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Your Complete Rosacea Skin Care Routine

When you have rosacea, skin care products that work without upsetting your skin can be tricky to find. It’s frustrating when the actives other people benefit from (looking at you, retinoids) flare your skin up for months.  

At DermapenWorld, we follow the latest science to bring your formulations that work with not only each other but also your sensitive skin. As rosacea is a long-term, inflammatory skin condition, our homecare products support the skin’s natural barrier function to reinforce protection. 

Follow this 5-step daily skincare routine to support your vulnerable complexion. 

Rosacea Skin Care Routine Step 1: Cleanse 

skincare routine step 1

Cleansing is essential for your skin to absorb all the goodies in your serums, but you want to avoid harsh or fragranced soaps. Keeping your acid mantle intact means your skin’s natural barrier to pollutants stays in place. 

Cleanser for Rosacea: 


Apply in the morning and evening  day and night routine

TRI-PHASE CLEANSER gently cleans the skin without stripping the acid mantle. Even better, it goes on smoothly as a balm and transitions to a gel on your skin. When you add water, it transforms again into a milk, so it slides off your skin without any vigorous rubbing. 

Antimicrobial Cleanse for Rosacea: 



Apply in the morning and evening  day and night routine

Use CLINIPREP to rebalance the skin’s natural biome. This can reduce inflammatory pathogens and further promote environmental resiliency. 

Rosacea Skin Care Routine Step 2: Nourish 

skincare routine step 2

Now that your skin is prepped for maximum absorption, you can drench it in serum. These thinner solutions penetrate deep into the skin, where they can fortify from within. 

Serum for Rosacea: 


Apply in the morning and evening  day and night routine

ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL is an effective anti-inflammatory serum. It’s rich in botanical polyphenols and bioflavonoids to reduce visible redness and irritation associated with rosacea. 

Rosacea Skin Care Routine Step 3: Correct 

skincare routine step 3

You’ve probably read that if you have rosacea to stay away from retinoids at all costs. Which could seem unfair, as they are powerful anti-ageing actives. But the forms of Vitamin A, along with our HylaFuse delivery system we use are suitable for sensitive skin. So, you get the benefits without the irritation. 

Morning Corrective for Rosacea: 


Apply in the morning  day time routine morning

This corrective cream glides onto your skin, adding a touch of luxury to your morning routine. As well as Vitamin A, it contains vitamin B, C and D as well as Copper Peptides and antioxidants to combat free radical aggression. 

Evening Corrective for Rosacea: 


Apply in the evening 

Vitamin A derivatives such as the medical-grade Retinaldehyde used in RETINAL ACTIVE deliver collagen modulating benefits for younger-looking skin, without the traditional irritation and photosensitivity. 

Rosacea Skin Care Routine Step 4: Hydrate & Shield 

Your moisturiser should perform 2 vital functions for your vulnerable complexion. Firstly, it should provide intense moisture to stop your skin from cracking. But moisturisers generally also sit on top of your skin and act as a shield against environmental aggressors and pollutants. 

Moisturiser for Rosacea: 


morning moisturiser

Apply in the morning and evening  day and night routine

SKIN VENEER is a combination of lipids and humectants that replicates the natural skin barrier function. This protective and breathable veneer fortifies skin function without greasiness or heaviness. 

Rosacea Skin Care Routine Step 5: Protect 

The sun may be a trigger or your rosacea, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in the shadows. Using a physical organic sunscreen, as opposed to a chemical one that could cause a flare, often means greasy white streaks. But not anymore! 

Cover Product for Rosacea: 


cover recover protector

Apply in the morning and throughout the day  day time routine morning

This incredible product has you covered from all angles. It offers broad-spectrum SPF30, is packed with anti-ageing correctives, and provides a smooth matte finish.  

Bonus Rosacea Skin Care Tip: Face Masks 

When you have rosacea, you need to give your skin a little extra TLC. But you don’t want to risk upsetting its temperamental nature by introducing an irritant. We’ve got you covered with these super gentle and nourishing options. 

Face Mask for Rosacea: 


This deeply hydrating mask is perfect for combating dry skin and delivering moisture into the skin’s deeper layers. Rich in HylaFuse™, our signature Hyaluronic Acid formulation, the skin continues to retain moisture for up to 8 hours after application. But that’s not all. It also infuses stimulating Copper Peptides and the healing properties of Zinc and Pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen your natural skin barrier.  

Face Mask for Rosacea: 

Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. 

led face mask

Don’t fancy applying anything to your skin? LED therapy is a completely different way to boost cell nutrient exchange and reduce redness. Red and near-infrared light penetrates your skin and is proven to assist with reducing the redness associated with rosacea as well as plumping and hydrating skin. 

Take back control of your flare-ups 

One of the best things you can do for your rosacea is to find the products that support your skin to look and feel its best. As a persistent condition, you may never get rid of it completely. But it is possible to reduce your symptoms.  

Start with our Rosacea-friendly skin care routine today and book an appointment with an Authorised Treatment Provider to discuss a personalised plan including microneedling for even better results. 

If you are a professional wishing to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider and offer these products in your clinic, click here.