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Luxurious DIY Skin Facials Made Easy 

Let’s face it—who doesn’t love being pampered with a facial at a day spa? But once you acquire a taste for facials, they can be hard to stop. And what if you can’t get into a clinic at your convenience. Between in-clinic appointments, we don’t want your face to miss out on the TLC it deserves. So, how good would it be to do luxurious DIY skin facials from the comfort of your home, with professional results—at the fraction of the price?    

Over the years, facials have evolved and become more sophisticated. While steam and mask applications still play an important role in facials, there are now so many types of facials using different ingredients and techniques, it can be a tad overwhelming. Facials can be purifying, hydrating, brightening, firming, anti-ageing, but regardless of the type, facials should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. With that thought, read on for the best ways you can unwind while treating yourself to luxurious DIY skin facials.   

Wind down, mask up

skincare facials at home 

Consider transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary. To help create a relaxing atmosphere, run a bath and add your favourite essential oil allowing the scent to permeate throughout the room. Cedarwood, geranium, lavender and patchouli all have calming properties. For ambience, scatter candles around the bathtub.  

If you don’t have a bathtub, a face steam can work wonders and all you need is a bowl or bucket. In less than 5 minutes the vapours will get your blood circulating allowing skincare products to pass through the skin barrier. Once you finish the face steam, or while immersed in the bath, enjoy the hydrating qualities of a face mask.  

The HYLA ACTIVE 3D SCULPUTRED MASKfits comfortably around the contours of your face to deliver potent moisturising and healing properties.  

If you love the earthy sensation of clay, CLR CLARYFING MASK is a must. Packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients and activated charcoal, from the moment you smooth it onto your face, you’ll feel it’s magic at work; unclogging pores and drawing out environmental impurities.  

Whether you prefer sheet masks or clay masks, your face will feel revitalised and awakejust like it does after an in-salon treatment.   

Set and forget facial 

led at home facial

For a speedy, pick-me-up facial, one that also serves as a quick time-out, we have the ultimate 10-minute facial that’ll do the trickand there’s no need to watch the clock, you set and forget!  

Before finding a comfortable position to lie down in, draw the curtains or blinds to soften the light filtering into the room. Place a LUMAFUSE HYDROGEL SHEET MASK on your face followed by the L.E.D. FACE MASK over the top. Now lie down and allow your mind to drift away to the soothing rhythms of ambient music or a short meditation.  

While you’re taking a break, the powerful mask duo is hard at work. The L.E.D. light is absorbed through the hydrogel of the sheet mask to penetrate deep into your skin, leaving your face feeling plumper, hydrated and refreshed. Before you know it, your 10 minutes is up and the L.E.D. mask will turn off automatically. You can then face the world with bright, luminous skin at a fraction of what it would cost in a clinicand in virtually no time at all!  

The sensory cleanse 

clay mask facial

Turn the simple act of cleansing your face into a delightful sensory experience. You enjoy this in a spa, so why not make it a pleasure to do at home? And you may not realise it, during cleansing when using your fingertips in gentle circular motions, you’re actually giving your face a massage. (Remember, this helps with blood circulation so your skin can absorb active ingredients in products more efficiently).  

Now imagine how invigorated your face will feel when you do this with a three-in-one cleanser. TRI-PHASE CLEANSER goes on as a balm; once massaged in becomes gel-like; and by adding a splash of water, transforms into a velvety cleansing milk. This sensory journey not only leaves your face feeling soft and luscious but amazingly clean—just like a professional cleanse.  

For an extra touch of luxury when melting away your makeup, complement your cleansing ritual with the ECO LUX CLEANSING SET. Inside the stunning pack you’ll discover a konjac sponge and 100% organic bamboo cotton pads. Once wet, the sponge softens to perfectly remove all impurities and its ergonomic shape means your hand naturally grips around it making cleansing easy. The round cotton pads are incredibly soft and just what you need to remove makeup from the trickiest areas around your eyes. And everything in the set is washable so you can enjoy this indulgent cleanse again and again.  

The deep cleanse 

deep cleansing facial

The benefits of a deep cleansing procedure at a day spa can easily be replicated at home with multi-step cleansing. You can spend a few minutes or take more time as you work across the different zones of your face. Start by using a gentle cleanser to give a thorough clean, remembering to massage with your fingertips. Next continue massaging in circular motions with an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Finally, to really ramp up the cleansing, use an oscisonic cleanser head to vibrate away any stubborn impurities, unplug pores and accelerate skin cell regeneration.  

Dp Dermaceuticals Triple Cleanse Kits contains a cleanser, exfoliant and oscisonic cleanser head which conveniently attaches to the cleanser or exfoliant, so you can achieve a deep cleansing experience at home.  

The eye beam 

diy skincare facials

Let’s not forget your eyes. We have lux hacks to brighten them up. And it starts with giving your eyes a break from whatever you’re doingespecially the screen. Find a quiet place, momentarily close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. This will help relax overworked eye muscles. When ready slowly open your eyes and take a close look at them. Do they appear puffy or tired? Are dark under eye circles visible?  

In a clinic these concerns would typically be addressed with lymphatic drainage—removing excess water to reduce puffiness. You don’t need any fancy machinery to do this at home. The best way to achieve this is with a small tool—the SSS ROLLER. The gentle rolling action massages the delicate skin around your eyes to erase puffiness while preparing it to absorb the nourishing ingredients of an eye mask. We recommend eye masks that are shaped to comfortably contour the eye area.  

R.E.R. EYE MASKS do just that and its star ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is able to immediately work its charm in fighting the signs of ageing. Leave the eye mask on for 10 to 30 minutes and then finish with an eye-lifting serum. R.E.R. EYE SERUM has a rollerball tip that provides an instant cooling sensation while visibly firming and lifting the contours around your eyes. Fabulous result you can achieve from home.  

Treat your skin with more love 

So now that we’ve shared luxurious DIY facials you can effortlessly do at home, with the support of Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products, which will you try first?  

If you’re looking for solutions to address skin concerns, we recommend you find your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider for a skin consultation.  

If you operate a business and are interested in introducing or expanding your menu options for in-clinic facials, get in touch with DermapenWorld. We have solutions for you too!