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How to Take Care of Your Stressed-Out Skin this Party Season

Party season is here! But before you let the good times roll, take a moment to consider your skin. While late nights socialising with friends might feed your soul, it can lead to stressed-out skin. 

Being tired or stressed can make your skin more reactive and your pre-existing skin problems worse. 

You don’t want to face January with extra acne scars, dull skin, or more lines. 

The good news? You don’t have to choose between having a good time and taking care of your skin. Here are our top tips for keeping your skin looking luminous this festive season. 

Care For Your Stressed-Out Skin Inside and Out 

We asked Dr Andrew R. Christie, Clinical Director and Global Medical Trainer, what he’d be doing this year to maintain a glowing complexion throughout the party season. His top advice?  

“You are what you eat. Maintaining a good diet and exercise regime throughout the party season helps reduce the signs of skin fatigue and blemishes. I find ÜBER PRO, even as a standalone treatment, to be the perfect skin weapon that supports a healthy lifestyle.” 

Hydration is crucial to healthy-looking skin no matter which hemisphere or season you’re in. Make sure to drink enough water and top up your skin’s moisture levels with Hyaluronic Acid. HYLA ACTIVE is an HA-rich formula with 3 molecular weights which means it can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. 

Don’t Skip the Cleanser 

always cleanse

If you’ve been staying out late and balancing daily demands, the first thing to slip can be washing your face at night.  

“I’ll do it in the morning”, you promise yourself. And then you hit snooze a couple of times, and before you know it, the window for washing your face has passed again. 

Leaving makeup on traps free radicals on your skin. These little nasties are responsible for breaking down collagen and can lead to the appearance of premature ageing. 

Not only that, but you increase your risk of acne and breakouts. So, before you crash, make sure to take 5 minutes to clean your makeup off properly. 

If you need a little motivation to cleanse in the morning or night, the ECO LUX CLEANSING SET has the right tools to make it an experience you’ll look forward to. The lush set contains Konjac sponge and incredibly soft bamboo cotton cleansing pads so your skin is in for a real treat. Simply work in your favourite Dp Dermaceuticals cleanserTRI PHASE CLEANSER or CLR FOAM CLEANSER for problematic skin. Your skin will love it! 

Protect Your Skin from The Elements 

protect skins from elements

Perhaps you’re out walking among the snowy pines, or maybe you’re Downunder (like us) hitting the BBQ party circuit. Either way, you need to create an effective barrier between your skin and the outside elements. 

Ready to meet the power trio that can help you do this? 

After you’ve cleansed and prepped your skin with appropriate serums and correctives, apply a penultimate coat of SKIN VENEER. The skin’s natural barrier function inspired this peptide-packed moisturiser to keep your skin carefully protected from environmental conditions. It’s perfect if your stressed-out skin is feeling the effects of sensitivity, xerosis, dermatitis, or eczema. 

Then veil your face with COVER RECOVER. Enjoy the cool, breathable mineral sunscreen protection and get added anti-ageing benefits. As a bonus, COVER RECOVER calms and covers irritated, inflamed or otherwise stressed-out skin so you can make your entrance to any party with confidence. 

And if your party season is centered around the warmer months, don’t forget to protect any exposed skin with a good quality sunscreen. BARRIER BODY BUTTER provides high UV protection while locking in intense hydration. It glides on smoothly and can also be used on your faceit’s the perfect choice for protection, head to toe. 

Get set for holidays 

holiday skincare sets

If you’re planning on some trips away around the festive season, we have curated the perfect travel companion. The Dp Dermaceuticals HOLIDAY SKINCARE SET contains skincare essentials making it super easy to enjoy beautiful glowing skin, even if you’re taking a break.  

From cleansing to hydrating and sun protection, it has exactly what your skin needs. And we haven’t forgotten your eyes. The triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid (HA) complex in our R.E.R. EYE MASK allows maximum hydration to refresh and revitalise eyes—an amazing pick-me-up after a string of late nights.  

The skincare essentials come in convenient travel sizes, so they won’t weigh a ton. Packed in an ultra-chic toiletry bag with a hanging hook, they’re ready to go on holidays when you are!  

Upgrade Your Downtime 

led mask therapy

Our greatest wish for you is that you get some serious relaxation this holiday season—whether that’s a trip away with friends or family or just a few quiet evenings in with your favourite series. 

Take those delicious moments of peace to pamper your skin. There’s nothing better than popping on a mask and feeling those restorative actives drench your stressed-out skin in goodness. The great thing about the 3D Sculptured Masks is the way they hook securely onto your ears. So, even if you’re relaxing with friends over a beverage, you can still give your skin what it needs to look its best. 

The Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ range makes the perfect present for your nearest and dearest. It offers skin a refreshing and rejuvenating boost with a single 10-minute session. And unlike other masks can be used over and over again. 

Get Your Stressed-out Skin Back on Track 

microneedling for home

Remember, even if you have the odd skin slip-up, that’s ok. Simply address your skin concerns with new vigour next year. The Dermapen HOME device is fantastic for delivering the actives in your Dp Dermaceuticals deeper into your skin. This can help your stressed-out skin get back on track when you’ve had a wobble. 

And if you’re ready for truly luminous skin in 2023, now’s the perfect time to get your first Dermapen Treatment on the calendar with your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider.  

If you’re an Authorised Treatment Provider looking for more information on any of the products listed here, please contact your Authorised Distributor. Not sure who to speak to? Contact us for more details. Or check here how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider.