Skin Care

Skin Care: Sun Care or Sun Scare? Cover Recover™ to the Rescue!

A routine homecare regimen, when combined with treatments by a credentialed skin care professional, can be a fighting force to protect the skin for women, men and children of all ages. Experts recommend that suitable sun protection be worn at all times, even on cloudy days and during the winter season. It is important to note that everyone should be wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen which protects from the damaging exposure to UVA as well as UVB harm. Careful protection is particularly important after certain skincare treatments.

Most people have heard it before, and are aware of the dangers of UVB rays – which include sunburns and skin cancers. However, many are not aware that exposure to UVA rays has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays, and bear the brunt of the responsibility for premature aging of the skin.

In following the experts’ advice to take purposeful, protective action, it is suggested that every person apply a suitable sunscreen product 20 minutes prior to sun exposure outside, one which is in the minimum appropriate SPF level for the body’s skin type and sun exposure conditions. For the sake of safety in protecting the skin – the body’s largest organ – it is recommended to reapply often. Wearing protective clothing such as a hat and even high-tech articles of clothing with built-in SPF ratings have the ability to potentially reduce the risk of sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancers.

Protect the skin you are in: Be sun-safe, not sun-scared.

Dp Dermaceuticals™ from DermapenWorld™ presents the perfect solution for post-treatment or for daily use:

COVER RECOVER™ to the Rescue!

COVER RECOVER is a breathable camouflage that veils the complexion with instant coolness, coverage and calm. Designed and formulated specifically for post-rejuvenation treatments such as DermapenMicro-Needling Treatments, Laser, Micro-Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels.

COVER RECOVER is suitable as an everyday foundation and suitable sun protection. Available in a range of shades; suitable for all skin types and colors.

Ask your Authorised Treatment Provider about Cover Recover, or purchase it at our Online Shop.