If you’re a skincare and beauty aficionado, the idea of having your own at-home micro needling equipment is a dream come true. You can now recreate the skin rejuvenating effects of fractional laser at the comfort of your home with micro needling treatment.


What is micro needle therapy?


Micro needling or collagen induction therapy is an aesthetic procedure that promises to rejuvenate the skin by erasing fine lines, eliminating wrinkles, and softening the appearance of scars. A micron needling pen or derma roller is a tool featuring fine titanium needles to create micro-injuries on the upper layer of the skin. The micro trauma then stimulates a natural healing response by directing collagen and elastin to be produced in microscopic wound regions.

Microneedling results include improvement of skin’s overall texture, elasticity, complexion, and overall condition. Micro needling may be used to target skin blemishes on the face and the rest of the body. Micro needling may also be used to smooth out stretch marks for people who have lost weight and are left with with sagging and loose skin.


Can microneedling be performed at home?


Technological innovations have paved the way to the development of at-home microneedling tools. Skin pens such as Dermapen are now quite popular due to their efficiency in creating smaller, more precise cuts on the skin. Traditional derma rollers create bigger injuries on the skin due to the flick and tear effect caused by the rolling motion of titanium needles.

Dermapen is equipped with small needles that are powered to oscillate up to 110 revolutions per second. This means that the needles glide through the skin at a faster rate which means the punctures are more precise, resulting in a painless procedure altogether. Lastly, Dermapen promises no downtime so you can go about your schedule without interruptions.


Derma Rollers vs Dermapen—Which is better?


Based on microneedle therapy reviews, the Dermapen produces better results than derma rollers. Furthermore, more people prefer Dermapen due to its no downtime guarantee. Users can go about their normal activities immediately after microneedling treatment using Dermapen.

If you want to learn more about Dermapen and the other skin care products to help you get the best results from you microneedling, click here.