Microneedling Before and After Results to Watch Out For!

Skin needling may sound like an ultra sophisticated dermatological procedure, but in reality, it is actually inspired by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the use of accupunture needles for a variety of indications including rebalancing flow of qi (energy), targeting pain, anxiety, blood flow, muscle activity, and more.

With continued advancements in microneedling today, Dermapen skin needling assists in the production of more collagen and reinforcement of the skin. It is a breakthrough facial procedure that keeps the skin looking smooth and feeling radiant for a longer period of time. Microneedling results will leave you speechless and wanting more. You get the full cleansing benefits of a facial procedure with the added benefit of skin rejuvenation using the microneedling pen.

Is Microneedling Safe?

The utilisation of Dermapen during micro needle therapy has led some people into thinking that it is a risky procedure. Feedback from satisfied clients and skin experts indicates quite the opposite. Dermapen skin needling is a 100% safe procedure. At present, skin needling benefits those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, scars, and ageing skin.

How does Dermapen skin needling work?

Dermapen skin needling works by creating micro punctures on the skin to stimulate the production of more collagen and elastin. These two are considered the building blocks of skin which quickly fill the micro punctures on the topmost layer. When compared to traditional skin rejuvenation techniques such as laser and chemical peeling, skin needling with Dermapen 4 also produces visible results quickly. In just a few days, you will notice an improvement in both appearance and skin texture.

What are the other skin needling benefits to look forward to after micro needle therapy?

The use of a trusted micro needle pen such as Dermapen has been proven to solve the following skin conditions that plague men and women these days:

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