The Different Types of Microneedling Instruments for Skin Rejuvenation image by Dermapen WorldThe microneedling device has greatly evolved since its inception more than a decade ago.

Technological advancements have made it possible for companies such as Dermapen World to deliver microneedling devices that produce the best results for both practitioners and patients.

There are several companies that develop microneedling devices. But before you set an appointment with an authorised treatment Dermapen provider, it is important to have basic knowledge of the microneedling device.

In this article, we will look into the types of skin needling devices and their unique features.

Needling Lengths of Microneedling Devices

One of the most important features of automated microneedling devices is the adjustable needle. The type of skin needling device and needle length used on a patient will depend on the skin concern that needs to be treated. The condition that needs to be treated through microneedling also dictates the length of needle required.

Here are the most common needle lengths used for both in-clinic and at-home microneedling procedures:

- Cosmetic type meso-therapy microneedling device feature needle length of only 0.13 or 0.25mm. It is used to facilitate the absorption of skin vitamins and other topical medications.

- For skin surfaces that are covered with hair, skin needling devices with needle length of 0.2 mm is prescribed for the infusion of topicals. The patient does not feel pain during the procedure when this type of skin needling device is used. For other clinical alopecia treatments a recommended needle depth may be 0.75mm-1.5mm

- Collagen Induction Therapy microneedling device has needle length of 0.5 mm-1.0mm.

Basic in-clinic microneedling sessions utilise this type of device is used to raise collagen levels for skin rejuvenation purposes.

- A skin microneedling device with needle length of 1.5 mm creates deeper microinjuries that penetrate the dermis and epidermal layers of the skin. It is ideal for those who suffer from acne scars.

- Another professional only microneedling device that is used to treat acne scars and stretch mark such as the Dermapen 4 has a depth upto 3mm with specialised calibration speed and AOVN (Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling) strength designed to break through the scar tissue.

The success of a microneedling session also depends on the expertise of the professional implementing the treatment itself. If you wish to get flawless and ageless skin, it is best to entrust your skin to an Authorised Dermapen Provider near you. You can call us on +612 9889 3636 today or visit