Microneedling Results After Your First Microneedle Therapy Session

“What can I expect after 1 microneedling session?”

We get this question a lot at DermapenWorld HQ, and we get it. If the thought of needles makes you squirm, but you’re intrigued by the incredible results you can achieve, keep reading. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want instantly smoother, plumper, and brighter skin? We know we sure do!

Whether you’ve recently undergone your first microneedling therapy session, or are thinking about it, find out what to expect in the days following.

Microneedling Therapy vs Dermapen Treatment

Microneedling therapy is currently touted as one of the best aesthetic treatments on the market and has been for the last few years. This is mainly because this skin rejuvenation technique addresses various skin concerns at the same time. It smoothes wrinkles, fades pigmentation and even helps erase acne, scars and stretch marks.

A Dermapen Treatment™ is a synergistic microneedling solution that uses the most advanced microneedling devices (Dermapen 4™ and Dermapen HOME™) together with a market-leading skincare range (Dp Dermaceuticals™) for ultimate results.

It’s simple. You can expect a superior result and experience if your first microneedling procedure follows Dermapen Treatment protocols. That’s because the complementary products not only minimise or completely prevent any side effects but actually offer an added boost of rejuvenation.

Why Choose a Dermapen Treatment for Your First Microneedling Session

One of the reasons why professionals choose Dermapen™ for their microneedling therapy service is because their patients enjoy an incredible experience coupled with outstanding results after just one visit.

Forget that old mantra “beauty is pain”—this is the 21st century! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make sure that you’ll enjoy:

  • Virtually no pain
  • Superior results
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less risk of developing side effects and complications

Little to No Downtime

You don’t need to take a break to recover after your Dermapen Treatment. You can resume your daily routine after 1 microneedling session without worrying about skipping work or getting someone else to pick up the kids.

Sensations of warmth or irritation similar to a mild sunburn are expected, which is precisely what COVER RECOVER™ is for. This miracle 3-in-1 product helps your skin heal (recover) and masks any redness (cover) while also protecting you from the sun (SPF 30/PA+++) so you can go about your day.

Protect Your Skin from The Sun

You must protect your skin from the sun for 2 days following your first procedure. This is best practice at any time to maintain a flawless complexion. And is especially true if you’re trying to fade any pigmentation or using products that contain retinoids (Vitamin A)—powerful anti-ageing actives. Always reapply COVER RECOVER at least every 2 hours and take precautions, like staying out of the sun.

Some other activities to avoid following your microneedling therapy include:

  • Intense workouts
  • Other clinical treatments
  • High dosages of active topical skincare ingredients like retinoids
  • Excessively hot showers, spas or saunas
  • Spray of self-tanning
  • Swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean

Always follow the guidance of your Authorised Treatment Provider for the very best results.

Some Dry Skin is Normal

We’re going to get a little scientific on you for a second—stick with us!

The reason you can expect a little bit of dry skin in the 3–4 days immediately following your first (or any) procedure is that your skin is undergoing something called the proliferation phase. Dry skin means your microneedling therapy is working!

As part of your Dermapen Treatment, you’ll often be prescribed an intensively hydrating serum called HYLA ACTIVE™. With 3 differently sized molecules of Hyaluronic Acid it’s able to penetrate deep into your skin and attract more moisture to combat any extra dryness.

Every stage in a Dermapen Treatment has been thoughtfully designed to offer your skin what it needs throughout the different microneedling stages.

Enjoy Ultimate Results

Did you know that the results of your first microneedling procedures can continue to improve for up to 2 years?

See it for yourself with mind-blowing microneedling before and after photos from our happy clients!

To learn more about Dermapen Treatments and how they can help your skin concern, click here. If you would like to book a clinical Dermapen Treatment, find here an Authorised Treatment Provider close to you.

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.