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Skin Care Concerns & Tips for Women

Whether it’s the sudden onset of adult acne or stretch marks from a recent pregnancy, we’re exploring the common skin concerns women face. 

Discover why female skin is susceptible to these common skin problems and brush up on some of our favourite skin care tips for women 

Get set for your best skin yet! 

Psssst, if you’re wondering if guys can use female skincare products, then the answer is YES! We don’t do gendered products. All the products listed here are perfect for anyone of any gender with the correlating skin concern. 

5 Common Skin Concerns for Women  

Adult Acne

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Just like there may be some skin differences between male and female skin, there are also differences in the skin care tips for teenage girls vs women who’ve gone through puberty. 

One study found that women are more likely to have adult acne than men in all age groups over 20. Adult acne is an inflammation in the skin where pores become blocked and can be infected. Acne can involve painful cysts within the skin in the most severe cases.  

So why does this occur more in adult women? It’s thought that fluctuating hormones could be responsible — you may notice more breakouts around your period. 

Skin care tip: Switch out your cleanser and moisturiser to acne-specific skincare that doesn’t strip your skin. CLR FOAM CLEANSER and CLR LOTION contain powerful acne-fighting ingredients without being harsh. 

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rosacea or acne

It’s often a case of mistaken identity with rosacea. When red bumps, lumps, papules and pustules appear on your face, it’s easy to confuse with acne. However, if it’s predominantly spread across your cheeks and accompanied by a burning sensation or visible veins, you may have rosacea. 

You are more likely to get rosacea if you are: 

  • A woman 
  • Have fair skin 
  • Are over 30 
  • Have a family history 

Although men more commonly experience the most severe form of rhinophyma (thickening of the skin, usually on the nose). 

Skin care tip: Rosacea is a persistent skin concern, but its symptoms aren’t always present. By avoiding triggers and applying products that build resiliency in your sensitive skin (we love ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL), you can control flare-ups. 

Best Serum For Hyperpigmentation

Post-menopausal Ageing 

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Did you know collagen decreases by 30% in the first 5 years of menopause? This loss of collagen can lead to thinner skin with increased lines and wrinkles. 

Other signs of ageing may include: 

  • Sagging jowls 
  • Eye bags 
  • Age spots 
  • Dry, rough skin 

Skin care tip: Don’t wait until menopause! The more you support collagen production, the more youthful you can look even when hormones change. Dermapen Treatments™ trigger collagen production and maturation for up to 2 years following a procedure. Support your results with evening application of Vitamin A and other potent anti-ageing ingredients in RETINAL ACTIVE. 

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pigmentation in women

Sometimes referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, melasma can also be caused by hormonal changes. This form of pigmentation results in darkened patches of the skin. 

Women make up 90% of people with melasma. It’s estimated 10-15 per cent of pregnant women and 10-25 per cent of women taking oral contraceptives have it. 

Sun or hormones aren’t the only things to blame for pigmented skin. When inflammation occurs in the skin from acne or cosmetic procedures such as lasers and some chemical peels, this can also result in post-inflammatory pigmentation.  

Skin care tip: Wear COVER RECOVER daily for its broad-spectrum SPF protection. UV ray exposure can make pigmentation worse. There are also pigment-busting actives proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation. We’ve incorporated 5 of these in BRITE LITE to help prevent further pigmentation and fade existing pigmentation. 

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Stretch Marks 

stretch marks in women

These unique scars, which first appear purple, brown, pink or red and fade over time to pale white or silver streaks, are caused by rapidly stretching skin. However, genetics play a role too. The scars themselves are a result of tearing elastin fibres underneath the skin. 

Stretch marks can affect anybody. However, it’s estimated that 8/10 women get them during pregnancy. 

Skin care tip: Dermapen Treatments for stretch marks can significantly reduce the appearance of these scars. Many patients and practitioners have claimed that they’ve had more success with Dermapen Treatments than some other traditional methods. You can support your treatments with SSSCAR cream to further soften and flatten your stretch marks. 

Common Skin Problems, No More! 

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When it’s all listed out, it can feel like a lot to tackle. Is it all hopeless? Should we embrace our skin as it is? 

The answer to this last one is YES! All skin deserves our love. 

However, some of these skin concerns may make you self-conscious or cause discomfort, and you don’t have to put up with that. 

We offer specific ranges that target common skin problems, but the amazing thing about Dermapen Treatments is that they target multiple concerns simultaneously.  

You’ll get the best results when combined with the right Dp Dermaceuticals products.  

Are you ready to take the first step towards erasing your current skin concerns? 

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