA and UVB protection without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. 

Go Reef-Safe to Protect Our Waterways 

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Excited to find a sunscreen that won’t harm reefs and oceans yet performs well? 

“Reef-safe” is the latest term making a splash in the world of sunscreen. As an Australian company, sharing the same home as the Great Barrier Reef and other natural wonders, we love and respect our oceans. We’re committed to preserving and protecting our wondrous environment. 

That’s just another reason why we avoid chemical-based sunscreens and banned substances in COVER RECOVER™. Instead, we opted for organic mineral-based physical sunscreen ingredients. 

This philosophy extends to our entire range. We use bamboo extract (a natural exfoliator) in MICRODERM EXFOLIANT™, rather than plastic beads that damage marine life.  

Good for All Skin, Even Sensitive 

Do you find yourself caught between wanting to protect your skin but hating the way most sunscreens feel? You no longer have to choose between safety and making your rosacea or acne worse. 

COVER RECOVER™ is SPF 30 to strike a balance between blocking out harmful rays and remaining gentle on your skin. For a higher SPF, we would need to include more chemical ingredients which could potentially: 

  • disrupt hormones,  
  • cause an allergic reaction, or  
  • expose you to more free radical damage. 

Our organic mineral-derived sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin or rosacea. Even better, imperfections, wounds, acne, tattoos and even pigmentation are instantly disguised. 

Your Perfect Match 

Find Your Shade

One of the main benefits of COVER RECOVER™ is that it acts as a foundation (although it’s also available in clear and sheer) as well as a sunscreen. 

We recently updated and improved our colour palette to suit a broader range of skin tones. COVER RECOVER™ comes in 11 shades, including clear and sheer for discreet coverage. 

The self-adjusting iron oxide pigments (together with age defying vitamins and peptides) blend invisibly with your skin. You can build up your coverage to the level you prefer while retaining a natural effect. The silicone promotes a demi-matte finish to replicate the look of natural skin. 

Find the right shade for you. 

Safe to Wear After Clinical Treatments 

Clinical Treatment Safe

Whether you’re new to cosmetic procedures like laser, dermabrasion, fillers or microneedling or you see an aesthetician regularly, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that not only can your wear COVER RECOVER™ immediately after a procedure, but it’s encouraged. 

Most foundations and make-up products are discouraged as they can lead to irritation or even infection. In contrast, COVER RECOVER™ contains ingredients that moisturise and protect compromised skin. It instantly cools skin affected by inflammation, redness, discomfort and heat to significantly reduce downtime after a procedure.  

Although it might look like luxurious everyday make-up, this powerhouse formula encourages intensive regeneration and recovery in one. 

Essential Step in a Dermapen Treatment 

Essential Dermapen Treatment

Erythema (similar in sensation to a mild sunburn) is an expected reaction in your skin immediately following a microneedling procedure. You may also experience mild pinpoint bleeding. 

The effective skincare properties in COVER RECOVER™ nurture your post-procedure skin. Our Cosmeceutical Director, Corri Matthews, likes to demonstrate the instant cooling sensation by applying it to half of the face following a procedure. 

“This has become one of my favourite Dp Dermaceuticals products! I use it every day. I recommend that you try it on half your face post-treatment to experience the difference for yourself.”

Corri Matthews

The remarkable, clinically formulated make-up/skincare hybrid delivers moisture, protection and instantly cools skin affected by inflammation, redness, discomfort and heat. Your downtime will be significantly reduced post-treatment.  

COVER RECOVER™ also boosts results. It’s designed to support and strengthen regulated collagen and elastin production. 

Advanced Healing & Cooling Powers 

Technology developed by the Sorbonne University, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital burns unit in Paris was the inspiration for COVER RECOVER™. Like all Dp Dermaceuticals™, this SPF foundation leverages the very best ingredients that nature has to offer, blended with scientific innovation.  

Take, for example, the Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract. This natural astringent is rich in antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and Vitamin C to help clear and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. At the same time, the cooling Mentha Piperita extract offers an instantly refreshing sensation. 

Every Treatment, Every Day, Every Skin 

One common worry people have about using some sunscreens is that they clog pores and cause acne. COVER RECOVER™ is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores or cause acne. You can even sleep in it overnight—something we recommend following a microneedling procedure.  

You’re probably used to trying to cover up imperfections only to regret it a few days later when the product used inflames your concerns, but not with COVER RECOVER™. Whatever your skin concerns, this versatile and helpful product not only covers them up but helps heal them. 

Ready to Choose a Sunscreen That Also Reverses Visible Damage? 

Enjoy cooling, breathable SPF protection and anti-ageing benefits with a flawless matte finish. 


If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.