DermapenWorld Webinar


Live Encore - Due to popular demand


Join us Tuesday, 19th January 2021

Don’t miss out on this LIVE ENCORE WEBINAR presented by Dr Andrew R. Christie - even if you have attended DermapenWorld masterclasses previously. Our thirst for refreshing our knowledge, sharpening our skills and understanding the theory behind the recommended protocols, has brought this Live Encore Webinar back by popular demand.



Fundamentals of Dermapen technology, science, and protocols.



Featuring new and exciting video launches explaining the exclusive features of Dp Dermaceuticals - The Non-Negotiables when skin needling.



Dr. Andrew will guide through two practical treatments, step by step:

- “Standard Dermapen Face” treatment

- “Pigmentation and Acne with Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER PRO chemical peeling post procedure”



Two live showings of the same content will take place Tuesday, 19th January, 2021:


9am-11am CET (Paris time)

May be best suited for Europe, Australasia and Middle East

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9pm-11pm CET (Paris time)

May be best suited for Americas (North and South)

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All attendees will receive an Official DermapenWorld Certificate.


What past attendees have said:


"The webinar was so educational ...Was the perfect amount of information without being too overwhelming. Dr Andrew is so knowledgeable and informative and explains everything so clearly, one of the best trainers I have been lucky enough to attend training with in person before."

“As usual, a lot of useful information, perfectly presented and discussed protocols. Fantastic treatments with Dermapen 4 therapy for all skin types.”


The topics covered within the 2 hours include:

Why skin-needling?

Why Dermapen 4 – features and benefits

Skin 101, understanding WHICH indications Dermapen can treat, WHY it can treat them and HOW often they should be treated

Contraindications / considerations

Post-op expectations

MG-Collection product and technology profile

Dp Dermaceuticals meso-glide combination therapies

Before and after images / case studies

Formal protocols for a standard treatment

How to perform a standard Dermapen procedure (practical video)

Common problems and how to overcome them

Chemical peel combination therapies with Dermapen

ÜBER PRO profile and technology

Formal protocols for ÜBER PRO combination therapy

Before and after images / case studies

How to perform a Dermapen treatment with ÜBER PRO chemical peeling (practical video)

Post-operative non-negotiables with Dp Dermaceuticals

Summary of Dp Dermaceuticals for patient homecare / summary of treatment programmes for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, scars & striae


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