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10 Reasons to Start Microneedling for Ultra Smooth Skin

Most of us are born with baby-soft, ultra smooth skin. But along the way sun, pollution, hormones, and the wrong products can wreak havoc on our skin. 

Now it feels like there’s an ultramarathon between you and ultra-smooth skin. Maybe it’s acne scarring or a persistent orange peel texture that won’t budge.  

So the question is: how to smooth skin texture on your face and body? 

One simple procedure can erase all the concerns that make your skin bumpier than a celebrity relationship: microneedling. 

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t wait another nanosecond to get microneedling for ultra-smooth skin. 

Ultra Smooth Skin Meaning 

smooth skin meaning

Smooth skin” is a term that gets thrown about the industry, so often, we thought it was best to start with our smooth skin meaning. 

A smooth surface doesn’t have any ridges or bumps. You won’t find a deep crevice, pore, or wrinkle. It’s as flat as a tightly tucked sheet in a 5-star resort.  

Smoother skin texture is the same. It isn’t blemished with pores, acne or bumps. Nor is it wrinkled and lined.  

Once you’ve achieved the holy grail of smoother skin, you can face the world with confidence. Makeup glides on easily, or you can go fresh-faced. 

You don’t have to angle your head a certain way in photos or duck out of frame when someone tries to take a group shot. It’s one of the most important factors in achieving that sought-after radiant glow. 

What you might not know is that microneedling is the answer to smoother skin texture for a wide range of concerns, whether you have acne, persistent rough, scaly patches, rosacea, wrinkles or more. 

It can feel like nothing will work for your skin because nothing has worked so far. That’s why we’re sharing the 10 reasons the start microneedling for ultra-smooth skin. 

1. Boosts Collagen and Elastin 

skincare routine step 2

Want to know how to get a smooth face like a baby? You’re going to need to pump up your collagen and elastin production. 

Collagen provides structural support to your skin in the dermis (the second layer of your skin). As you age, the amount of collagen you produce declines, and your skin starts to sag. Saggy skin doesn’t stay smooth—it wrinkles.  

Elastin works with collagen to get you that ultra-smooth skin. It provides strength and elasticity to your skin and makes it look bouncy.  

Microneedling is one of the most effective ways to increase both collagen and elastin production with long-term smoother skin results (we’re talking 2 years!) Superfine microchannels are created by the needles. The body responds to these controlled micro-injuries by sending more elastin and collagen to the affected area—whether that’s your face, décolleté, or even body. 

Even better, these micro-fine channels carry the potent actives in Dp Dermaceuticals™ skincare deeper into the skin layers, where they can target your individual skin concerns. In this way, Dermapen Treatments help you achieve ultra-smooth skin. 

2. Smooths Lines and Wrinkles

Skin with lines and wrinkles isn’t smooth. 

Whether they appear around your eyes, mouth, or on your forehead, lines and wrinkles can make you look older than your years. 

External factors, like smoking and the sun, can speed up the appearance of lines and wrinkles. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to get microneedling. Keep those collagen and elastin stores fully stocked for smoother face skin. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to reverse any damage. 

Microneedling (together with a good sun protection routine) is the first line of defence against lines and wrinkles. It’s a natural way to smooth your face and body—no fillers or botulism toxin required. 

Active skincare products can also be effective at maintaining a smoother skin texture, which is just another reason to love Dermapen Treatments. The needles stimulate collagen and elastin production from within while powerful anti-ageing Dp Dermaceuticals travel deeper into the skin. Professional Meso-Glide™ serum MG-R.A.S  is used to fortify ageing skin with potent actives like Vitamin A, Copper Peptides and HylaFuse Hyaluronic Acid Complex. 

Other complementary therapies like Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. light therapy and ÜBER Peels help enhance your ultra-smooth skin results. 

3. Reduces the Appearance of Scars 

microneedling results scars

Whether they stick out, pucker, or indent the skin, scars can seem like the biggest hurdle to a glowing complexion. There’s also a false belief that there’s nothing that can be done about scars, which is simply not true. 

If acne scars or scars from injury or accident are standing between you and ultra-smooth skin, microneedling may be the miracle you’ve been hoping for.  

Microneedling has its origins in covering scars. Dr Andre Camirand discovered a tattoo needle used to colour a scar remodelled the tissue itself. Microneedling works to reduce scars by supplying the area with regulated collagen. 

The Dermapen 4™ used by Authorised Treatment Providers is the only microneedling pen with a dedicated Scar Treatment Setting. Not only is it incredibly effective for acne scars, surgical and burn scars, but it can also improve the appearance of stretch marks. 

No matter where on your body your scars appear, you can flatten or plump them with Dermapen Treatments for ultra-smooth skin once more. 

4. Calms and Clears Acne 

People who don’t have acne just don’t get it. It can make you feel like hiding indoors and never showing your face during a flare-up. 

Smoother skin texture might feel impossibly out of reach. If this is you, book a consultation with your local Authorised Treatment Provider to find out how Dermapen Treatments can help clear and smooth your skin. 

Thanks to revolutionary CLR products such as MG-CLR Professional Meso-Glide and CLR FOAM CLEANSER and CLR LOTION—even inflamed acne can be safely microneedled with the Dermapen 4 to drastically reduce inflammation and restore balance. 

It increases the oxygenation of your skin and activates lymphatic drainage to regenerate the acne-affected area. 

You don’t have to put up with acne. Even after just a few Dermapen procedures (supported by an at-home prescription of anti-acne Dp Dermaceuticals), you could see impressive smoother skin results. 

5. Keeps Rosacea Under Control 

microneedling results rosacea pigmentation

As a persistent skin condition, rosacea can be incredibly frustrating. As well as staying on top of the various triggers that can set off a flare-up, you need to find the right skin solutions that work with your sensitive skin. 

From a fiery red flush across your cheeks to full-blown pustules and visible blood vessels, the sensitive nature of rosacea can make it a challenge to achieve ultra-smooth skin. 

Although many products and treatments might be off the cards for your rosacea-affected skin, Dermapen Treatments are not one of them (hooray!). In fact, Dermapen Treatments are incredibly beneficial for those with rosacea as it improves the resiliency of your skin. It also helps normalise the creation of blood vessels and releases regulatory growth factors. It helps reduce the appearance of rosacea symptoms for smooth, calm, and more predictable skin once more. 

6. Keeps Skin Plump with Hydration 

If you want a softer, bouncier, and smoother complexion, you need to focus on filling your skin with hydration. 

The cornerstone of Dp Dermaceuticals innovations is the revolutionary HylaFuse™ Complex. This improves the delivery of biologically active Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and key performance active ingredients in the rest of the range.  

What’s more, it’s safe for infusion. That means it’s used in the Meso-Glide serums specifically designed to be used when microneedling with the Dermapen HOME™ or Dermapen 4. The MG-35 and MG-35+ professional-only serums contain an unprecedented concentration of HA at 35 mg/ml. This means your skin is literally filled with moisture. 

Any products containing HylaFuse will continue to attract and retain moisture for up to 8 hours for smoother skin texture. 

The 3 differently sized HA molecules deliver other active ingredients into deeper skin layers. This helps ensure that you get the most out of your skin rejuvenating treatments. The HylaFuse Complex continues to deliver water and active ingredients to the skin for up to 8 hours after application, even when the skin feels dry to the touch.  

The smallest molecule delivers a saturating effect to the deepest layers of the skin, creating an intensive and unadulterated feeling of hydration. The middle-sized molecule ensures longer-lasting moisture retention throughout the upper skin layers. 

While the biggest molecule helps refortify the skin’s natural barrier. This leads us to our next reason to start microneedling today… 

7. Reinforces Your Skin’s Natural Barrier 

how does microneedling work

We’ve talked a lot about how external factors can damage your skin. You need a strong skin barrier to withstand everything the environment will throw at it. When your skin’s barrier is resilient, it’s less reactive. Not only does it guard against irritants, but it also helps keep moisture inside your skin—which we know is vital to keeping skin smooth. 

What breaks down a barrier? Well, things like over-exfoliation and using harsh products that strip the skin’s natural oils can compromise your barrier and lead to dry, flaky, or overly sensitive skin. 

And—if you have acne—dehydration could be what’s causing the overproduction of sebum (oil) in your skin and leading to breakouts. 

In preparation for your Dermapen Treatment, you’ll spend a couple of weeks reinforcing the barrier with a targeted prescription of Dp Dermaceuticals. Following microneedling, VITAMIN RICH REPAIR™, a protective serum, targets impaired barrier function to smooth dry, flaky and damaged skin. COVER RECOVER™ is the final step that not only provides a physical shield against environmental aggressors but also provides this skin with a cooling sensation and anti-ageing actives. 

8. Smoother Skin Smaller Pores

at home microneedling results 

Pores. What can we say? These tiny little holes can thwart our quest for silky skin like nothing else. Even if they disappear when you plump up your skin during your skincare routine, all-day plumping required for smoother skin and smaller pores seems out of grasp. Or is it? 

Microneedling is incredibly effective for plumping the skin around pores, giving the appearance they’ve shrunk. It’s how to get smooth skin like a baby. Babies have pores too. You just can’t see them yet! 

Dermapen Treatments can also include an ÜBER PRO peel to help you shed those outer layers of the skin and reveal the new baby-smooth complexion beneath. 

We talk a lot about our Synergy of Solutions—this is really about how all the different products work in harmony to get you closer to ultra-smooth skin. 

9. Suitable for All Ages & Skin Types 

Inclusive Skincare

Now maybe you’re thinking: This all sounds great, but I’m young, and my skin is already pretty smooth. Maybe I should wait… 

Or you could be thinking: My skin concerns are too severe, my wrinkles too pronounced, acne too inflamed, pores too visible. 

One of the top reasons to start microneedling today is that it’s suitable for virtually all skin types, colours, ages and concerns. There really is no excuse for not taking the first step towards smoother skin today. 

Starting early is great because it gives you the best chance to maintain your ultra-smooth skin for longer. But no matter what age you start, you can improve the appearance of your skin with the help of Dermapen Treatments. 

10. Smoother Skin Home Remedies  

microneedling for home

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to start your journey to ultra-smooth skin. The Dermapen HOME is the ultimate in safety and efficacy for at-home microneedling. It’s one of the smoother skin home remedies that actually work. 

You’re not left to search the Internet for “how often should you do microneedling at home” or “what to put on skin after microneedling at home”. Instead, you’re provided with the step-by-step skincare protocols you need to get outstanding results.  

Of course, nothing will replace the results you’ll get from a qualified and trained Authorised Treatment Provider. That’s why we recommend using the Dermapen HOME to support professional procedures and follow a prescribed and customised path towards that ultra-smooth skin. 

Find your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider to get started with microneedling for ultra-smooth skin today. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.