Microneedling Results - How Microneedling Can Help you Achieve Brand New Skin image by Dermapen World

Microneedling is now one of the most popular skin treatments in Australia. Its’ features, benefits, and the procedure itself makes microneedling a must-try for women who want to reveal their best skin in the fastest and most cost-effective means there is. If you wish to learn more about this skin rejuvenation treatment, continue reading.

What is Micro Needle Therapy?

Micro needle therapy is a skin rejuvenating procedure that promotes the production of two amino acids that are known to be the primary building blocks of the skin - collagen and elastin. The treatment involves the creation of microscopic injuries on the skin with the use of a skin pen such as Dermapen to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. As collagen and elastin fill up the injured areas, the skin appears to look smoother, flawless, and healthier, too!

Microneedling Therapy Cost

Microneedling cost varies depending on the clinic, tools used, and location. On average, expect to spend between $100 and $700 per session. The treatments are spaced every four to six weeks, making it a cost-effective solution if you want smooth and flawless skin on the long term.

The cost and frequency of microneedling will also depend on your skin condition and problems that you wish to be resolved by this treatment. For instance, if you suffer from pitted scars, you may be recommended to undergo more treatments over those who have minor and shallow facial scars only.

Micro Needling Treatment Benefits

One major advantage of micro needling is the minimal recovery time. Traditional skin rejuvenation treatments require a recovery time of 10 to 14 days until the redness or inflammation subsides.

Dermapen is a superior tool used for microneedling treatment that promises the fastest recovery time. Rest assured that skin redness and inflammation will subside less than 24 hours after an in-clinic Dermapen microneedling session. Dermapen Authorised Treatment providers that follow approved protocols in combination with the use of Dermapen Dermaceuticals guarantee superior results.

Post treatment products that follows microneedling treatment are DP Dermaceuticals Hyla Active 3D Mask and the nourishing Vitamin Rich Repair. An SPF30 Cover Recover is then applied onto the skin to conceal redness as well as soothe, cool, and aid in the disappearance of redness that follows a microneedling treatment.

A few hours after Dermapen microneedling treatment, patients can resume to their normal activities without worrying about side effects.

Another benefit of micro needling is that it targets an assortment of skin woes. Here are the skin problems that can be treated effectively by microneedling:

  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation issues
  • Surgical scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine lines and other skin aging signs

Again, the frequency of treatments will depend on the type of problem your skin exhibits and the severity of the condition altogether.

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