The Best Dermapen Benefits For First Time Microneedling Patients

Since its very first release, Dermapen has become one of the most sought-after tools in the skin aesthetics industry. Professional skin experts love this breakthrough product as it solves a multitude of skin problems. From pitted scars due to acne, surgical scars, stretch marks and ageing skin, Dermapen is regarded as an exceptional skin rejuvenator.

What’s wrong with traditional skin rejuvenation procedures?

Traditional skin rejuvenation techniques such as laser resurfacing and some chemical peels are effective but may cause more damage to the skin.  

High temperatures and dangerous laser frequencies can harm the skin in the long term. Although these techniques stimulate the wound healing response, collagen production is limited, and post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) risks can be higher. 

Another issue that arises with these traditional skin resurfacing techniques is that they are not for everyone. Patients with sensitive skin typically suffer from exacerbation of their existing skin issues, or worse, develop more serious conditions such as skin thinning and sensitivity as a result of undergoing lasers. 

Are All Peels Bad? 

Definitely not! But there are a few things anyone who undergoes or applies a chemical peel should know. 

Traditional chemical peels are a complicated process. You might not have noticed, but your aesthetician would have had many different solutions and matched each one to a particular skin type. And some skin types wouldn’t have been suitable for any peels. 

Our ÜBER Peels have changed all that for the better. The ÜBER PRO Peel is for everyone and can even be used immediately after your microneedling procedure for next-level results. 

Explore ÜBER Peels 

Why Are Dermapen Treatments So Effective for Skin Rejuvenation? 

Microneedling treatments offer a simple and straightforward approach to collagen production, making it a top choice of skin experts and beauty buffs alike. 

Microneedling with Dermapen makes use of fine needles to create microscopic injuries on the skin. The tiny holes stimulate the body to produce more collagen and elastin. These skin building blocks smooth out skin imperfections for skin so smooth, vibrant, and bright, your friends will be begging for your secrets. 

Dermapen skin needling is highly recommended for the following issues:

Are All “Dermapens” The Same? 

Before signing up for microneedling with the first derma clinic that you see online, it’s best to do your homework. Microneedling techniques, the products infused into the skin, and the type of device used are critical to the success and safety of the skin rejuvenation procedure.  

A true Dermapen Treatment™ not only needles your skin with the approved Dermapen 4™ but also follows strict Protocols using Dp Dermaceuticals™ products. This is the only line of skincare specifically developed for microneedling and is a non-negotiable part of your Dermapen Treatment. 

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