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Our Inclusive Beauty Brand is for Everyone

Inclusive beauty brands are gathering momentum—and that’s something worth celebrating. 

As a global skincare company, our goal has always been simple—everyone, regardless of skin colour, skin concerns, gender, ability, shape or size, should feel confident in their skin. 

Our DermapenWorld™ Authorised Treatment Providers operate in 60+ different countries around the world. This means our organisation and product line benefit from a great diversity of people and perspectives. 

We’re constantly travelling the world to international forums and presenting on the global stage. The feedback we get has helped us develop a skincare system that’s truly inclusive.  

But what does that really mean? 

Here’s our take on what it means to be an inclusive skincare brand—and why it’s great news for your skin. 

Safe and Effective for all Skin Types & Tones 

Microneedling Men

Over 4 million Dermapen Treatments have been performed worldwide.  

One of the main reasons why they’re so popular is that they are completely safe and effective for all skin tones. 

If you’ve been debating whether to try microneedling versus laser, you’ve probably heard that darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation laser treatment side effects. Peels can also be problematic.  

Dermapen Treatments are non-thermolytic and non-ablative. This removes the risk of melanocyte heat injury or abnormal tissue formation. Put simply, no heat is caused in your skin, so there’s no additional risk of pigmentation or scarring. 

We can’t imagine anything more frustrating than seeking out a solution for your uneven pigmentation that makes it worse. 

Dermapen Treatments are an incredible solution for all types of pigmentation, from age/sunspots to melasma and acne scar pigmentation for all Fitzpatrick skin types. 

Target Multiple Skin Concerns in One 

When people say they want glowing skin, that means something different for everyone. 

Whether that’s active acne and scars, or sunspots and wrinkles, to get that radiant complexion, you’ll likely need to target more than 1 skin concern. 

If you have any of the below, Dermapen Treatments can help give your skin a makeover by boosting elastin and collagen production and needling in restorative actives (more on this later). 

By targeting such a large range of different skin concerns, it means even more people can benefit from a Dermapen Treatment. 

Your Authorised Treatment Provider will adjust the depth and speed of the Dermapen 4 device to tailor the microneedling procedure to every centimetre of your skin. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, meaning it’s customised to work with your skin. 

Dp Dermaceuticals: Microneedling Skincare for Everyone 

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Likewise, our carefully crafted range is designed to work synergistically with microneedling to match almost any skin concern or type.  

We’ve sought out the very best combinations of actives that target particular skin concerns and are safe for infusion with microneedling and other skin rejuvenation procedures. 

This is revolutionary. 

Dp Dermaceuticals™ is the only skincare range of its type created specifically for microneedling. When microneedling, your skincare penetrates deeper into your skin. Using unsterile or unsuitable actives can cause damage to your skin. We’ve created strict protocols to maintain safety and deliver the best, most-restorative actives deep into the skin. 

All the products can and should be used before and after microneedling to support the best results. Your Authorised Treatment Provider will customise a program to support your individual skin goals, or you can check out the ideal routine for your skin concerns. 

Enjoy Peel Benefits Without the Risks 

how long does microneedling take

We’ve already mentioned many peels can cause damage. This can be especially true in darker skin tones that may be prone to hyperpigmentation risks. 

Rather than shying away from this challenge, we embraced it. Chemical peels done right get amazing results, and everyone should get to benefit!  

It doesn’t have to be a case of “microneedling versus chemical peel”—you can have both. 

We knew that the market was crying out for a peel that was safe for all skin types and that could be used immediately after microneedling. 

Meaning “all-in-one solution”, Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER™ Peels include all.  

ÜBER Peels can be used immediately following a Dermapen Treatment or as a powerful stand-alone clinical procedure. Talk to your local Authorised Treatment Providers about these peels that increase cellular turnover. 

ÜBER Peels address signs of ageing, dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne.  

And importantly for our inclusive skincare brand, they can be applied to pigmented, sun damaged, aged and/or problematic skin. They’re safe to use on any skin colour. 

Explore our Inclusive Foundation Range 

Everyone can enjoy COVER RECOVER, the final step of any Dermapen Treatment and, last step of your skincare routine. 

Much more than a traditional foundation, this multitasking product immediately reduces any sensation of warmth and tingling in the skin. It’s cooling, comforting and provides broad-spectrum SPF protection and restorative actives. 

It also provides a seamless cover for all skin tones too. Looking for skincare for dark skin can be frustrating, with many coverage products designed to suit lighter shades.  

This wasn’t an option for COVER RECOVER if we wanted to maintain our reputation as an inclusive skincare brand. 

Skin may be inflamed following a procedure, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to carry on with your regular activities. That’s why creating an inclusive foundation cover product was so important to us. 

COVER RECOVER comes in 11 shades, ranging from ivory to ebony. It also comes in Clear for anyone who doesn’t want the “foundation look” but needs the SPF protection. 

What’s more, it provides mineral zinc protection without the white film, so you can enjoy an organic, barrier sunscreen no matter what shade your skin. 

We recommend getting started with a trial pack for light, medium, or dark skin tones so you can find the perfect blend. 

The Future of Inclusive Beauty Brands 

In 2022 and beyond, there’s no excuse for lack of diversity in the beauty industry. Creating a skin care system that includes everyone is a priority. That’s just another reason to love your Dermapen Treatments. 

You can find a clinic to support you in over 60+ countries or order our products from almost anywhere in the world for the same flat (and affordable) shipping rate. 

Because everyone deserves to feel fabulous in their skin. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.