New Dermapen 4 Generates 3 Extra Profit Centres For Practices

Speed, convenience, safety, drag and with less pain – meet the most technologically advanced cosmetic pen in history.

In an era where technology has taken aesthetic treatments to a whole new level, after years of research Stene Marshall’s advanced engineering has forged a technically advanced breakthrough. Thanks to the automatic calibration of the needle to the pen, you can now adjust depths in 100 micron (instead of 500) increments up to 3mm, opening up three additional profit centres including pain free 1. Hair Restoration 2. Eye Treatments and 3. Scar Treatments.

Growing Scar Treatment Market, increasing at 9.7% Per Annum

Predicted to Reach $34.5 Billion by 2025

New Dermapen 4 Generates 3 Extra Profit Centres For Practices  image by Dermapen World

And that’s just the beginning – here are some of the other advantages practices all over the world are now raving about…

1. Rapid Results – 47.69% More Microchannels

Generating 1920 holes per second, the Dermapen 4 generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen 3, and 104% more micro channels than the average counterfeit device. The extra 620 holes forge superior fractional channels to your patient’s skin which allows for a better healing response and faster results.

2. New Marketing Method to Drive

More Patients to Your Practice Dermapen 4 treatment providers gain exclusive access to new treatment protocols, for attracting more business, including the exclusive Dermapen Fractional Million Makeover™, and the new Dermapen4 “ST” Scar Treatment protocol.

What’s more, you’ll get a priority listing on the worldwide clinic finder, complimentary access to advanced education hosted by Dr. Andrew Christie – and tested and proven marketing materials.

3. Less Pain, Greater Patient Comfort

As the world’s only micro-needling pen featuring AOVN4, there’s faster oscillation for more comfortable treatments – no numbing cream required.

4. The Safest Device Ever

With zero drag, and guaranteed to prevent ANY backflow of fluids, the expertly engineered medical grade Anti-Contamination Management mechanism (with Build in Fluid Guard) has been designed so even under challenging conditions, nothing will penetrate its protective barrier. It’s the ultimate in cross contamination prevention.


With a 7 year warranty, including parts and labour, there’s simply nothing else that compares…

The battery can now perform at the same level as the mains or up to 1.5 hours without any lag – so there’s no need to use a cord.

The larger, easy to read screen means you’ll never have to stop a treatment to check the settings. And with the bluetooth automatic updates, your device will never become obsolete. No microneedling pen in the world delivers a more flawless result, faster – to get your clients raving about your practice, and sending referrals in your direction.

The choice is yours. This is a pen for practices who are ready to take things to the next level. If that’s you, click here to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider.