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Is Microneedling Safe to Use on Stretch Marks?

And other questions about Dermapen and your stretch marks 

Stretch marks seemingly show up overnight for no apparent reason. Which isn’t exactly true, but it feels like that! 

And once they set up camp (whether that’s on your abdomen, breasts, arms, or thighs), they can be stubborn about sticking around. Just like those guests that don’t get the hint when you flick on the lights, stretch marks often outstay their welcome. 

But, thanks to DermapenWorld, these frustrating companions don’t have to stay by your side (literally) for life. 

Do Stretch Marks Heal on Their Own? 

You want to enjoy the smooth skin that you had before. So what are your options? 

Well, you can wait. Your skin produces more collagen over time, healing up the tears, and replacing the garish red or blue stretch marks with new skin cells.  

But while stretch marks may fade over time, leaving altogether is not on their agenda. It can take a few years for your stretch marks to fade into little silver shadows of their previous selves. 

Using topical ointments like SSSCAR can supply your skin with enough nutrientsto speed up this process, but your best bet is to combine this game-changing ointment with microneedling as part of your Dermapen Treatment. 

Why Microneedle Your Stretch Marks? 

Microneedling turbocharges the body’s natural healing abilities and even helps your skin absorb more of the active properties in your prescribed Dp Dermaceuticals skincare. 

You’re probably wondering how microneedling stretch marks works? Tiny needles puncture the skin over the stretch mark area. As a stretch mark is a type of scar, your Authorised Treatment Provider will use the dedicated scar setting on the Dermapen 4 device to reach optimal skin layers.  

The microscopic damage prompts the body to produce more collagen around that area speeding up the healing time. New skin cells replace the older ones much faster than if you did nothing. 

Does Microneedling Work on Old Stretch Marks? 

Yes, microneedling new or older stretch marks can get you fabulous results. No matter where you are in your journey with stretch marks, it’s worth booking an initial consultation with a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider to discuss your options. 

Safely Microneedling Stretch Marks 

If you’ve been using topical creams and ointments to treat your stretch marks, microneedling may seem a bit daunting. 

Rest assured, Dermapen Treatments follow strict procedural Protocols designed for your safety and to minimise any risk of infection—not all microneedling devices and treatments take the same precautions. It pays to do your research. 

The other advantage of choosing Dermapen Treatments is just how fast and relatively pain-free our Protocol procedures are. Stretch marks often cover a greater sized area of skin, and by choosing a quick and less painful microneedling option, you’re saving yourself unnecessary discomfort. 

You can lie back and imagine how it’s going to feel to flaunt your newly smooth skin. 

How to Microneedle Stretch Marks 

Microneedling stretch marks needs to take place in an authorised clinic. This is because the deeper layers of skin need to be reached to be effective. Our Authorised Treatment Providers are trained to microneedle to these depths and have the necessary Anti-Contamination Management (ACM) Initiatives and Protocols in place to ensure effectiveness and safety. 

When undergoing a Dermapen Treatment for stretch marks, you can accelerate your results. Between professional procedures, simply microneedle the area with the Dermapen HOME for a safe and effective boost of collagen. 

Attempting to DIY microneedling your stretch marks with pens that claim to reach depths over 0.5mm is strongly discouraged, as you could cause more damage to your skin. 

Microneedling Stretch Marks Before and Afters 

See for yourself the incredible microneedling transformations that can be achieved with Dermapen Treatments. 

Would you love to know how to take the first step in microneedling stretch marks? Get the down-low on Dermapen Treatments for stretch marks.

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