3 Key Facts About Microneedling

Thousands of customer reviews have surfaced about the wonders of microneedling. From stopping the signs of premature skin aging to diminishing blemishes such as hyperpigmentation, scars, and stretch marks, this skin rejuvenation procedure seems to do it all and more. But what is microneedling? If you want to know the facts about microneedling. It’s best to continue reading this article.

Microneedling – What is it really?

Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is a skin rejuvenation procedure that makes use of microscopic needles to create micro injuries on the skin. The main aim of microneedling is to stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin- crucial protein connective tissues that keep the skin smooth, firm, and blemish-free. Microneedling is mainly implemented on the face region but may also be used in various parts that have scars, stretch marks, and enlarged pores.

Is Microneedling Safe?

Unlike traditional skin rejuvenation treatments, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure. The micro injuries on the skin heal quickly, hence there is minimal risk for infection provided the necessary hygiene measures are followed to the letter.

One major selling point of microneedling is that it requires minimal to zero downtime. Patients can resume to their regular routine as well as skincare regimen 24 to 47 hours after a microneedling session.

For Dermapen 4 microneedling treatment, patients have the option of using post-care products that enhance the effects of microneedling on the skin. Dp Deramceuticals is a collection of skin care products that support the effects of microneedling as well as nourish the skin of vitamins and minerals and assist with eliminating any redness or discomfort and hasten the visible repair.

Microneedling is safe and effective procedure, suitable for all skin colours, healthy individuals can try with minimal to zero side effects. Individuals who are contraindicated to undergo microneedling are pregnant women (if using a topical local anaesthetic) and those who are using certain acne medications.

Minor side effects have been reported after microneedling session. Minor redness and irritation may occur after the procedure, but only last for a few hours.

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