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“But Microneedling Hurts” 10 Dermapen Microneedling Myths Holding You Back from Glowing Complexion

OUCH! Microneedling hurts! 

That might have been you over a decade ago, but thanks to Dermapen Treatments, microneedling is no longer a painful experience. 

In fact, Dermapen microneedling is part of the entire procedure, including a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage and hydrating masks. 

Find out what other false beliefs might be standing in your way of gorgeously glowing skin with these out-of-date Dermapen microneedling myths. 

Myth #1 Microneedling Hurts Bad 

professional microneedling

“Is microneedling painful?” you ask. Microneedling used to be a lot more painful, which is probably where this myth originated. But the Dermapen 4™ has changed that. Several technical features, including the oscillating (up and down) motion, incredible speed, and sharp needles, mean that a Dermapen Treatment is now so comfortable that numbing cream is no longer required. 

If the idea of needles still makes you nervous, check with your Authorised Treatment Provider about first applying CBD ELIXIR. They’ll massage the naturally relaxing formula into your skin using a SSS ROLLER or SSS MASSAGE ROLLER TIP of the Dermapen 4 device. This helps calm the skin and reduces the sensation of discomfort before a procedure. 

Myth #2 Microneedling Isn’t Safe 

microneedling safe

You’re right to be concerned about your safety and wellbeing. We are too! 

Dermapen Treatments™ incorporate strict Anti-Contamination Management (ACM) Initiatives to provide sterile and safe microneedling procedures. Some controlled trauma is required for a microneedling to be effective, and that means this should only be done with disposable single-use needle cartridges, gloves, face shields and even a single-use protective sleeve for the device itself. 

But when considering whether microneedling is safe, what you might overlook are the products used during the procedure. Dp Dermaceuticals are the non-negotiable products to use during microneedling. They’re packaged aseptically and have bio-compatible conservation systems to ensure ingredient purity, stability, and intensity.  

They are also safe for infusion in the skin. What does this mean? The molecules are small enough to let the actives move freely in the skin. The smallest molecular weight is just 10kDA. 

Myth #3 I Can Get the Same Dermapen Microneedling Results at Home

microneedling for home

The Dermapen HOME™ device is an exceptional at-home microneedling device that offers great results with regular use. However, nothing will get quite the same results as a set of clinical procedures known as a Dermapen Treatment. 

In the clinic, your provider will assess your skin and adjust the depth and speed of the Dermapen 4 device to target a wide range of concerns. This device can reach depths of up to 3 mm because it’s safe for a trained professional to go this deep. Our Authorised Treatment Providers are also equipped with the most advanced and potent serums and other add-ons like the ÜBER PEELS for targeted rejuvenation. 

When combined with the Dermapen HOME as an at-home accelerator, that’s when you’ll see fast and impressive results. 

Myth #4 I Can Use Any Skincare Between Procedures 

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Following the correct microneedling aftercare can make or break your results. 

Just as not all skincare is safe to infuse into your skin, nor should you risk your safety and results throughout the entire Dermapen Treatment period. Dp Dermaceuticals contain the right levels of potent active ingredients that help boost your results. They should be used before, during and after your procedure. 

You’ll notice the difference. 

The HYLA ACTIVE 3D SCULPTURED MASK provides instant refreshment after a procedure. You can feel your skin soak up all the hydration from the HylaFuse™ Hyaluronic Acid through the thousands of freshly created microchannels. 

Then COVER RECOVER keeps your skin not only feeling great but also cleverly covers any redness. The SPF30 protects your vulnerable skin from damaging UV rays. There’s simply no comparison.  

Myth #5 I Can Microneedle 3mm At-Home Safely 

Please don’t.  

You risk causing severe damage to your skin and overall wellbeing.  

Only trained professionals should be microneedling 3mm deep. Most skin indications don’t require this level of needling to be effective. For example, pigmentation lives in the top layer of skin. Some conditions like scarring may require microneedling at 3mm, and then it’s best to get a professional assessment of your skin. 

You could be risking more scarring if you attempt to do it yourself. 

The Dermapen HOME is a safe microneedling pen you can use in the comfort of your own home. It has 5 adjustable depths up to 0.5mm to target: 

  • Fine lines & wrinkles 
  • Uneven skin tone & pigmentation 
  • Pores 
  • Breakouts 
  • Redness 

What’s more, the speed, needle quality, and AOVN™ Technology make for one of the most comfortable at-home microneedling experiences on the market. 

Myth #6 It’s Just an Anti-ageing Treatment 

Dermapen Microneedling triggers a healing response in your skin that in turn boost collagen and elastin production. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin with less visible lines and wrinkles. But this isn’t all that it’s capable of. 

The revolutionary technology also reduces pigmentation such as age spots, sun spots and even melasma. It can help revise all types of scars, from keloid to pitted acne scars. Pores tighten, and hair restores its lustrous body. Dermapen Treatments can even remove tattoos. 

And what lots of patients and practitioners love is the way multiple concerns can be targeted at once. The Dermapen 4 makes it easy. With a touch of the button, different depths and speeds target whatever concern your provider identifies. They’ll mix a custom mesotherapy cocktail of actives to get deep in the skin and reverse your concerns. 

So, no matter what your skin concerns, Dermapen Treatments offer a holistic solution. 

Myth #7 It Takes Too Long to See Results  

It’s true, Dermapen microneedling is not an overnight solution. That’s because the benefits come from a natural cascading response in the skin. This takes a few days for the skin to move from an inflammatory response to proliferation before reaching the maturation stage. The good news is that this final stage where the skin increases in strength (thanks to new mature collagen) and elasticity (thanks to elastin) lasts the longest, from 21 days up to 2 years. 

You may see results after just 1 session; however, those results will intensify with repeat procedures spaced out at appropriate intervals (your provider will advise you on the right schedule). Thanks to our Protocols and potent actives in Dp Dermaceuticals products, we’re seeing maximised results in less time than ever before. 

If you need a quick glow up for a special occasion, opt for the Dermapen HOME or Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™. Or talk to your Authorised Treatment Provider about how many Dermapen microneedling sessions they estimate you’ll need to see results. 

Myth #8 I Need to Take Time Off Work to Recover   

understand your skin skincare

The short microneedling recovery timeline might surprise you.   

Dermapen Treatments are considered a lunchtime procedure. For most concerns, the endpoint will be no more than pinpoint bleeding and erythema, which will quickly heal. And when correct Protocols are followed, including the 3D SCULPTURED FACE MASK and COVER RECOVER, you can get back to your daily activities immediately following a procedure.  

COVER RECOVER not only provides intense hydration and a cooling effect but also masks any redness. No one will ever suspect you nipped out to get a rejuvenation procedure done! 

Myth #9 Derma Rolling Is the Same as Dermapen Microneedling 


While the theory behind Derma rolling vs Dermapen microneedling is the same, rest assured they are two very separate things. Rolling can create a lot more trauma in the skin thanks to the arching cut it makes as the device rolls over your skin.  

Dermapen 4™ or Dermapen HOME, on the other hand, use Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle (AOVN) Technology, so the very sharp and sterile needles are inserted in an up and down motion. This preserves the skin’s integrity—providing an ideal balance between optimal results and minimal downtime. 

In addition, Dermapen needling cartridges are sterile and single-use, making sure no cross-contamination takes place, which could be a risk with repeated derma rolling devices. 

Learn more about the difference between derma rolling vs Dermapen microneelding 

Myth #10 You Can’t Microneedle Active Acne 

microneedling results acne

We know that Dermapen Treatments can get amazing results for active inflamed acne. Want some proof? Check out Sami’s results. But until recently, the advice has always been to avoid active acne and inflamed areas.  

However, with the introduction of appropriate Dp Dermaceuticals Meso-Glides such as MG-CLR or CLR LOTION and with multiple success stories, Dermapen Treatments now provide microneedling for active acne (stages I-III). This should always be done in combination with a Dp Dermaceuticals homecare prescription for problematic skin. 

Don’t Let Myths & Excuses Hold You Back 

There are plenty of myths about microneedling on the Internet forum circuit. But here’s an undeniable fact: the best person to advise you about your skin and microneedling is a trained professional, not an anonymous forum poster. 

Find your nearest Authorised Treatment Provider and book a consultation to get your questions answered by someone you can trust. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.