Dermapen 4 – Benefits and Features of DermapenWorld’s Best Microneedling Pen Yet

The industry welcomed the introduction of our first Dermapen in 2010. And for over a decade now, this collagen-boosting tool has led the microneedling industry.  Learn about Dermapen 4 Benefits and features.

With over 3 million successful skin needling procedures, the fourth generation of the device continues to change skin and lives for good. Launched in 2018, let’s take a look at just some of the breakthrough features and benefits of the Dermapen 4™. 

First, Does Microneedling Work? 

Microneedling improves your skin’s appearance, texture, and overall quality by boosting collagen and elastin production. A microneedling pen is a tool that creates minuscule punctures on the dermal layer of the skin. These micro-injuries trigger a series of reactions that leads to high collagen and elastin production. So yes, it really does work. 

After the first few sessions of your Dermapen Treatment using a Dermapen 4 device, you will notice significant improvements in your skin’s condition.  

For DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Providers, these results can lead to significant growth in the number of new and repeat clients for your practice. 

3 Top Dermapen 4 Microneedling Benefits 

Dermapen Treatments for Scars 

The Scar Treatment Setting and Protocols are exclusive to the Dermapen 4 and offer a life-changing transformation for patients. 

There’s a steady demand for permanent scar treatments for those with scars from acne, stretch marks, burns and other injuries or surgery. This market is expected to reach its peak value of 34.5 billion by 2025. Savvy clinic owners are setting up their clinics to meet this demand with precision microneedling using the Dermapen 4. 

After years of research and development, Dermapen 4 offers high precision, speed, accuracy, and safety. It can solve a range of skin issues, including post-acne scars, burn contracture, stretch marks, and surgical scars.  

Advanced Needle Technology 

In addition, Dermapen 4’s 16-needle cartridge has something special called the Automatic Oscillating vertical Needle™ (AOVN). This means the needle inserts vertically into the skin and helps maintain the integrity of the skin compared to a traditional roller that creates an arching cut. 

Stunning Results 

Dermapen 4 is the ultimate rejuvenating tool for leading aestheticians. It minimises the appearance of pores, improves skin elasticity, and reveals youthful-looking skin within a short period of time—all of this with no side effects and minimal downtime. 

Discover how Dermapen Treatments could transform your skin  

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