The DO’s of Micro-Needling with Dermapen™

Microneedling and notably, the Dermapen™ device itself, has gained significant press and household recognition after it has been featured in syndicated news and television shows, touted by celebrities, and recommended by people you know, thereby gaining the interest of the beauty-conscious public. However, if the concept of micro-needling is still foreign to you, let us start the conversation by discussing how it works.

Micro-needling, also known as Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a dermatological procedure by which microscopic punctures are made through the epidermis to create micro-channels or “wounds” which encourage the skin to heal and naturally produce more elastin and collagen, critical components to a radiant complexion. Aside from this, the micro-channels also serve as a fast-track delivery system of potent nutrient-rich topical products by which the process allows entrance directly to the inner layers of the skin.

The faint at heart need not worry: Although the procedure may sound invasive, the technology dating back to ancient acupuncture has come a long way today. The pioneers behind the advanced micro-needling device known worldwide as Dermapen, have engineered the device so precisely as to leave little evidence that a procedure has been done. The secret is in the controlled handling of the Dermapen device to ensure that the patient feels virtually no pain throughout the procedure. In addition, lesser downtime will be experienced than with other, potentially more invasive treatment options that are available today.

Micro-needling with Dermapen is a highly effective dermatological procedure that many doctors, nurses, and skilled skin care professionals swear by. But because knock-offs or “copycats” and manually-operated devices are so easy to acquire from industry newcomers wishing to capitalize on such a popular and effective treatment option, many patients will fail to see the same remarkable results as those who have received treatments using the genuine Dermapen product.

Here are a Few Pointers for You to Consider to Ensure that You Get the Most out of your Micro-Needling Experience

  • DO your Research

As mentioned earlier, there are many imitations available in the market that do not have a record of treatments that reflect the same level of excellence as the Original and Genuine Dermapen™ device. Start your journey to amazing skin by looking up the Original and Genuine Dermapen and learn about its developmental foundation. Search for reputable skincare clinics within your area that offer the procedure and book a consultation right away.

  • DO Let a Professional Perform the Procedure

You certainly do not want to end up with scarring and infections now, would you? These can be easily avoided if only expert hands touch your skin. Choose only DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Providers, those who have gone through the training of delivering micro-needling treatments and are more than capable of maneuvering the hand-held device at the settings which are most appropriate for YOUR skincare needs effectively, without causing excessive puncturing and pain. Their expertise and experience will also help them determine the adequate number of sessions that you will require given your skin’s condition in order to achieve a visibly smoother and younger looking appearance or to reduce the visible signals of scarring from acne, injury, burn wounds, surgical scars, or from stretch marks.

  • DO Allow Your Skin to Rest and Regenerate

Although downtime is lessened in micro-needling from little to no downtime with Dermapen as compared to other procedures such as IPL, fractional lasers and others, giving your skin the opportunity to recuperate appropriately is the key to a successful procedure. Skin healing and optimization, after all, is the foundation of the treatment. Follow the recommendations as instructed by your skincare professional. Avoid activities that will cause you to sweat heavily and which will expose you to pollution and bacteria for the recommended time frame. Additionally, refrain from skimping on prescribed skincare products. The Dp Dermaceuticals line of skincare products, particularly those which are suggested for use pre and post-treatment and designed specifically for use with Dermapen, will enhance your skin’s natural healing process.

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