Can Dermapen™ Give You Better-Looking Skin?

Skin anti-ageing products, procedures and devices remain amongst the most sought after dermatological solutions in the market today. As a result of a steady increase in demand, they make up a significant portion of the selections being offered and distributed to consumers and skincare practitioners, year after year. The user demographic of anti-ageing products have widened as well, which goes to show that attempts to optimizing appearance are no longer an exclusive concern of individuals well beyond their prime. Due to a number of prevalent factors apart from chronological age that diminishes one’s youthful glow such as stress, pollution, the environment and lifestyle choices, skin ageing is now a matter of importance to a majority of individuals starting at the age of twenty five or even younger as a means to the prevention of the appearances of ageing.

Among the many options available to the discerning public, Dermapen™ is recognized at the forefront of anti-ageing in the skin rejuvenation field. It is widely viewed as one of the skincare procedures that offer a notable effect on the skin’s elasticity, health and overall youthfulness. Many consider periodic Dermapen Treatments as their solution of choice, for it is a method that is well-proven to be safe and effective.

Supported by a rich history of scientific research and testing, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is the backbone of Dermapen’s technology. It is helpful in solving a wide spectrum of skin problems – from minimising the appearance of large pores to aiding the reduction of acne scars, improve surgical or other types of scars or burn wounds, lessening the appearance of stretch marks, to promoting general skin rejuvenation – thereby resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. To learn exactly what Dermapen does that benefits the skin, please read on.

Increases Collagen Production

Collagen is a vital component to maintain the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and firmness. It is naturally occurring in the body but may be in short supply as a result of ageing, smoking and pollution, and other factors. Collagen’s rubbery consistency provides the cells with the strength and structure that they need in order to support the outer layers of the skin. When free radicals are at an all-time high in the body, cell degeneration is heightened as well as the breakdown of collagen in the cellular layer.

The microscopic punctures created from their treatments result in micro-channels on the skin which stimulate the natural healing process of the body. As a reaction to the micro-wounds created, the body produces more collagen to repair the treated skin. The body will continue to produce collagen even after the punctures have completely subsided, which will pack your dermis with a surplus of the awesome stuff to keep it healthy and glowing.

Promotes Blood Flow Towards the Treated Skin

Another natural mechanism of the body is to draw blood towards areas that need repair and sustenance. As the result of the holes (or micro-channels) made by their treatments, the skin will increase its demand for blood to heal the micro-wounds created prompting the body to send more. Platelets that are present in the blood will cause tiny clots and the microscopic scabs that will come after which will be naturally sloughed off in the process will reveal healthier new skin.

Fast-Track Channelling of Topical Products

Most skin care products in the market today are not necessarily ineffective in achieving their promised results. While the potency of the components of the products plays a crucial role, the skin’s capacity to successfully absorb and transport the needed nutrients from the serums, creams, lotions, or gels that are applied to an individual’s skin are also factors to consider. The micro-punctures that the Dermapen creates are deep enough to reach the inner portions of the skin without causing heavy damage. Through these micro-channels, the skin is sure to soak up on the product quicker – and on a deeper, more beneficial layer – and be able to enjoy the healing effects even more.

Maximize the Results

Designed specifically for use with Dermapen Treatments and suitable for similar types of treatments, the Dp Dermaceuticals™ line of skincare products are recommended during treatment procedures as well as for pre- and post-treatment application. Used as directed, these products will enhance your skin’s natural healing process, thereby maximizing the effects of your Dermapen skin-rejuvenating treatments.

Each Dp Dermaceuticals’ product is carefully crafted to address various treatment needs to ensure that the best possible results are achieved from their treatments. Dp Dermaceuticals™ is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for use at home as a part of a daily skincare regimen.

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