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Microneedling and Exosomes: working together for optimal skin rejuvenation

Microneedling is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that effectively targets a wide range of skin concerns, and not only the signs of ageing. The technique is steadily gaining more interest, especially from people who are looking at holistic options to improve the appearance of their skin. And the ability to tackle multiple skin concerns at one time, in one session is a bonus!

What this boils down to, is that you may no longer need to keep up with various appointments such as injections, laser or microdermabrasion. From fine lines to enlarged pores or pigmentation, to rosacea, scars or acnemicroneedling can help with the lot.

But did you know there are ways to make your microneedling results go further? These are professional-only options but they work a treat and they’re too good for us not to share. So if you’re thinking of starting your microneedling journey or are in between appointments, here are some insider tips to get you glowing faster.

Before we take you there, let’s do a little refresher on microneedling and how it works.

How microneedling benefits your skin

how does microneedling work

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation procedure that stimulates the body’s own repair and renewal process to trigger the production of collagen and elastin. The procedure involves micro-fine needles which are adjusted to different depths and speeds to create fractional puncture channels on the skin’s surface.

These micro-channels have the ability to carry a Meso-Glide™ serum deep into the skin to deliver healing nutrients that help correct skin concerns. (We’ll come back to this shortly).

Dermapen 4™ by DermapenWorld is a professional-only microneedling pen that creates up to 1,920 micro-channels per second. That’s more than 100% faster than any other microneedling device which means your skin needling time can be slashed to less than half the time.

The needle cartridge is made up of 16 super-fine needles that penetrate the skin at the depth set by your practitioner. By adjusting the depth as required it helps maximise the potential effects of microneedling.

But microneedling alone is only one part of the solution. Let’s now talk Meso-Glides.

Meso-Glides: the microneedling skin booster

skin booster

Meso-Glides are specialty serums used during microneedling. They have two main functions. Firstly, they allow the microneedling pen to effortlessly glide over the skin, making it a more comfortable experience for you. Secondly as noted above, they deliver active ingredients via the micro-channels into the deeper layers of the skin. This nourishes the skin and helps with healing and renewal.

Dp Dermaceuticals MG-COLLECTION™ is a range of highly potent serums your practitioner can apply for microneedling. Each has been specially crafted to target different skin concerns.

Let’s turn our attention on the latest serum to join the MG-COLLECTION. And drum roll please—because this one is taking microneedling skin rejuvenation to a whole new level.

The extraordinary MG-EXO-SKIN™

exosome serum

Backed by years of scientific research, MG-EXO-SKIN takes a leap forward in the innovation stakes to deliver skin regeneration as we’ve never seen before. The key performance ingredient is Exosomes. If you’ve never heard of Exosomes before it’s been hailed as a regenerative force in skin rejuvenation.

What are Exosomes?

regenerative medicine

An Exosome is a tiny, vesicle found in cells, particularly in human stem cells. They contain biomolecules such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids and act as messengers from stem cells to other cells. They play a vital role in intercellular communication, tissue healing, regeneration and repair.

Dp Dermaceuticals Exosomes are extracted and processed to the highest cGMP laboratory protocol standards, to ensure no corruption, stem cell or DNA components are included, ensuring superior quality and outcomes.

One of the key roles of Exosomes is to send messages of regeneration from cell to cell and that is where the magic takes place. Because of their incredible ability to send signals at a cellular level to boost repair, Exosomes have been shown to drastically improve the appearance of many concerns. These include pigmentation, rosacea, lines and wrinkles, and even alopecia. They also promote wound healing to minimise the look of scars.  The result is beautiful, healthy skin with a youthful glow.

Using MG-EXO-SKIN as a microneedling serum with Dermapen 4 has huge potential for the skin. About 7,000 Exosomes can fit on a single micro-fine needle. Given the Dermapen 4 needle cartridge consists of 16 needles, a single oscillation of a Dermapen 4 device can deliver 112,000 Exosomes. Therefore, one Dermapen 4 microneedling session can deliver millions of Exosomes! The regeneration possibility is extraordinary!

Ready to ramp up your microneedling journey?

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While microneedling with Dermapen 4 is a great way to achieve better looking skin, using MG-EXO-SKIN is the ultimate!  Remember, this is a professional-grade serum so you can only experience the benefits via an in-clinic appointment.

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